I just remotely signed a lease with Evo. The team is exceptionally responsive and helpful. I look forward to moving in with them this August!

I am about to start my lease this fall but from what I can tell so far, the resident experience will be great. Management was timely and professional and helped with anything I needed. The complex looks clean and the amenities are incredible.

I live in the duplex, and I honestly love the amount of space I have. It's both a college experience without the dorm experience. Everyone is so nice, I love how it's pet friendly, and the pool is awesome.

It’s pretty nice to live here. The price is fair and their amenities are good. The location is really convenient. You get easy access to both school and center city.

so far I love evo. they have the best staff and they do their best to provide you with things you need. so much better than other places i’ve lived at

Loved living here the last 3 years except for many many many battles with neighbors noise complaints and nothing coming of it. Great apartment for a college kid but hard to get up for work at 5 am when your neighbors bass was blasting until 1am (after multiple times contacting security and knocking on their doors). The amentities are out of a movie though!

As a Resident, I think Evo is great and specially for me where I shifted from an off campus housing to evo and literally all my friends here, it’s exactly not a building but a community, which is great!

Evo has been great thus far, I have been living here for over a year and I have little to no issues. Even when there is a slight issue with something, the customer service is always trying to solve the problem as quick as possible. Could not be happier with my decision to live here.

I really enjoyed living here and most of my close friends are in the same building where there's a nice 2-floor gym, an excellent swimming pool, a fantastic activity room and many study rooms and lounges. Property Management is super good. It could be a little bit pricey getting a room here (and the room is quite small..) But whenever you look outside the window you'll see nice view by Schuylkill River and Cira Green it all goes away. Oh did i mention there will be an outdoor bar at Cira Green? Imagine that!

As an out of state student, I had to move to Philadelphia without viewing evo in person but it definitely lived up to expectations! The amenities and location are great.

I do not live here yet, but I have friends that do and all enjoy living here. The staff in the leasing office is very nice and helpful. The location is very convenient.

Phenomenal location and perks amenities. Excellent staff and convenience. Gym is terrific, but occasionally treadmills are out of service. Elevators are fast, but when out of service, causes delays.

Great energy and environment to live in. Location is also great as it is close to my school but far enough so that I don't feel in school all the time.

Pros: Short walk to Penn, the train station and center city. Top floor and pool area are nice with view over the city. Gets your own bathroom. Cons: WiFi is not the best

Living at Evo has definitely been one of my favorite experiences in Philadelphia. The building and its amenities are amazing and worth the price.

Love the amenities here including the study lounges, rooftop pool, gym, free coffee, and free printing. Great atmosphere with welcoming and friendly staff

I am very excited to come live at evo! I have spent the environment because I have visited a friend in the building. I am excited to see how it is.

Spacious bedrooms, but little counter space in the kitchen. Free printing, study rooms, security & the gym are a plus. Community areas are relatively clean and most of the staff is helpful. The one major downside are the thin walls. Washer/dryer are noisy and if your apartment mate is on the phone or has the TV on then it’s pretty loud even if both doors are closed.

Evo is a wonderful place to live. I had several questions about releasing my apartment since I will be moving out of Philly this summer and the staff at the concierge desk were very helpful in answering them.

evo is a great place to live. It has amazing staff who are really friendly and always willing to help. It has security guards who care enough to learn residents names. It was amenities like a gym and lounge that are better than anything else around.

I have lived at Evo for the past 4 years and this place truly became my home. The staff is also like family to me. I will definitely miss this place when it's time to go.

So far, Evo has been the absolute best experience. Their leasing staff is phenomenal. Ask any question, you will receive a very consistent answer amongst their representatives.

Evo has been a great place to live so far. I have appreciated the timeliness of the staff in completing my maintenance requests that I place. I do not, however, enjoy the smell of trash on various floors.

I think in total it is great, staffs are friendly and the price is OK. Except that sound isolation is not very good and sometimes your deliveries could be missing.

- great room with private bathroom and walk-in closet. don't have to share with any roommates - small kitchen that is rather a kitchenette in size - great views of the Schukyll and the park - quality gym appliances with treadmills and a complete studio - free amenities for residents - free printing on lower level and business center - quiet two story study centers for a change of scenery - thin walls as noise easily travels - confusing thermostat - smell travels from kitchen and hallway to individual bedrooms - easy cable hookup without additional box