evo has an amazing location, friendly concierge and security staff, and a cool atmosphere. Sometimes the elevators are slow and sometimes hallways smell like weed, but for he most part evo is an amazing place to live.

Location is great, close to center city and 30th street station. Units are clean, well furnished, with a washer drier and dishwasher and the view is very nice.

Love Evo! The pet friendly apartment makes everything so much better. I love being able to house my dog here. I would prefer that people be more welcoming to him.

Living here is great. I love all the amenities, including the gym (which has a fantastic view by the way), the pool, the study rooms (which have free printing and coffee).

I love living at Evo because it's just so comfortable. Nothing is better than coming back to my apartment to unwind and enjoy the views from the pool after a long day of classes. I love the amenities although it would be nice if the pool tables were maintained better with newer pool sticks.

Overall it’s been a good experience at evo. The staff has been responsive of any emails I have sent and the amenities are pretty good. 9.5/10 rating

very good nice excellent awesome feel like home fantastic perfect This is an excellent quality The band played excellent music at the children's show.

Clean and comfortable. Spacious. Full-sized appliances. Friendly security. Free printing. Expensive but lots of amenities. Gym view can’t be beat.

Best student housing in the city! Highly recommend for any college student or a young professional. All the amenities are amazing: the pool, free coffee, free printing, study and computer lounges.

I heard about evophilly from my friend. She spent over two years in evo and she said nothing but compliment about this place. I haven't moved in but believe my experience would be as wonderful as hers here.

The pool is super nice. I love it. The study rooms are also very convenient and there are a lot of them. I also like how fast the elevator is.

Excited to have signed my first apartment lease and become a member of the Evo Philly community! I have heard nothing but amazing things and am sure it will be a tremendous and memorable year!!

I have enjoyed my time at Evo. I wish that the pool could be available 24/7, though. Other than that, I really like the game room and I appreciate the timeliness of maintenance.

Evo has been a great place to live. Ideal for Drexel/Penn students as well as young professionals. The gym and the pool make the experience here.

Went in to the building on a whim and loved it! The tour was amazing and the leasing office staff were great to work with. Signed my lease as soon as I could!

So far had a good experience with the staff and heard great reviews. I have visited and seen the amenities which are held to a high standard.

Love the area, most of the staff is very nice, the only downside is that sometimes the common rooms, and stairwells are left very messy. Also some of the resident computers are not up to date. But overall Evo is a great place to live and reasonably priced!

I love the location and amenities of Evo Philly. The pool and lounge are both great for having guests, while the elevated green space is ideal for pets.

I just remotely signed a lease with Evo. The team is exceptionally responsive and helpful. I look forward to moving in with them this August!

I am about to start my lease this fall but from what I can tell so far, the resident experience will be great. Management was timely and professional and helped with anything I needed. The complex looks clean and the amenities are incredible.

I live in the duplex, and I honestly love the amount of space I have. It's both a college experience without the dorm experience. Everyone is so nice, I love how it's pet friendly, and the pool is awesome.

It’s pretty nice to live here. The price is fair and their amenities are good. The location is really convenient. You get easy access to both school and center city.

so far I love evo. they have the best staff and they do their best to provide you with things you need. so much better than other places i’ve lived at

Loved living here the last 3 years except for many many many battles with neighbors noise complaints and nothing coming of it. Great apartment for a college kid but hard to get up for work at 5 am when your neighbors bass was blasting until 1am (after multiple times contacting security and knocking on their doors). The amentities are out of a movie though!

As a Resident, I think Evo is great and specially for me where I shifted from an off campus housing to evo and literally all my friends here, it’s exactly not a building but a community, which is great!