It's been an absolutely alright experience living at Elevation on Post in San Marcos, Texas through the last two years. MMaintenance and bugs are the biggest problems.

Through the many managements this one isn't the worst. I've lived here for 6 years recently they decided me being the only occupant should have to pay double in water because I'm renting two rooms... while the fam of 4 downstairs only pays for 2. When they were trying to get people to resign my resign discount still would raise my rent $190... keep in mind my apartment isn't an upgraded unit... still has stained carpet among many other issues that were there before I moved in. Many current stalf was around when my AC went out for three weeks last summer. I'm looking forward to moving out the end of this July. Found a two bedroom townhome for cheaper and a set water bill of $25 a person instead of the closer to $90. I wasn't going to bother with a review but I keep getting emails so I'm hoping by doing the review I will stop getting emails about doing the review.

I enjoy living at Elevation Apartments and enjoy the atmosphere and the friendly faculty. I also like the computer area and the big parking lot. Thanks Curtis

Our first year living here was great no problems with neighbors very quiet place to live until we moved to a new unit. Knowing the place was going to need a little work since it was a model unit but were told they would fix everything asap. But they didn't. The new maintenance seem to be on top of everything now or maybe it's the people in the office who are actually putting in our work orders. Love that there's an after hours call center. But i do think they should have a small park for those who have families not just a dog park.

Here at Elevation on Post road, I have been experiencing many great things about the place. For example, the customer service is really great! Thank you.

I like the new things the office is doing to attract residents, as well as the promised upgrades to the apartments. Maintenance is patchy...sometimes they fix things immediately, but more often then not I have to wait several days or even weeks to get something fixed.

Pretty good for the price you pay. New owners have definitely improved things quite alot! New Office staff is always willing to help and friendly.

Wonderful communications, fun events, great lot beautification process and repairs being made. Maintence has been timely! Super duper satisfied please don't raise rent prices

Very good apartments. My whole experience here has been good and were I not moving away from San Marcos, I would renew my lease. The property is very convenient for students.

Lots of issues with plumbing but its specific to our building as far as i know. If maintenance had more staff a five star review would be an easy choice

New management is doing way better! They are faster at fulfilling maintenance requests and they seem more organized. They are also focusing on exsting residents instead of only catering to new residents.

Staff is always quick to respond the the facility always seems safe and clean! I don't have a pet now, but they've made it so I don't have to jump through hoops when I decide to get one.

It's okay. I wish the dog park was a bit more taken care of and that the complex was more ADA compliant wheelchair wise. I have a disabled friend who has trouble visiting me because the only legal handicap s0ace is at the front office.

Office staff is wonderful. Always very responsive. Maintenance is less than satisfactory. Still have holes in walls from sprinkler replacement. Messes were left in my apartment from the replacements (drywall all over floors where sprinkler heads are).Things take months to address. Even simple fixes. The community itself is fair. Grounds aren't great but that's not a huge factor.

I enjoy my stay here at elevation. I would just like to see the management stick to their word. Maintenance requests never get done and I never receive a response back when I email and ask a question.

It's a nice apartment complex. Very cheap compared to other apartments around the area. The staff are friendly and are helpful. Don't have any major complaints about them.

Maintaince hasn't fixed a single problem we've asked them to. If my roommates and I are all on the Internet at the same time, it's extremely slow. New management is a bit better, but nothing seems to get done.

Elevation is a nice relaxing and affordable option here in San Marcos. The only ding I'd give the complex is maintence is slow about working on jobs.

I absolutely love living here. The management is awesome. After rushing to find a place in January, the management here really did everything to get my roommate and I into a place quickly.

Staff is pretty friendly and helpful. I had some issues with the spare keys in the office not actually working in my apartment but other than that it's nice.

Had a few transactional issues around rent time, but everything was taken care of. I understand the complex underwent changes in management. Maintenance could be a little more timely, but I have no idea how busy they might already be. The only negative is now that there is construction on Aquarena, the bus route can take half an hour, give or take a few minutes, to get to campus.

I absolutely love it here! The office staff is extremely nice and will work with you when need be. Would recommend to anybody! Plus with new management this place is really turning out to be the best!

Good management and great at hosting events for residents. Can't wait to see what's in store for the month of March. Seeing that in February so far the treats have been great.

Apartment has a lot of wear and tear. Needs to be updated if at all possible. Need to be more organized when it comes to paperwork and communication.

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Good location with reasonable price to lease. The campus is so quite. Easy to access the university bus since It is located on the bus route.

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