Have some issues with maintainence getting back to me in a reasonable amount of time. Also several miscommunications with the office staff but overall Elevation is good

I've been at elevation for 2 weeks. I've seen 3 roaches, one mouse and little beetles. Our water has be off 3 times i understand its due to leaks but it's extremely inconvenient. Our rooms were full of old dog hair when we moved in. The same leak in my room has leaked 3 times. The office staff is friendly but I wish problems could be taken care of faster. For the amount I'm paying I'm slightly disappointed.

No complaints on my end so far, love my building and the convenience of how close I am to the bus stop. My roommates are the best and service is super friendly.

I moved in the first day and it smelled like paint thinner. I have roaches and mice. Plumbing has low pressure and my toilet didn't work for two days.

If only we can get our stuff fixed it would be better, we have called and submitted forms and they only came out once and didn't fix anything and never came back

I am happy with the new community I live in. It's rather than different than The Thompson where I used to live for two years. Maintenance is fast, but a I have a lot of emergency issues in my apartment I reported when I moved in that haven't been address.

I've lived here for a couple of years. For the most part, I enjoy living here. My main complaint is that with the new management and maintenance, nothing gets done timely (if at all). My work orders have had to be put in multiple times before anything happens. With my most recent work orders, I went in multiple times a week for 5 weeks. They finally came, but didn't complete the job... All in all I like living here. It's a cheap, decent place for a college student.

Elevation is so much better than the last complex I was at. The room is larger, the view is better, and the rent is better. I haven't had a problem with the staff and the location near campus is exactly what I was looking for.

Maintenance is slow, but Jack is great at helping us out at the office. I just wish they had more maintenance workers out here for the first couple weeks at least to take care of all the work orders.

So far my experience with Elevation has not been as great as I hoped. I have been in my apartment for a week and there are several tasks that have not been fulfilled including: our oven catching fire and no further action being taken, still not having a key to my bedroom, our outside light being out, my shower rod keeps falling on me because the end knobs are missing, and a neighbor who allows his dog to poop and pee on the patio without cleaning it up (It's been a week so far and I feel sorry for the dog). There are plenty of dogs at the complex and the other owners manage to clean up after their pups, so I'm not sure why our neighbors can't and why the management isn't doing more with this issue. All these matters have been discussed with the staff and only 1 has been taken care of( the dog poop that was left in our outside closet when we moved in). My roommate is also missing a closet door and the shelving in her room is not up, making it extremely difficult to unpack her things. I think Elevation needs to hire more maintenance staff to meet the demands of the complex. It would also be nice if the staff at least pretended to care when we go to them with issues. So far, Jack has been the only staff member that seems to care about our issues and handles them with a professional tone. I hope the management improves.

Friendly outgoing staff that has been really helpful with the whole moving in process. I recommend moving in to elevation because the rates are not bad!

I like it. You seem very friendly and easy to use. Most people would be intimidated by something like this. They'd think it was a scam. But it's not!

So far so good. After having a bad experience trying to sign a lease at a different apartment, this one has made it easy for me to sign on. I'm excited that the furniture is brand new!

Perfect example of a limited market exploiting college students. I am a apartment professional I signed here then subleased because it was the only property with a short term lease. Thank God I subleased. In a professional opinion, this is the worst property. The rent has gone up 20% in the last year when asset housing came in the market and gouged rent and commissions. They have small rooms, exorbitant prices, 0 amenities. The leasing agent lied to me about my random roommate. He ended up being some weird 40 year old mechanic with his teeth rotting out. Can't wait for the apartment market to expand so places like this lower their rents to their intrinsic value.

Best apartment experience of my life so far. They've accommodated every need and has made sure that my son and I are taken care of. I feel great, it's a new start for me, and I'm looking forward to living at the property here in a few weeks!

So far Elevation has been very attentive to my questions and answered them to the best of their ability. I do not have any problems to talk about yet. I hope it stays that way because I look forward to moving in.

Not so great. Although you guys have been really accommodating as far as allowing me to pay the water bill late, most of the apartment management has been awful. Maintenance has showed up at all hours doing these time-crunched renovations, tearing up our living space while we still live here and intruding in inappropriate ways. the water company was switched midway through the year causing an influx in the water bill and putting a burden on a lot of residents with an accumulative water bill for several months in one large sum. Management needs to care about the residents more if this is going to be anything more than a cheap, shady complex...

I'm satisfied so far. There were a couple complications with my lease agreement for a lengthy period but they were resolved. I looking forward to moving in.

So excited to move in. Y'all have been so helpful every time I called the office (which was a lot of times lol)! Y'all have such a friendly, welcoming environment. Love it!

So far from what I have seen is that, this is pretty good so far, in every way possible, I know that there is a lot to learn fromcthe community here at Elevation on Post, and as well as meeting the staff and people here

I'm excited to move into the newly furnished apartments & am happy w/the roommate matching. The rent is affordable and the location is so close to campus. I look forward to living at Elevation on Post!

Elevation on post is my first apartment ever. It is the key to parental freedom and the step towards adulthood. The complex is quiet all day and night and I rarely see police cars driving in to assess a crime.

We are very pleased with the staff. And feel ya'll are doing an excellent job here in our little community thank you for all that you do. So happy with the new counter tops and fixtures its beautiful can't wait to see whats next.

I think mgmt here is doing a great job! The staff is friendly, they listen to my needs, and are efficient. I've never been with an apt before that does this much for their tenants.

I think its very pretty and the staff there are very helpful and respectful. I think that i will have a wonderful time at the elevation on post road.