I have loved living at the gates, I am finishing up my third semester living there. The apartments are cozy and feel like home. However, because the buildings are fairly old the appliances are starting to fall apart.

Love staying at the gates. The management is amazing and when ever we have any issues they fix it really quickly and efficiently. So far I have no complaints.

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I absolutely love the gates! Not only do the apartments actually feel like a home, but there are such great people that live here and I really feel included in the activities that are happening in the complex.

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The gates is a great place to live! The rooms are huge, bigger than any other apartment I've lived in. The apartments as a whole have a more homey vibe and feels like an actual home instead of a dorm. I also like my roommates a lot which makes the experience much better. The ammenities are great, especially the movie theater room which is huge and can hold huge crowds. I highly recommend this place to all my friends

I’m about to live here, but the community, the warm home feeling, and wonderful management makes this place a home away from home! Don’t go anywhere else, this place is amazing

I love living at the gates! I’ve moved to a few other places, but I always end up coming back to the gates because it feels like a home. Maintenance requests are fixed quickly and the office staff is super helpful!

The entire staff is very friendly and helpful. The apartments are well kept up and very comfortable. Overall the atmosphere at the Gates has a great feel about it.

Nice townhomes, nice kitchen, fun activities put on by management all the time. Good location and fun people. I’ve met some awesome people living here.

I don't yet live at the Gates, however I have signed a contract for this upcoming semester. My experience in signing was wonderful. I got a tour, and help throughout the process. I sensed honesty, and a real desire to make tenants happy. I'm excited for my stay at the Gates.

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I have really enjoyed living at The Gates. I really enjoy the "town house" style and how open the property is. It is in good condition and friendly staff/management. The biggest challenge is distance from campus but that has turned into a bonus with helping me stay active with a nice 15 minute walk!

Wonderful roommates! Super cute townhome and more than enough space for everything! Having two fridges AND your own personal bathroom is the best.

Is a great place to live at. The management is friendly, they are constantly doing activities and they take care of any problem really quickly.

Good I liked the apartment and the people. Especially am a fan of the weekly minute to win it games. The couches are cozy and I am a fan of the tv.

I have loved living at the Gates because of the Environment that I am surrounded by with my roommates and with management. I especially love the wards and the spirit felt in my own home.

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I have lived at the gates since the summer of 2016 and have loved it! The townhouses are so homey, nice, spacious, and the management is friendly and always doing fun activities! The maintenance responds so fast to all requests and fixes anything that may be broken. The in apartment washer and dryer is so convenient, as well as bathrooms for each bedroom and two fridges. Overall my experience has been so amazing! The only thing that I haven’t liked is the WiFi and being so far away from campus. But if you have a car it isn’t too far.

This is a great community. I love living at the Gates! My roommates have all been really great. I would prefer private bedrooms and an extra bathroom downstairs by the kitchen. Other than that, the set up is great. I love the lounge. I use the movie theater room and gym all the time!

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I have never once been disappointed with the gates. The location is great, the people are fabulous and management as been so easy to work with. No complaints.

The gates is such an amazing place to live. It doesn’t feel like you are living in dorms or right up next to campus. It has a more homey feel which I absolutely love!!

The gates has a nice homey feel that differs from most apartment complexes here in rexburg. It can seem isolated from a lot of the fun sometimes, but if you are looking for a place to relax and not be bothered this is the place for you.

The Gates a great place to live. I enjoy the oversized rooms, even though its a little pricy I guess its worth it for the biggest room in Rexburg with a private bathroom.

I have loved my experience here at the gates! I enjoy the community and the great activities held by the staff! There is an environment where they help you loved and involved.

The place has a really homey feel to it and that’s what I love about it. The staff is really great and nice. The people who live here are super cool and friendly. It’s a great place to stay.

The Gates is an aweosme plce to live. However, the walls are super thin, so you can hear your neighbors sucking it up at fortnight at 2:30 in the morning. If you sleep downstairs, you will hear a loud rush of water if they flush the toilet or brake a shower. I know this may seem like a deal breaker, but honestly, it’s worth it. Especially if you get the oversized roomes. It is the best!!!! Again the only down side is the thin walls. Other than that, The Gates is probably one of the best places you’ll ever live! They have a ton of activities throughout the week to help you enjoy your experience away from home.

I have really enjoyed living here, not only because of the "homieness" of the apartments, but also because of the wonderful people. Being surrounded by joyous people makes all the difference and I feel well taken care of here. I love it here and plan to stay until I graduate.

The gates is a great place to be! I really like the location. It really isn't too far from campus. I actually enjoy the walk! It's like a home away from home.