Can get kind of loud at times but the rooms are very nice. All of the features are very nice like the workout room and the game rooms and the pool.

Love the community and the pool. Love all the amenities including the work out area and the study rooms. All the staff are very helpful and always nice

I love being close to so many people my age. Not having to get in a car to meet up with them is definitely a plus! I also love the pool. It's so nice to get out of class and hop on the elevator and lay by the pool for a few hours!

I love how it is walking distance from campus and the appliances and overall look of the building is very nice. I feel safe with the electronic key access throughout the building as well.

The overall look of the apartment complex. I love how Douglas Heights offers so many new amenities to its residents. Also, love how close to campus it is and how friendly the staff is.

I like the pool and how the lobby and general areas are always kept so clean. The security of the parking garage is very nice. Had no issues with maintenance so far.

The apartments are extremely nice and i have loved living here. Though the consist noise and music from the pool is a huge downfall. The disrespect and violation by the people make me disappointed. It was embarrassing for my parents to see that there was orange splattered all over the Hallway walls and it smelled of weed when they are paying near one thousand a month.

The pool & grill area is my favorite part about living here. the noise is awful on weekends. Also the visitor parking is terrible. does t make any sense to have 800 or so residents and 15 visitor parking spots. The Internet on the rooms are terrible. can barely finish homework assignments or even watch online videos/TV without it saying no connection. This is extremely frustrating especially when you are taking online courses. Please fix this.

I really like how the apartments turned out and all the amenities Douglas Heights provides. There are only small things that I have an issue with, like the bed frame provided doesn't hold the mattress in place, there isn't really that much guest parking, and our "free printers" haven't been hooked up yet so I've spent about $3 at the library and it's only the third week of school. Fixing the printer is easy, I don't know what to say about guest parking other than its disappointing, and the mattress thing is just something annoying but I can fix it myself. Oh also the noise sucks, I don't want to call the police on people just because they're being loud and I don't know where the noise is coming from. It would be nice to step to take that Douglas Heights provides that wouldn't involve the police right away. It would also make Douglas Heights look better as police would probably be here less often.

The ping pong table is right under my stable it's where I kill games and score like LeBron James. If I take you to school you can try to play pool, even though it's not as cool I'll still beat you fool

Douglas heights has been a privilege. I take a course at Chattanooga state and its five miles away. I can sit and relax by the fire pit or play pool with my friends.

I have really enjoyed my personal experience at Douglas Heights. I have a balcony and is really nice to be out there to relax there. Even though people are out there everyday and night by the next morning everything is clean for the most part. I don't mind the noise that occurs at night near the pool, I do hear it in my apartment but it never is enough to bother me. I feel like it could be safer but I don't know how they would do that without getting crazy strict. Overall I love it!

Love every aspect except the price of living here and the noise by the pool and night. It just seems overpriced for the space that you get and I've had to buy ear plugs in order to get a good night's sleep.

Douglas Heights is more than a housing complex; it's an absolutely incredible experience. The environment and all around vibe I get here makes me beyond satisfied with my living arrangement and look forward to spending the next year here.

I like the security and feeling safe in my home. The pool is amazing and having the access to grills outside is awesome. Having a parking spot is great.

The atmosphere is just great! I can explain how much we already feel like a family. It doesn't matter if you know their name or not you probably know their room number and feel welcome anytime!

Staff if very helpful and cooperative in working out the kinks of the new building. Service for inconveniences is definitely on par. Very pleased overall.

I love having a pool to relax by after a long day or long week! I also am in love with the countertops in the room and having a balcony over looking downtown Chatt!

It's super nice and all and I love the furnishings and I love all the rooms like the workout facility and the pool but it is always loud and rent is just super expensive.

I really enjoy living at Douglas Heights. It's very nicely decorated and furnished. The only downside, which is also a plus-side depending on the way you look at it, is that it is only a ton of college kids, which means yes there's always something fun to do, but when it's time to study or focus, the party isn't stoping for you.

Douglas Heights has honestly been life changing for me. I have met so many people I would've never met if I didn't live here. It's such a community and the interior design and all of the amenities are unbelievable. I am very thankful to live here.

The experience has been great so far. The rooms are great and the staff is friendly. the amenities are more than one would expect from just looking at the website. there has been no problem with bugs, air conditioning, water,or maintenance,But it would be great if there were vending machines, and printers in the study rooms.

I love how close Douglas Heights is to campus, and that it is a community of my peers. I also love that the kitchen is so nice and "grown-up" looking, with the granite counters and hard wood. The only complaint that I have is that a lot of the residents are rowdy and constantly partying.

Great facilities, gym is fantastic and rooms furnished nicely. However, loud and annoying at time dues to the excess of frat kids that live here. Fun place to live if you enjoy partying but if you're over 24 I would not recommend. All in all good place for college students

The amenities are great but I had issues with the roommate situation. Not very organized. And there isnt any parking for your guests which makes it difficult if you want people over