The grove is a cool place to live. I would like to make some suggestions. 1. Stop using pavlov media for internet. 2. Let the game room be 24 hours. many other apartments offer this and it would be great

Nothing was clean on the day of move in, items from and food of former people that lived here was left for us to clean. Rung burns and banged/scratched up tables. Customer service got a tad better as time went on.

Management is very nice and maintenance requests are always completed in a timely manner. My apartment is in great shape and all appliances work well.

The facility is okay, things are always broken, neighbors and random roommates are terrible. Luckily, I can lock my door. The internet works 2 weeks at a time and then is down for three. The bathroom is nice, the gym serves its purpose, but Overall, it's too expensive with too many negatives to sign another lease.

I like how close it is to campus and the community of people! I have lived here for two years now and I've been very happy to be living in such a fun apartment complex!

The biggest problem is the maintenance. It takes forever to get anything done. Every job takes way longer than they say and they constantly promise things on or by specific dates only to not show up and not get it done. It seriously took them a year to come paint my room.

I love my place here at the grove the amenities are 5 star. I always recommend my friends to live here. ya'all are very friendly and helpful, whenever I have a question or problem you guys answer the question and solve the problem right away.

Maintenance is horrid. It is so bad it makes me want to move to stop dealing with this shit. The only positive feed back I have is that john is amazing at dealing with upset clients

I overall have had an okay experience. The Grove lost/misplaced record that I paid rent when they got a new system. That was really frustrating. I feel like they can improve with customer/tenant service.

Improvements could be made on the buildings but everything is great here. Rent is fair and I like how everything is included in the price. Don't change that for sure.

The grove has been a great community to be a part of. I haven't had an issues so far. The staff is very helpful and willing to assist in any way that they can.

Management is inattentive towards work orders. I have reported the leak in the ceiling several times and nothing has been done. Additionally, people keep entering the apartment without notice or permission. We don't know who they are or why the grove has given them keys to the apartment.

While applying to live at the grove all of my questions were answered helpfully by someone from the grove fairly quickly. I was given someone's phone number to text if I had any questions.

It is a great place to live. Close to campus. Everything included. A safe and fun community. The grove provides you just about everything you need. It's affordable with all fees included.

its pretty nice. internet speeds are great! rooms are fine, closet is large, kitchen gets the job done but is short on space for someone who needs to cook a lot. sidewalks could use better ice removal but its not the worst.

The Grove was really great with being flexible with my friends and I at signing time, and they made it feel like a really exciting place to be!

Havn't moved in yet (we're loving there next year) but so far management has been very nice and helpful. We went for the ooen house and got a great tour. Can't wait to live at the Grove