So far, so good!! I haven't used this app or website or service much yet but I am excited to try it out. The first part was a little vague.. did I earn a $5 gift card to iTunes? Or no?

I really like The Gates! The only changes I would make would be getting all of the apartments the new bed stands. The parking is convenient, the maintenance is responded to quickly, I enjoy it!

love the gates is the best place to live for students at BYU idaho! Rooms are big and feels like a home, club house is super welcoming as well

The gates has been a great place to live. Nice apartments. Great management. They have always been understanding and worked with me when I had questions.

Everyone has been so helpful to me. They call me anytime there is something that needs to be dealt with and are very kind when they do. The Gates has been great!

So far so good! I'm still not totally sure what I'm doing, but I really like the idea and earning points gives a lot motivation to complete the tasks

Honestly the Gates in Rexburg are the nicest apartments I have ever lived in. It's more like living in a town home because of the upstairs and downstairs factor. I love how I can be in my room studying and not really hear whats going on downstairs, even if they are being loud. I would say I only have to cons to living here and they are: #1 It's pretty far from campus, and #2 the heating system is kind of weird, it will be super hot in my room, but freezing downstairs, so the heat just keeps going until downstairs is to the correct temperature.

I think that the Gates do a really good job at keeping us informed and updated with all the latest news. I also like that they are very willing to answer questions.

I love the way the gates feels like a real apartment and not a hotel. It feels like i never left home. I also love the fact that we get free tanning!

I have loved living at The Gates so far. Last year, I wasn't too impressed with the management. However, now, the management is really good. The apartments are nice, and I love the clubhouse.

Things are good but I think that you should lower the prices on the apartments. Also I wasn't able to take a survey of what kind of people I should have lived with so that needs to be better.

So far living at the gates is great, I love all the amenities that come with the contract. It may be a little pricier than some of the other apartments but I think the extra money is definitely worth having a washer and dryer in the apartment and all the other stuff we get.

I have really enjoyed living at the gates in Rexburg Idaho. Its been my favorite place to live so far and I love the home-y feel. I am amazed by all the fun activities that are always going on! I love the people and I would definitely recommend living here!

So far this is a great app. It is easy and simple. And you get rewarded for things you do. It's awesome, I really do enjoy it and am glad I have it.

Yall are great!! I appreciate the living conditions and the hard work that is put into it every semester. Thank you for making my living experience easier.

The managers at the Gates are so nice!! The Gates are really nice and the people at the Gates are very welcoming! The Gates feel more at home then many other apartments in Rexburg!

I really like living here. It's nice and quiet, great management! The entertainment center is very big and not a lot of people take advantage of it but we use it for movies pretty often.

The Staff is great and I love the home feel that the gates offers. They do a lot of things to keep residents involved and meeting new people. It just a really good environment.

The Gates have been great. They are very reasonable and I am grateful for that. Any time that I have had a concern they have always been willing to work with me.

The apartments could use a little facelift but the managers are much better now. The heating system doesn't work that great and the downstairs is always colder than the upstairs l. This creates arguments

The stay at the Gates has been great! I have been able to meet new people as well as just have a great time living here. I love how much space there is!

So far I've had a really good experience with the people at the Gates. they are very kind and helpful, and I can tell they care about their residents.

I love the gates. With the resident appreciation, friendly staff, awesome amenities like the Wii, xbox, pool, ping pong, and the amazing theater room you can't go wrong. I also love the living style of each apartment with the storage closet both inside and outside the apartment. Parking is free and the basketball court is fun as well as the fire pits. Oh and don't forget the BBQ. I love it here.

I love living here! You are always prompt with responses, and always ready to help in any way that you can! The wards are great, and everyone is so friendly!

Love the Gates! Best complex at BYUI for sure. If you are looking for a great place to live with great management, fun people, and free parking, this is the place.