I love living at the gates it has the best atmosphere. It has all the things I need from laundry to my own bathroom. Love the town home style house!

I love the management here, the apartment, and the atmosphere here. I love all the amenities. The only thing that I disliked was when I moved in it wasn’t clean.

Loved the Apartments. Pretty easy to keep clean and love that each room has its own bathroom. Plenty of space to relax and also have friends over. The theater is the best!!

I love the layout of the apartment and the amenities! The apartment is a little ways from campus but with a car it isn't a big deal to get to class on time.

I have been living at the gates for a little over a year now and it is definitely my favorite apartment complex I have lived in, in Rexburg. The apartments are so homey and comfortable and its super nice having a bathroom in each room!

Since living here in the Summer, paying rent was difficult but management was actually very cooperate and made it work. Nice apartments as well.

This is my first semester at the Gates and so far everything has been amazing! The only thing that I need done is to have our sprinklers fixed!

I love, love this place! Appartments are so nice, management is excellent and always helpful. And just a great place to live! I recommend this place for everyone who is active and wants a positive experience!

Everyone is friendly and it’s a quiet place to live. Just close enough to campus that I can still walk, but far enough away from the commotion.

I love the Gates! It may be a bit far from campus considering I have to walk there, but I think it is so worth it! The staff are very nice and the maintenance crew is super fast at getting back to us. I think the apartment complex is more "homey" than other apartment complexes and that is the reason why I chose the Gates. I haven't regretting that decision yet, so I think I can honestly say that the Gates is the place to be.

The house is very well built. I have plenty of closet space and I can get to campus within 15 minutes by walking. However the walls are very thin and my neighbors are very noisy. I can hear them talking in the middle of the night

Been a great place to live. I have had good roommates who are been super chill and fun. Love the private parking and be able to walk to school.

The Gates are awesome! This is the only place that I've stayed at for more than one semester. Plus, they treat you great and the management is super super great!

So far so good. Love it here is quiet enough to get homework done and the staff are great. The people here are cool and I like the amenities

I think the gates is a great place to stay it! The rooms are very spacious! I enjoy there is a workout room close by and a ping-pong table is pretty cool. I would recommend this place to my friends.

I love living at the gates! It's a greet community, super cozy and homey, and has fantastic and helpful staff! I love the location and amenities!

So far, I've been living here for the past 2 weeks and it's perfect! Our apartment has new carpet which is super soft and just the overall feeling is amazing. It doesn't feel like living in a student housing. Feels like home!

I have noticed that the culture is much better than other places on campus. This is the fourth place I’ve lived and so far, is one of the best. The apartments feel much more like a home than the other places I have lived.

I just barely moved in but everyone seems really nice and accommodating. The facilities look nice and new. Everything works in my apartment as far as appliances go.

I love the Gates! It has such a homie feel and the best club house. The managers are really cool and throw sweet parties. They have random giveaways and make it fun to win the prizes. I am super happy to live here while I attend school!

This is my second semester here at the gates and I have really enjoyed my experience. The only thing I do not like is that it is far from campus but we can't change that so everything is good.

This apartment is wonderful. There is enough space for all of my extra stuff, the kitchen is nice, and I like the layout of the area. This semester is going to be one to remember!

I would totally give 5-stars, but I never knew I had to sign up for parking as well, so now I'm on a waiting list and I might not have a spot to park my car

I love the Gates! The apartments are spacious yet homey at the same time. 10/10 would reccomend the Gates for anyone (with a car or a bike in the spring) looking for a place to live!

It is a wonderful community! Everyone is very nice and helpful and it is a place that you will really enjoy! It really feels like home and is a great place to live!