The only complaint that I have about the gates is the response time. I have had a few experiences were I have been away from the complex and sent an email to management asking a question or something of that sort, and it took about 3-4 days for them to reply, and I made sure that I sent the email during office hours or at the beginning of the week. However when I did get a reply it was very helpful and super nice. I just wish the response time was quicker. Other than that I have no complaints and I love living at the gates!

I have absolutely loved living here. It doesn't feel like and apartment or a closed off hotel, more like a home. For Rexburg, and the cost it is one of the best places to live. Only minor difficulty is distance from campus but if you have a car, It doesn't matter plus there is an option for free parking.

The apartments are way nice, but they are kind of far from campus. The management is pretty cool and puts on a lot of events. I wish the wards were matched with the boys gates instead of the Ivy.

The gates is my favorite place I have ever lived. I love the town house set up. You don't have to worry about noisy neighbors above or bellow you. Not only is it a nice place, it's a great price. Although it is far from campus, there is free parking, so it is worth just getting a parking permit on campus. The managers are awesome and there are a lot if fun events through out the semester

Living at the Gates has been the best experience. Management is great, and it truly feels like home. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in Rexburg!

Yall are doing OK there have been some changes that are not popular with added fees that really make it more of a headache living here but the layout of the apartment and the fact that its away from campus and somewhat quiet are pluses

I love the gates! I love the home feel and everyone that lives there is very nice and inviting. I like the organization of the apartment and also the abundant storage space!

I like it here at the Gates. I haven't been able to find another complex that offers as much as here. Other places may be new and have new amenities, but they're usually missing other things I look for in a home away from home. I love being able to have my own bedroom, lots of storage space, and an amazing clubhouse if I ever need to study, go to the gym, or have some fun with friends. One of the only things that really bothers me is the new clean check set up.

The gates is an awesome place to live! I love the little town homes and that there are bathrooms in each of the rooms. The managers are fantastic and there are so many different amenities through out each semester! Overall a fantastic place to live!

The cleaning check and arrangement at the end of the semester is the best I've ever heard of so far, I have friends who's cleaning was overly hard and inconvenient!

I've loved living at the Gates! I will definitely return! The management has been very helpful and the managers always plan fun things for the residents to do.

I have lived at The Gates since 2011. I have never wanted to live anywhere else. Management has always been incredible. The townhome set up is much nicer than a hotel apartment. I love walking out the front door and my car is parked just a few feet away. Having a lawn is such a blessing especially in the spring and summer. I simply love living here.

Awesome place to live in! Great management! Apartments are kept up well. Fast maintenance response. Big apartamento each individual room has its own bathroom and 2 fridges and each apt had a washer and dryer. Couldn't ask for more!

I have lived in the Gates since my first semester! This place is amazing! I would never leave! The management is awesome, and there is no where else that can compare to how the Gates are set up. 10x better than that hotel feel that other apt complexes have.

This Gates is a great place to live. It has all the things that I wanted, my own washer and dryer, a fairly nice place overall, and at a good price!

I think everything is amazing and the housing is beautiful and there is so much space and its organized and neat and the lounge is amazing with so many amenities, even though the projector doesn't always work

I love living at the gates! Its is very home like and has a great atmosphere! I have made so many great friends here. I have enjoyed every minute of living at the gates and I highly recommend it!

The Gates is a great place to live and meet friends. The apartments are amazing and the management is great! You will love how comfortable the apartments are and also the great amenities like the tanning bed!

I love the gates... I regret not moving in earlier! wasted time at other apartment complexes!! The managers are so nice and always willing to help you all the time. I love how many events they put on, and the hard work they give.

I love living here at the gates. The apartments are super nice. It is so great having a washer and dryer, two fridges, three bathrooms. The living room is a lot bigger than most apartments, so we always have a lot of people over. Plus, it is a lot cheaper than you might think.

It's hard to get the maintenance man to fix stuff we put in a request for, even when he stopped by he said he would fix the shower and wall and never did. Other than that the apartments are amazing and feel VERY cozy, and I love all the things that the gates does for us like giving us Pizza, IJump, dance parties, and breakfast! I don't think I ever want to move!

I have enjoyed the apartment, my ward, the people, the location. However, I feel that management could be more organized and more understanding.

I like it. It's nice here. I love that it feels like a home rather than an apartment. Only thing lacking is a community feeling. I have never really gotten to know my neighbors in the 4 years I've lived here. But management is pretty awesome.

The Gates is awesome! The managers are wonderful and the apartments really feel like home! I do not know anyone who chooses to move to The Gates then leaves it! It is truly home away from home!

I absolutely love living at the Gates! I have been staying here for two years and have been so impressed with the Managers and other employees. They are always so kind and understanding, getting back to your concerns and requests super fast. The Gates are so homey and the amenities are great! I would highly recommend this apartment complex and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.