Awesome! Love it here. It's the best place ever.

Gazebo staff is great. The community is clean and caters to providing a wholesome environment. Most recently the added resident liaisons that you can contact about events or ideas to better the property.

Friendly, convenient, and great amenities! What a great gated community...just a hop, skip and a jump from downtown, Gazebo's location is its biggest selling point. If the pools were open late...I would give a perfect score! :)

I have lived at Gazebo for roughly a month and a half. I have really enjoyed living here thus far. I love the community and the people I've me have been very friendly. The staff is very helpful and eager to help. Maintenance might take a few days to come, but they will do a good job. Overall one of the best apartment complexes that I have lived in.

I just moved in, but so far everything has been good. We had quick maintenance service and brand new washer/dryer when we moved in. The tennis courts, pools and workout room are nice items to have within a close distance.

I just recently moved into the gazebo apartments and was pleasantly surprised. I didn't know what to expect but the unit was really nice. The appliances looked brand new and the apartment looked like it had been kept really nice.

Great Cant complain we have had no issues we love this place and there is always something to do in the community we like everybody that we have met

Pretty good so far! I can't complain I can't complain Can't complain Pretty goof so far Pretty good so fat Love my apartment community Your great

So far I am loving my experience. The staff is attentive, and informative. Love the texts and community events! Grounds are well kepts and the security guard on staff driving around makes me feel safe!

I just moved in and I love it! Getting all the paperwork set up and done was a little bit confusing but everyone's nice and the apartment is great!

Maintenance is excellent. The office staff is very helpful and nice. The apartment is spacious. The appliances work well. The gazebo is a good place to live.

Just moved in a few weeks ago but so far it's been wonderful! By far the best apartment I've had in Nashville. The staff is friendly and helpful and the apartment is newly renovated and beautiful!

Nosiy neighbors but have enjoyed the rest of my time at Gazebo. The maintence team is on top of things and the staff here is friendly and helpful.

I have no complaints since moving in. The complex is quiet and clean. The only issue I have is when the laundry until is not working in building c it happens often.

My neighbors have been awesome but the quality of the "renovated" apartment (especially in the kitchen) has not been close to acceptable. The maintenance staff has not been impressive either, as I have had to escalate issues to management MULTIPLE times.

My roommates and I have loved the Gazebo apartments since moving in. The neighbors are nice and the staff has been nothing but helpful and nice. Highly recommended!

It's a nice and peaceful community to live. The staff are friendly and helpful while management cares genuinely about the residents making sure issues are resolved quickly.

I don't like to change so I don't often move. I like the apt complex and the community, i have been in 4 different apartments here at gazebo 3 one bed rooms and 1 2 bedroom. I paid 520 when i moved in for a single I now pay 845 which is crazy! I paid 650 for a 2 bedroom. I have been so loyal a decade I've lived here never have I been offered a better rate or a discount. And every apt I have been in has leaked (once the entire ceiling fell in on me! While I was doing number 2). I also have had my ac unit break down in every apartment even the refurbished ones at least 5x each and in 2 it was hot even after it was fixed. You guys also can be very invasive and need to provide us with locks where if you are in your apartment another person can't walk in if your indisposed or otherwise. Especially for Women, having a big sweaty maintenance man in you're apt when you're coming out of the shower, or otherwise enjoying the privacy of our own homes. This would also cause less domestic issues and increase overall tenant safety. This apartment complex is literally 5 min away from my work and this is a big reason I have stayed but I truly feel that you don't appreciate my business and most of all my loyalty I have given you guys more money that i have anyone over the last decade and I'm trying to hang in here with you, but where is the love. 10 years means nothing? P.S. Thank you for all the other vast improvements you have made, the party nights, and the staff In office and MOST of the maintenance men are and have always been amazing in attempting to fix these issues.

Great place to live and a super friendly, helpful staff. Had issues with noisy neighbors and the were more than happy to accommodate us wanting to change apartments. Moved into our new apartment inside the complex and have loved it ever since!

Gazebo is a great place to live. It's really quiet and the neighbors are nice. And if there is ever and issue, they fix it immediately. I would definitely recommend these apartments to anyone.

The apartment complex is clean and easy to get to other areas of the city! The maintainance workers are fast to respond to apartment problems and the workers are always friendly.

Experience has been great. I wish it was a little bit cheaper but this place has great perks. Like free water and on call maintenance folks.

The team is very helpful is getting you moved in right away. Any maintenance issues we have had, have been resolved in a timely manner. Love the pool right next to our apartment, except the maintenance on it could use some love.

Gazebo Apartments is a hidden gem in Nashville. The community feel here is lush, laid back, & the management is incredibly on top of everything (with a smile).

I've lived at Gazebo apartments for almost two years. For the most part, we have had a very pleasant experience. The staff is very friendly and our maintenance requests are completed in a timely manner. The main complaint we have is that our grass does not seem to get mowed as often as we would like and we often find our "yard" with much taller grass than desired. Other then that, it's an affordable place in a great location.