It’s been a fun and comfortable experience here. The office is nice and very involved with their residents. They have chocolate and hot cocoa in the office which is pretty cool too

I have been so pleased with the staff and how friendly people are here. Also glad for the gym. I am glad with how clean everything is and how we’re regularing checked and held accountable. Love the size of the rooms and house.

I love living here! The apartments are nice, the wards are great, and the amenities are super nice. I like the clean check system, no one ever gets ripped off. Also, even though it’s not super close to campus the apartments make up for it!

Is been an awesome time living here. I really like the rooms and the sizes of the closets. I decided to get a priority parking spot and love it. The only thing I wish was different is the size of the kitchen.

Manager took the time to remember my name! Only thing i have an issue with is the bbq is pretty dirty and doesn't cook evenly. Also the Premier parking lot isnt right next to my unit. I have to walk around to get to it. .

This is a great apartment. Its nice, clean and spacious. It is a little far from campus if you dont drive but it has great wards and fu people.

I have really enjoyed Living at the gates, I have lived here since September and I love it here. I really like having two refrigerator in each apartment.

Great place to live. Rooms, closets, kitchen, pantry, storage etc. all accommodate everyone well. Great array of ammenities including a theatre room pool table workout room and more.

I have always heard about living here at the Gates and thought it was all talk. But now that I live here, it is my favorite place I've lived at in Rexburg!

Checking in at the beginning of each semester is such an easy and painless process. I am typically in and out within 5-10 minutes with my keys and parking pass. It's so nice!

So far so good. The managers are reasonable people who seem to care about the community. Parking situation could be better. Most place offer free parking for everyone, but the Gates makes you pay to park at the Towers which is nowhere close to anyone’s apartment.

Living at the gates has been a great experience. The apartment feel more like home especially compared to a lot of other apartments around campus, the management is super nice, and the wards are awesome.

I love living at the gates. I love that it has more of a home feel than other apartments. I also like that it is just far enough away from campus, but close enough to walk.

I loved the gates because it feels more like a home and less like a hotel. It was also super nice to have a bathroom attached to every bedroom! It wasn't very clean when we moved in, but I don't think that is the norm. It is a bit far from campus for those who don't have cars and aren't willing to walk. Overall, I was very pleased with my stay at the gates.

They’re great with maintenance and parties but I think it’s extrememly overpriced for the services they offer. The parking is nice and the managers are always friendly.

I have loved my experience at the Gates so far! The staff is friendly and helpful. The apartments are cozy and have a very homey feeling. I look forward to more semesters here!

The Gates At Rexburg truly feels like home. I love being able to have a room upstairs and such an inviting living room. I have made amazing friends with other residents and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

The Gates is a fantastic place to live. The apartments feel so homey and attract great people. Wards are great too. Only downside is no parking garage for the harsh winter months in Rexburg. But on the other hand, parking is free... So you choose what's most important to you. Would live there again for sure.

I’ve lived at the gates for a year or so. I love how homey the apartments feel. I like all of the storage, outside and inside. The management is pretty cool too. They seem down to earth and caring about their residents.

So far so good! Management has been great so far. My last apartment complex got a new manager and she was difficult to communicate with and that is when you could even find her in the office during posted hours. The Gates management is always quick to get back to you and don't try to snag your money.

The community at the gates is warm and welcoming, i really enjoy the environment that they foster here. I also really apreciate having a washer and dryer in my room.

I've had a great time living at the Gates. I've met many great people here and my ward was amazing. I am sad that I won't live here anymore as I am graduating.

I've loved living at the gates! The people here are so friendly and fun. I love how our apartment feels like a home and not like I'm living in a hotel. I'd recommend the gates to anyone!

I really enjoy the Gates and all the amenities! The tanning is nice as well as the big lounges and kitchen there. The management seems pretty cool as well.

It is a very good eatablishment and seems to be well taken care of and friendly. It could profit with additional parking or a bus hay goes to campus but all in all pretty good.