I love the gates. The people are awesome and the new management is well appreciated. I would have liked to have seen my apartment a little cleaner upon arrival, but the overall atmosphere made up for it.

This is a really great place to live! Everyone is super friendly and the apartments and amenities are really nice! This has been my favorite place to live!

Great Place to live.... Heard about The Gates, while I was on my mission at the MTC Santiago, Chile. Now I'm here living the dorm life with the feel of my own condo.

The Gates is awesome! It is a great place, they take good care of the apartments so they are really nice. Overall it is just a fun little community of apartments.

I have lived at the gates for five semesters now and have really enjoyed it. The apartments are more of a townhouse style which really gives you that home feel which can be hard to find when living in student housing.

Really enjoy staying here. The amenities are great and most importantly, the management team is excellent. Emily is probably my favorite! She is personable and treats you as an individual and not just another tenant. Justin is great as well! He really bends over backwards to help you out.

I think you are doing well. The challenges for points are not difficult, although there aren't many to choose from, but it is nice to get the rewards.

I love living at the Gates! Management is very nice and helpful and the housing is the best in Rexburg! I don't plan on living anywhere else as a single student.

The gates is a wonderful place to live with both wonderful perks and people! Living there will make collage less stressful for both myself and my support animal!

I'm a senior this semester and have lived at a few different places. The gates has been one of my favorite places to live. Management has been so helpful and kind. The apartments are well kept and feel like a home.

This is a sweet app with a great concept! I think that the minimum harater is petty dumb,because what if people just start making things up?

I have enjoyed my experience at The Gates! The apartments are great and the staff is always friendly and on top of things! I don't plan on changing anytime soon.

I enjoy living at the gates. So this is a really cool bonus. I'm going to be telling my roommate about it. I look forward to seeing what rewards I can earn.

I think that you guys are doing well. Really great management. I like how their is free snacks, candy, and hot chocolate. I love how the management is always willing to help me.

Really great job, clean checks run smoothly, management is kind and helpful. And maintenance is really helpful and they come quick when you need them.

The management at the gates is incredible and so are all of the people. All of the appliances in the apartments are really nice and have not had trouble with pretty much anything. If there is trouble, it is fixed quickly by the staff. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

I this is kind of confuing and I think that if it was explained better it would be great and easy enough to use. I also am worried about the scam side of it

Not going to lie I just barely got on this thing because I got an email about it but what the heck when you are bored why not get some points that turn into cash I can use somewhere. So far it seem pretty good and easy to use.

I really like the privacy of the townhouses but the walls are a bit thin. The staff and the people who live here are super friendly. It is awesome living here.

I havent actually moved in yet but it seems that The Gates actually care about residents being comfortable and making it as homely as possible.

Pretty good and a nice idea - I'll continue to use it. I'm still trying to figure all of this out still, but I think it'll come in handy once I get used to it. Can't wait to learn more about it as I go (:

Management communicates well with the residents and offers many activities for the students that live there so it's always a fun environment.

Whenever I need anything the staff and managers always respond in a timely manner. They are polite and get the job done. The apartments are great and I love it.

Overall I have had a great experience at the gates. I love the layout of the apartment and the number of people that live there. It is well kept for the most part as everything works. The only thing that is really frustrating is the parking. free parking is included in the contract and if you can provide that you should get a discount or something instead of making people pay to park two blocks away. Doesn't make much sense to me.

I love the app! It is nice to be rewarded from my community! I have gotten a lot of cool things on the app. The gates hooked me up with a ton of stuff