The management at the gates is some of the best I have seen from apartment managers here at BYU-I. I want to thank everyone for such a wonderful semester!

I love the apartments! I love that there is a washer and dryer inside the apartment, it is really convenient. I love that there are two refrigerators. The room sizes are nice. The only down side was the online payment system this semester.

Great Place to live and even better management. The rooms are spacious and homely. I really enjoyed how I felt like I was out home and not at a hotel, like at places such as the Ivy and Mountain Lofts.

I love the activities that they have to help us get to know others in the apartment complex. crapes night was a success. The tanning is a great bonus. I will be sad to leave when i get married.

Living at the gates has been an amazing experience. The management has always bent over backwards to meet my every need and when people ask where I live I tell them I never plan to live anywhere else. I honestly believe that your roommates and apartment has such an impact on your college experience and living at the gates has done nothing but positively impact mine.

You guys are awesome! For the same price else where, you dont receive half of what you can receive at the gates! Best housing in Rexburg!!!!

I love living in the gates! It is an awesome environment managers always there to answer questions. Great amenities always available for any special event !

You guys are awesome ! Office hours are convenient, always have something going on ! Things get fixed in a timely manner and all my friends love it !

Perfect housing and management makes you feel like you're at home! I love all the different activities that are offered for FHE's and just for being a resident here.

I liked living here. I'm not a huge fan of the housing in Rexburg, but this was the place to be. I had a private room and it was better than anywhere I've lived in the past.

The Gates was a great place to live. The only thing I did not like was clean checks. It would be great to have each person assigned to do certain tasks, so one person doesn't end up doing the whole clean check every time.

I love the gates! It's so comfortable. I feel very at home there and I love all of the things that the Gates provides for it's tenants. I feel taken care of.

I absolutely love living at the Gates! It is such a great community to live in and has amazing amenities. Many people are worried about the distance from campus, but that has to be one of the best parts, because the traffic is nonexistent.

Nice Apartments. AC and heating. Parking is a problem some semesters though. The managers are pretty chill and the clubhouse is pretty sweet.

Management is super friendly and great! Love that The Gates feel like home instead of a hotel. Some of the other complexes seem like hotels to me, but The Gates is different.

I love it here! It feels so home-like and it's very chill. The management is awesome, the people are friendly, and we have fun things planned for us to appreciate us for living here. Best apartment complex in Rexburg!

I love living at The Gates! The atmosphere and feel of the complex is homey and welcoming and they provide a lot of activities for residents

I love living here at the Gates! Management is easy to work with, there are fun events and the apartments are great. I've lived here for 4 semesters and I don't see myself leaving

I love living here. Its so much fun and the place is awesome. Definitely coming back after my mission. Obviously going to recommend to my friends, this is one of the better places at BYU-Idaho to live at

I love the Gates, definitely my favorite housing I've been to, feels like I'm living in a home and not a hotel. Management can be too chill.

Spring semester rent shouldn't be so much more expensive than winter. There are new high rise complexes going up all over town so there can't possibly be more demand than supply.

The management has always been very helpful and very understanding. They are always willing to above what is required to help us and they are very concerned about how we are enjoying living there and making sure we have fun things to do.

I've lived at the gates for almost two years! They have been my favorite apartments I've lived at in Rexburg and I've lived everywhere! I recommend The Gates!

All my semester living at The Gates have been the best! I love the management and how much they care about their tenants! They are so friendly are willing to help with any questions or concerns(:

I love the Gates! I've lived here for over a year now, and I don't think I'll ever leave while in school. I love the clubhouse with a tanning bed and a gym, the apartments and my oversized room. The staff is very nice, too. Overall, I'm very happy to live here.