The apartment complex needs some TLC. I understand with the new management coming in there is a lot to maintain and also to improve on so seeing that is good.

Service tends to be slow and difficult. Maintenance has gotten better and more efficient. Last time my mom and I attempted to pay rent it was extremely difficult and no one was answering the phones to help us out.

The people here are very friendly but many members of the staff hit on residents and make women feel uncomfortable. Other than that, the apartment I'm paying for is not worth the 744 I'm paying but is still a good quality so I can't complain that much.

When we first moved in things were a mess. But now with the new management the few problems we have had have been solved quickly and efficiently. Couldn’t be happier

thanks and please improve your place and I don't know what to say more but make the rent more acceptable please to be afford for students ..

It's pretty expensive for what you are getting. It's about $850 per person for a 2 bed 2 bath. Has a nice pool and convenient with the orbit shuttle. Not very nice on the inside

I have had a horrible experience living at gateway in Tempe. I moved into a half finished, barely renovated space with numerous health and safety violations.

Good experience with staff being as accommodating as possible and quiet community, aside from my neighbors being loud. Good amenities. Horrible experience with getting maintenance issues resolved and technical problems with rent payments. Safety/security is also an issue

Nice big pool and gym two basketball courts tennis court. Not as close to asu campus as some of the other apartments around but still pretty close

We have had many issues with our appliances, the value is not worth the price. Front desk staff are very nice but it can be frustrating that it takes at least 4 maintenance requests to get the problem fixed.

Living at gateway tempe as been an interesting experience to say the least. We started on a very bad note, with many horrible living conditions and it's taken a long time to finally have an acceptable apartment. Things have gotten slightly better since new management has taken over, but me and my roommates haven't had a great experience here.

Gateway at Tempe looks nice on the outside and the renovated apartments are nice on the inside. Friendly staff in the front office are always helpful. The only issue I had was during move in week.

When I first moved here it was a huge mess. We had no idea that management was changing and that most of our problems would not be addressed until new management came in. The new management has been as helpful as they could be and they are starting to make Gateway feel like a community.

At the beginning of the semester the apartments were presented to the residents in deplorable conditions. Now that the management was changed, you can see how improvements are being done.

Move in day was a disaster, we had to keep getting different units because residents were already living inside our unit. But we didnt have it as bad as other people

Overall great experience! A little steep in pricing for condition of apartment and location. But great management team and accommodations!!!

Overall a nice place to live for college. The community has a lot of college kids and the set up of the place is nice - great gym and pool / bbq area

They have nice management. I was able to get all of my questions answered and they were very caring. The pool is beautiful and a goof time. yeah.

When we moved in it was dirty. There is paint on the floor left from painters, and our fridge has been leaking. We have put numerous service requests in and still, havent had our floor fixed. The amenities are good and the community is nice but the things

There were significant issues during move in and issues with several of our appliances, as we are in a renovated unit and they are not new what-so-ever.

Met with Mr. Ramirez and he was very cooperative and understanding. He did what he could to help us out with our situation and asked us for recommendations for improving the property.

Avoid if you dont want extreme hassle on a weekly basis. On move in we did not have ac for a week, even though maintenance claimed they fixed it without showing up three times. It has been 5 months the the leak in our bathroom ceiling has still not been dealt with. We personally have had to fix doors, 2 foot holes in the kitchen wall, and dishwashers that flood the kitchen on every use.

My overall experience at gateway has been ok so far. The move in day was unorganized and we were missing a couple of stuff in the apartment. Also I feel like we pay way to much for what we get.

At first I was really unsatisfied and not happy with gateway because the apartment was trashed and move in was very unorganized but with the new management it has been a lot better. Met with Jose and he was very nice and worked well with us.

Community is nice. Equipment inside the house is very very poor. Washer machine sucks and the dish washer is also terrible. It was a mess moving in.