The pool is fun and so is the clubhouse. The location is very good and you can walk to campus. The gym is nice and pretty big. It’s a good pacr

I just love how the apartment complex is very friendly and the staff. When I was a freshman I fell in love with the apartments and decided to move there my sophomore year.

Overall. The apartment has not been very taken care of. People here apparently live like slobs. The carpet needs completely replaced and the walls are terrible.

I love the layout off the pool, courtyard, study lounge and clubhouse area. I like the fact there are only 5 floors and elevators at every turn lol

It was great when I went and toured, everyone there was friendly. People were out doing things. Douglas Heights is gonna be a great place to live I can already tell!

I am enjoying my stay at Douglas Heights. I am very excited to finally enjoy some of the benefits of living off campus since school is out. For example, the clubroom and pool seem like cool places to hangout during the summer. I can't wait!!

I love how everyone is so friendly and very helpful and out going, it’s hard to meet a stranger. My friend and I have made so many memories and have grown closer while living together in the beart of Chattanooga.

I give this place 5 out of 5 stars. Very clean, modern and a friendly place to live. It’s close to campus and has lots of great things around it.

New faculty members. How sweet they are. The tours are well. How quick they answer by text. Needs to improve on how well the calls are answered. I like how the social media accounts are run.

I like that the staff is helpful and is willing to do whatever it takes for you to have a good experience. I really enjoy seeing them in the office when I come home.

The maintenance staff is amazing, and they are always at your door in little to no time to help you with whatever you need. I also like the pool atmosphere and the dinner that is provided in the clubhouse on occasion

Great atmosphere and a great location on campus brings many opportunities to meet new people and thrive in school. Glad I got the chance to look into moving here

The staff has been super helpful throughout the lease signing period. Everyone is welcoming and professional. I am so excited to live here!!

Cool spot. Gets the job done. In a great location. Reasons for not a 5 star, full size beds, parking, simplebills cost $60 just to sign up. Other than that the immensities are great!

It’s safe and very up to date! It feels like home compared to other places I have seen. Plus, you really get back to people when they need help.

Very friendly people, with very friendly staff. Going to be easy to communicate with others throughout the building. Can’t wait to get the opportunity to stay!

I like the fact that it is open and other students are there. Plus, you guys have been so helpful thus far! I appreciate y’all getting me ready to come this fall!

The new community is very friendly and helpful . Can also be very welcoming and when meeting the right people , you may tend to fit it . Having a good time is key to good living.

There is a great community and recreational facilities are top of the line. I would recommend staying here. The staff are wonderful and the student body here is very inclusive toward group activity.

Great community with a bunch of college students! Study rooms, great gym as well as a Starbucks coffee room downstairs in the lobby! Would recommend!

I love how personable the staff is. As a Unit I’ve experienced a great deed in follow ups and attentiveness , it’s been a super easy process

Best student apartment for UTC. The staff is excellent in keeping the area clean. Also, every Thursday they have free food that residents vote on.

The apartments are really nice! There are lots of amenities. It’s really close to campus and having your own room and bathroom is super nice!

The location is nice as well as the amenities that comes with the unit. The staff work on a timely manner but do give misleading information sometimes

Its good and provide all the facilities I like my new home Its also in the down town Amazing I told everyone about it So far so good All the facilities is good