I really like it here at the gates. The management is good. He environment is really good. There are really nice people who live here and when it comes to fixing things in apartments it happens fast

I think that this is a great apartment complex to live at! very social and the management is great! They are always doing things that are super fun, it makes it easy to live here!

I love the Gates Apartments. With the amount of space you get for the price is awesome! I have spent two semesters here at the Gates and it has been a great experience for me.

Pretty good. I like all the parties and special events to earn prizes, keep them coming because most guests haven't won anything. Thank you.

Great! Love everything about the gates at rexburg. The apartments are great. They treat us well with prizes and treats all the time! They really care!

I have lived at the gates for almost 6 semesters now and I have really enjoyed it! I love the people and the atmosphere. The Gates are always putting on fun activities.

The housing here at the Gates is just wonderful. It's welcoming and has a friendly environment. The staff members are also very nice and super helpful. They are willing to help with anything you need and are able to answer all questions.

Great community. Great place to live. The apartments are nice and almost are like mini town homes. The theatres rooms here are great. The staff here is good

I pretty much live at the gates already and I am super excited to live there next semester!! I love the apartments and the parties that they throw for the residents! Management has always been super nice and it's one of the nicest places I've seen in rexburg!

It's way better than anywhere I have ever lived before! The managers are way nicer, and I get way more here for the same price where I have lived before.

Super outgoing!! So many things to do and the managers are so easy to work with!! I love that the apartments are so close together and we can easily walk to one another. I also love that parking is free!!

I love this apartment I think it's super Nice and the management seems awesome! I just wish that there were more social activities for the apartment

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I think that community rewards are amazing. Being a college student it is amazing what i can do to receive a little more money at the places that i love to shop. Truly every little helps

After my experience at the Gates with the staff I would definitely recommend it. The only issue is I wouldn't recommend it to incoming freshman

I think that overall I'm very pleased with my experience here at the Gates, the apartments are nice and seem well kept, there's more parking here than at most other places I've stayed at which is really nice. The clubhouse is nice, there's good amenities, the price is high I think, one of the most expensive here in Rexburg but it comes with its advantages I guess

Everyone is so chill and so nice. This is such a great place to live as a college student. The management is also incredible. Everything is awesome and would recommend to anyone.

Overall, this is a very nice apartment complex. The layout of the units is great and the facilities are really good too. My biggest complaint is the parking system. Calling it "first come, first serve" about standard spots in very misleading. That sounds like they aren't assigned and that every day whoever gets there first gets to park there. It needs to be reworded or there needs to be a different system.

I really like the gates apartments! It's easy to be social but yet still feel like I'm not always at a church school and need to be "on" all the time! The managers are awesome! There are always a few minor issues like with our dishwasher or laundry machines but the great wards and great roommates always make up for it!

I love living at the Gates! The managers are nice, friendly, and personable and they stuck me with some darn good roommates as well! The apartments are roomy and feel like home!

I have loved living at the gates. It feels like a home more than an apartment! And management is excellent. I'd recommend living here to anyone.

I love my roommates that I didn't know. They are great. The gates set me up with great roomates. The apartment is amazing. The price is worth it with everything they other.

The establishment is run great with staff that is always helpful and willing to get the job done. We have had some issues with the clean checks and the employees checking being a little too picky and going off the check list but otherwise my experience was enjoyable.

I am loving my experience here at the gates! Just as I had heard, it is very chill and laid back here with a very mature crowd. I look forward to the rest of the semester. Kinda sucks being far from campus, but it pays off with all other factors. I love having premier parking as well because its always hard to find parking in my truck. If I could do it over I would have gotten the oversized bedroom.

I am currently brand new to this. I was invited to this community by the apartment I am currently residing at. Seems like a pretty sweet hook up and a cool thing to be a part of.

I love the gates. The people are awesome and the new management is well appreciated. I would have liked to have seen my apartment a little cleaner upon arrival, but the overall atmosphere made up for it.