You all could definitely do better. Everything is unorganized and something is always wrong in my apartment. A tip I'd offer is making sure the walk throughs are done.

Through the many managements this one isn't the worst. I've lived here for 6 years recently they decided me being the only occupant should have to pay double in water because I'm renting two rooms... while the fam of 4 downstairs only pays for 2. When they were trying to get people to resign my resign discount still would raise my rent $190... keep in mind my apartment isn't an upgraded unit... still has stained carpet among many other issues that were there before I moved in. Many current stalf was around when my AC went out for three weeks last summer. I'm looking forward to moving out the end of this July. Found a two bedroom townhome for cheaper and a set water bill of $25 a person instead of the closer to $90. I wasn't going to bother with a review but I keep getting emails so I'm hoping by doing the review I will stop getting emails about doing the review.

Its an improvement over my old place but not for the price. i have a washer and dryer and a dish washer that works but the water is off right now and I cant get anything done. Maintenance is a recurring issue at the elevation.

The apartment is far from organized & has lazy management. They fired previous maintenance staff & replaced them but nothing about maintenance has changed. I'm in my last 2 months on the lease & my ac is still not working well & they haven't fixed the dryer among many issues despite me continuously calling & putting maintenance orders. All the rooms are mix and match even though they should all be remodeled or at lest have same flooring/carpet/paint. At least they have a Bus stop.

It gets loud at times but Is very friendly. I wish it had its on little gym area to work at or have little events that would go on within the complex

Maintaince hasn't fixed a single problem we've asked them to. If my roommates and I are all on the Internet at the same time, it's extremely slow. New management is a bit better, but nothing seems to get done.

Maitenance always slow. Needs to complete renovation. The pool always looks very dirty as well as the BBQ inside of the gates. No interest to invite people to live here or sign again.

Takes forever to get anything fixed, you literally have to put in like 10 requests before they will come look and then they will fix it after about a month

So far my experience with Elevation has not been as great as I hoped. I have been in my apartment for a week and there are several tasks that have not been fulfilled including: our oven catching fire and no further action being taken, still not having a key to my bedroom, our outside light being out, my shower rod keeps falling on me because the end knobs are missing, and a neighbor who allows his dog to poop and pee on the patio without cleaning it up (It's been a week so far and I feel sorry for the dog). There are plenty of dogs at the complex and the other owners manage to clean up after their pups, so I'm not sure why our neighbors can't and why the management isn't doing more with this issue. All these matters have been discussed with the staff and only 1 has been taken care of( the dog poop that was left in our outside closet when we moved in). My roommate is also missing a closet door and the shelving in her room is not up, making it extremely difficult to unpack her things. I think Elevation needs to hire more maintenance staff to meet the demands of the complex. It would also be nice if the staff at least pretended to care when we go to them with issues. So far, Jack has been the only staff member that seems to care about our issues and handles them with a professional tone. I hope the management improves.

Our first year living here was great no problems with neighbors very quiet place to live until we moved to a new unit. Knowing the place was going to need a little work since it was a model unit but were told they would fix everything asap. But they didn't. The new maintenance seem to be on top of everything now or maybe it's the people in the office who are actually putting in our work orders. Love that there's an after hours call center. But i do think they should have a small park for those who have families not just a dog park.

I still have many things requested to be fixed that have not been addressed. This has been a very frustrating thing because I often get messages saying that they have been done but they haven’t.

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apartments are poorly designed with hard metal gates infront of each door which allows for obnoxiously loud slams when leaving. could be heard throughout the day and night.

Think the management needs to be in better contact with the residents. The manager should come out of her office more often to take in the concerns of customers rather than hide. It's essential to not let a business just wither.

Maintenance is slow, but Jack is great at helping us out at the office. I just wish they had more maintenance workers out here for the first couple weeks at least to take care of all the work orders.

We haven't had a washing machine or dryer in almost two weeks after many work orders. Some other things seem to be in bad shape but overall the apartment itself is in good shape.

Maintenance took over a week to fix my roommates broken toilet. We also put in work orders during move-in and some of them still have not been fixed. The apartment itself is fine though.

I've been at elevation for 2 weeks. I've seen 3 roaches, one mouse and little beetles. Our water has be off 3 times i understand its due to leaks but it's extremely inconvenient. Our rooms were full of old dog hair when we moved in. The same leak in my room has leaked 3 times. The office staff is friendly but I wish problems could be taken care of faster. For the amount I'm paying I'm slightly disappointed.

And grab that way we can trip to the square but when I get closer look forward for the most important is gonna watch them at my buddies house playing

Could be way better. The appliances are really old always have problem with them. Dog park sucks and the pool is only wading water. Over ok for a starter but not continued stay

You need to update kitchen sinks and washer and dryer.. also maybe add a fitness center. And stop trying to charge ridiculous fees for anything you can think of

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AC always goes out and prices are very inconsistent. Don’t like that I pay more for a smaller room. Pool is small and no gym. Best part is how close it is to campus.

Elevation is doing good thus far. They have helped me get myself situated into a new apartment. Hopefully everything will be ready by my move in date.

Apartment is good and liveable once all of the work orders were taken care of properly. Parking lots need maintenance, broken glass is everywhere.

Doing better than past months. At least the on call maintenance workers are quick. The outside is still dirty and gross and the people that live here talk really loud outside of my window late at night.

First of all, there are quite a few people blast their music loudly throughout the day. The apartment does nothing about this. Sometimes it takes maintenance to come out two, three, four, five times before they finally fix an issue.