Make sure to inspect units better after another has moved out. Mine still has unpainted portions inside along with more repairs needed to be done.

Y'all are doing great it's great costumer service the pizza coupons really come in handy and the maintenance is really great and on time with everything .

Move in was easy! I am looking forward to spending the year at the estates. So far the staff seems really helpful and are on top of things. Can't say enough about it.

Above average community, amenities, but good experience. Staff and maintenance are nice and helpful. Would be better if more was added to the community

So far the rooms are nice and the staff is helpful and friendly. maintenance could be quicker, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

Wish the renovation wasn't taking super long, but it is appreciated that the apartments are being renovated and that the place looks new! Management is always nice and helpful.

You are doing great at cleaning the pool packed with chlorine. I always can tell there's plenty without even jumping in because I can see it.

Such a nice place! Everyone is so friendly and it's a really quiet place. The staff is always willing to help and is super friendly! I love this place!

The estates housing is great so far. My apartment has been kept up to date and the workers in the office are very helpful. I am looking forward to the study cubicles!

I really can't wait to live at the estates. The property is beautiful, and not too big and not too small. The rooms are huge and the houses are very nice with a modern feel to them. Move in day cannot come any sooner

Everybody is friendly and the apartments are really nice and well kept together. We will see this next fall how everything turns out but so far I'm excited to be living her in Augustus,

I haven't even lived there yet the estates have provides so much help. Especially to Me, a utsa student that is not from San antonio. It is great having that support system.

Just joined the community and excited to see where things go! Being able to earn free incentives for simple tasks should be an easy thing. Hope to win as much as possible

Great place to live. The staff is helpful. I love the pool and weight room. The three-bedroom is nice and spaciousssssss. The shuttle runs to and from campus.

This place is great! Awesome friendly staff. Great maintenance! Gated community. Large homes with bench swings. Decent parking. Good size bedrooms

I like The Estates, although the maintenence could be speedier. I like the pool and how close I live to my friends. The gym definitely needs work.

I was helped twice when I visited the estates and both times each employee gave great informations and welcomed me with a smile. I look forward to living in such a nice community

The estates keeps the property up well. I really have enjoyed my stay here over the past four years. Never had any issues that were not addressed or fixed.

The entire process of renovating the apartments is very slow, it's been months, also we still have no gate clicker and the gates been working for serval months

This place is awesome! Maintenance is excelent. Office staff works hard and is super friendly. Property is kept clean. Parking is pretty good.

I enjoy living at the estates though some of our maintenance issues never get resolved even with our best efforts. All in all still wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

You guys really care about your tenants. You guys listen to us when we have problems, and do your best to help fix our problems. I enjoy being apart of your community.

I haven't moved in yet but I am extremely excited. The estates is a place that I have visited quite often and everyone is extremely nice whenever I call with my questions and concerns.

I love love love hanging out by the pool! It's always clean and the perfect size. The staff in the office are always so helpful and there's free food like at least once a week. Love it here!

This complex is in the perfect location, easy access to school and major highways. The rooms and hallways are an enjoyable place to live with a nice design. it has great amenities and I loved it!