Such a fun atmosphere! I love living at the gates! They do tons of activities and give away prizes all the time! The amenities are awesome!!

I really love the Gates. My first year I lived at HillCrest, and while it was a nice place to live, this is great! Here I can do laundry in my apartment without having to pay, and I only have to share a bathroom with one other person verses three people. And the amnities are amazing!

The Gates has treated me and my needs very well. We weren't given enough notice that another dog would be moving in with us and the unit that I moved in had not been properly checked for cleanliness so it was left in pretty poor condition. However, the staff has been amazing and accommodating.

It is my favorite place to live! I lived here my first semester and liked it a lot but wanted to try a change. But I soon realized that was a mistake and moved back the next semester and have stayed here ever since. I love it.

I think that the Gates at Rexburg are fantastic. I enjoy the layout of the apartments and the private bathrooms for each room. My only complaint is that there are a lot of cupboards/shelves in the kitchen.

The gates is awesome! The reserved parking is the best and the beds are bigger than expected. Plus it's super social! Also, the staff is always helpful and accommodates to your needs all the time!

I love living at the gates! I haven't had any problems. I thought it was more pricey than I wanted but I'm definitely getting what I paid for.

I don't actually live at the Gates, but I frequent it all the time because the apartments are in my ward! management is nice and the living quarters are awesome too!

I really enjoyed my experience just from the tour alone it was amazing to just see and hear from the faculty it was super helpful with them showing me around. I can't wait to move in.

I really like the apartment. The staff is very friendly. There have been times where I have been charged for something that never happened and once I wasn't placed because my contract wasn't properly received. But everything was fixed appropriately.

I really like living at the Gates. I think that it is totally worth the extra money to have a bigger and better room! I plan on staying here until I graduate. The management is awesome and wiling to help people out. I got Rexburg late one night on a move in day and the management put a key out for me so I had a place to stay. It was a live-saving experience.

Maintenance has stepped up their game and improved a lot. I just wish rent wouldn't keep increasing and stay a flat rate continually. Other than that it's the best place to live in Rexburg!

I really like living here! It's quiet, clean and feels like home. The only thing not being five stars is that it is a bit of a walk to campus.

The Gates is a great place to live. The amenities are awesome and the residents are super nice. This is my favorite place that I have lives so far. I do not like how I signed a contract for winter in like september and did not get a parking spot. Now I have to park in the L lot and that is not even close to the Gates. The managers could have been more helpful with that instead of just saying sorry.

living here is good. The apartments are nice and everything is taken care of. Sometimes the parking can get a bit confusing and the office help isn't always on top of everything but I love it here.

I love the gates. I have lived here for 5 semesters and will continue to live here. The apartment set up is one of the best features, I feel like I am at a home instead of a head.

Living at the gates was fun. It is abit of a distance away from campus, but it is worth it. Great place to live. I have reccomended it to all my friends and they have all loved it as well.

Living at the Gates is an awesome experience. The managers are friendly and always ready to help plus the apartments are well-kept and large. It definitely feels like more of an adult environment than school housing.

I lived at the gates and I loved it! The rooms are so large and having three bathrooms in one apartment is amazing and cannot be found many other places! Also two fridges!!

the gates is the best place to live in rexburg! its great housing, has nice people and is really comfortable. its a little further but worth the drive/ walk.

I love living at the Gates! The apartments are roomy, clean and nice. The managers are friendly and helpful, and the people that live at the Gates are great! My only complaint is that I think the price for an individual room is a little pricey in my opinion.

Loved living AT THE GATES. Thought the rooms were nice and big and affordable for a shared. The private rooms are a little expensive but the private bathrooms make up for that

Awesome! I really like the homey type feel, and the fact that I have a yard. I can't imagine living anywhere else in Rexburg because nowhere else is this sweet!

I have lived here for to semesters so far and plan on staying until I graduate. Management is very friendly and helpful. I love that we have AC, especially on these hot summers days!

I loved living here. It was a great facility. I lived in the same apartment the 5 semesters I was there. The down side was that management changed a lot and they did not take action on a problem in my apartment until it was too late.