I have had a lot of issues with maintenance when first moving in. My apartment also had a lot of issues that took a long time to get done. I was also told I needed to move out of my apartment and into a new one with one days notice. The new management at gateway has done a great job of fixing my problems and working with me.

The prior management company was not good, hopefully that will change. I’ve had numerous problems with service requests. I’ve considered breaking the lease.

The amenities are a little lower and lesser quality than I expected but other than that it is a nice place for a first apartment for a college student.

We had more problems then I thought could be possible at move in. First, our entire apartment was filthy, I still don't think I've gotten all the dirt. My bath fixture was off the wall, making me unable to use it for 4 days. When it finally was fixed the faucet wouldn't work correctly. When we would bring up problems to the staff they would act as if we were lying. It took till the new company came in to get anything done.

A little dirty but management is way better now and maintenance does not take too long. Mail never gets lost and staff is nice and helpful when I go to the office.

i still have a lot of issues. I have discussed with the staff but they were not at all help full yet . I wish they were more supportive and excited about helping .

Gateway is shaping up, definitely. The management system that took over in the past month is incredible and is always on top of things! The apartments are getting fixed up and they are good about notifying us when a package comes in, when there is a pool party, etc.

So far, everything has been really good. Everyone has been so helpful and very kind to my roommates and I. We love our four bedroom, it is so roomy and spacious!

The staff is very helpful and fast. I have been living here a month and had only a couple of issues but they got taken care of very quickly. Great grounds and good people.

Great place to live, excellent community life, peaceful environment, safe and secure, monthly events, easy access to university, helpful and affordable rent

Friendly staff and great apartments. Tv and internet were included and easy to set up. Move in day was very hectic but overall an awesome place to live.

Noisy neighbors. But the new management is very professional and accommodating. the renovated units were nice and needed few repairs. Parking is overcrowded, which is a plus too

Move in was a rough start and we had a lot of issues with out apartment not being ready. We've had a lot of issues with our air conditioning not working, which is very uncomfortable out here in the desert. The staff is usually pretty friendly, however I have had encounters with very mean staff members. It's not the best place I've lived at, but it's not the worst either.

It does not really feel that safe here plus the maintenance is not good they never come even when somethjng is not working at all also the staff is also not experienced

There were a few minor problems when myself and two roommates first moved in, but after getting settled in, I have enjoyed my time at Gateway.

I personally believe the whole apartment complex needs to be updated or at least the ones that aren't renovated. There are a lot of bug issues but I will admit the new management is a lot better than what we had.

Great community with amazing amenities! Very friendly staff that does their best to resolve every question and need you have. Perfect for ASU students because you have the orbit that can take you to campus for free!

good place to live, nice pool area. always able to get a good tan. friendly front desk staff. fun to be close to the dog park and look at all the dogs

Approximately $699.83 for a furnished 4 bed/4 bath including utilities (looked through my transaction history to get this estimation). The pool and the gym is nice. Maintenance crew takes a while to respond to your requests, sometimes they don't even respond at all. The office will cooperate with you if you talk to them in person, expect terrible service if you call them - I've been told twice "I'll get back to you, hold on" and they eventually just hang up on me. However Patrick the Assistant Manager of Operations is an angel sent from heaven since he'll always help you out and give S+ service. Their tour to a model apartment is a complete scam - what you see is never what you get. They make the models look all nice and shiny just to convince you to lease. 1st floor sucks... Insects everywhere and the apartment looks more dilapidated/worn-out compared to other floors, therefore take the 2nd/3rd floor if you wanna live here. Had the most atrocious move-in day: My room was still extremely filthy and smelled like someone took a s**t in the corner, but I might have just been unlucky because I haven't heard anyone else have a bad time moving in. Rarely the WiFi goes out for several hours. It went out for about 3 days once, but it never happened again. TL;DR I tolerate living here, at least it's better than Regents on University (I think that place is called Sol now), but if you can find something cheaper than $699.83 then stay away from here.

AC has broken 3 times and our water pressure is sometimes so low we take bucket showers and can't do laundry. New management is definitely improving admin processes and the parking lots are cleaner, but the community is so large that individual apartment improvements feel slow. But, they are improving, so we'll see.

THis is my very first apartmetn so I was not expectring anything 5 star. But i also wasnt expecting anything under 3 stars. Alli know is that it works for me

Not very good. Our apartment is basically falling apart. From all of my friends that live or have lived there ours is definitely the worst. Our wifi barley works our apartment came furnished and the couches are torn apart to the point that the leather stabs you and hurts. We had to buy our own couch.

The old management was terrible. The apartments were not ready to move in when I did in August. The new management is way better. Our maintenance requests are finally getting done and they are making the complex look better.

Initially, moving in and getting settled in my apartment at Gateway was chaotic and messy. I moved in later than my roommates and thank god I did, the line to complain to the manager wrapped around the front office and was about 30 people long.. Plenty of appliances in my apartment looked thrown in and not put together (i.e my desk is falling off the wall). But after about 2 months and new management, I'd say gateway is looking much better and the management staff is way easier to work with.

Overall it has been a great experience. Great area, great amenities, great staff. Especially with this new management staff as well they’ve been great. Completely happy with the experience at Gateway.