I love living here at Easton Village. The office staff is excellent and the property is always cleaned up. They have a security guard that patrols the area at all times and I live next door to the sheriff.

I only have one complaint living here. I think people who have dogs should clean up after their dogs. people like me who doesn't have a dog should not have to smell or see dog poop right by there door. It's poop everywhere , they should be fined if caught,maybe this will get them to cleaning up after their dogs. other than that it's always quite, and very nice to come home to that

I like my new apartment. It’s pest free and very quiet. I haven’t had any Concerns since moving into it. Also I love the office staff! They have been extremely helpful.

I’ve lived here at Easton Village for three years and find it to be very delightful. The staff are accommodating and make every attempt to make residence feel at home.

I love it here the lady's are the best They are on top of anything that is going on here. If I have any problem with anything, they will do there best to help.

I love the apartment. My kids have friends over here and everyone knows everyone. I love the woman in the office . Nice and quiet just like i like it.

It’s nice but lacks some things. The office managers always forget to enter our maintenance request, grounds up keep could be nicer. Dumpster gets full very quickly and is an eye sore when garbage is falling out and all around the outside of the dumpster. Not enough parking spaces

I have had a few critters in my apartment, and since I pay for pest control, I would like my apartment on this list every week without having to say so. Last time maintenance came, they left the light on and my energy is high during the day. My counters are peeling and I have only lived there since June 4. I like that it is a quiet place to stay (accept for upstairs neighbors) and people are pretty nice and thoughtful for the most part. Ashley, who works in the front office is so, so sweet and always does a great job helping me with any issues I may have.

Everything here at Easton Village is amazing. Spacious, friendly staff, speedy maintenance, clean, quiet, and safe. More apartment complexes should be affordable and efficient as such.

Sometimes slow responses from office staff. The manager and assistant manager are usually most helpful. Maintenance is required a lot and sometimes very slow.

I enjoy living here. There have been very friendly people during my time here..it is a quiet neighborhood with good neighbors I would recommend it

We are happy with the building. Sad to see the hot tub gone and that Huffmiester Rd is going through right outside our window. Communication and repairs have come to a snails crawl since Pinnicle mngt has taken over. Overall we are happy to stay until kids are out of school in a few years.

Nice property , Quite property, he office help are very nice and welcoming. The drinks in the office comes in handy when you walking in from a hot sunny day. Overall, great experience though.

I love living here at Easton Village. I have been here for 2 year and will continue to live here. I haven't had any problems with management.

It’s been a decent experience so far living here, office staff has been helpful. There have been minimal issues that have been resolved for the most part.

I love that it is a small community. People who live in the community are nice. It very quite . The best part is one way in and one way out.

I love the way we are always first and all of our stuff is taken care of . we would tell everyone that they would love and be blow away so much you would never want to leave

I have enjoyed living here. Very quiet and pleasant everyone stays to themselves. The property is kept neat and clean. The office staff is pleasant and always willing to help.

Was good at first then started to go downhill when load dirty people moved in... Garbage doesn’t make it in the dumpster even if it is not full

I love living here. It is a nice complex. The staff if friendly and helpful. The apartment are great. The pool areas are kept clean. Most of all I feel safe.