You are doing pretty well overall. the package delivery has been less efficient lately, but the front desk is usually helpful with that so its okay.

Evo philly staff and managers are doing an incredible job with the maintenance of the residence. The first couple of years with older management made it brutal to stay but this new management has been exceptional!

Great place to live. Amenities are included which makes life here so much simpler. Only complaint would be the thin walls between rooms and apartments.

I love living here! The staff is so nice and the accommodations are great. Not a day goes by that i regret moving into evo! I can not wait to live here for another whole year!

evo philly is amazing. great location, great customer service, great amenities, great sense of community. it is everything i young adult could want in one location.

great location,10 minutes is to the supermarket and 10 minutes to the megabus of station and amtrak station;great printer;nice room;reasonable rent

I had an issue with package but it was resolved within the hour and management was gracious while I lost my cool! Thankful for the staff there always working to fix an issue as quickly as possible.

The community here is great. The state of the art gym is my favorite amenity and I can't wait until the pool is open! Also, security is so friendly!

I'm really excited to move into Evo. I think the ameneities are top notch and the living sapce is ideal. I think it is a perfect fit for college students who are looking for a safe and fun environment.

Great place to call home. It is in the perfect location close to food and transportation. The amenities are amazing and make it worth every penny

I love my studio apartment & the pool and gym are beautiful. Maintenance is also very timely and super nice. Only downsides are the being able to hear my neighbors on both sides and sometimes the people above me. Also, the office/package hours aren't good for people like me who work until after 7pm

Evo does very well. Management is excellent and so are the amenities. The walks could be thicker because we can hear conversations in the next room over. Also maintenance is normally great but my window hasn't been fixed for 4 months and I'm still paying full rent. After following up so much, they still haven't fixed it.

I'm excited to start living at evo philly! They have been so helpful with the leasing process! Answered all my questions and made it easy! Thank you!

This place is my favorite place to live, the rooms are great, bathrooms are nice, beds are soft, comes with nice furniture too. Only problem is how big the bathrooms are compared to the bedroom. It's nothing important, just the bathrooms could've been smaller to create more room space

I've lived in evo for 2 years and the amenities are great. Wish the pool was open later at night during the summer time. Management has gotten better with the new owners.

Evo's great location and helpful staff make a wonderful living experience here! Is there anything else that needs to be said? I don't think so, just that it's a good place to be as a student.

I love my apartment so much, the view is beautiful, the pool is amazing, and the staff is so nice. I love the community we have here, the gym classes are great. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

I love my apartment! The view is amazing and the common spaces, gym, and pool are to die for. I do wish that there was more room for storage and that every windy night my window didn't make an extremely loud whistle noise but other then that I love it.

Evo Philly is very well built and the maintenance staff is on point. The building has many amenities and a great overall look to it. I would highly recommend the apartments here to any friend.

best location. close to campus . close proximity to old nelson good rooftop view fun chilling area good gym good walking terrace on the 8th floor

evo is the perfect place to live for a young adult - perfect location, excellent amenities, and a great neighborhood -- right next to classes for Drexel and Penn students

perfect location.The staff here are helpful and the amenities are very nice. The building is in a great neighborhood with many restaurants and markets.

Really love the facilities and staffs here! The security desk is very friendly and trustful. And the entertaining facilities such as pull ball and ping pong are wonderful!

Great building, good price, nice amenities, mateince is very prompt and comes the same day within a couple hours to fix problems. Parking is the only downside

Evo Philly has been a great place to live for the past year, with all the amenities like the gym and the pool. Additionally, the maintenance staff and the concierge desk are always eager to help and answer any questions!