Have had a few problems with management and it seems as though the entire appartment is falling apart. Bathrooms are poorly taken care of and

Have not had good luck with management handling problems in my apartment. Seem to only care about filling rooms instead of keeping customers happy

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Maintenance is horrid. It is so bad it makes me want to move to stop dealing with this shit. The only positive feed back I have is that john is amazing at dealing with upset clients

The room I moved into was super dirty. Management has a huge lack of communication and rarely call back when resident leaves a message. But they did pair me with amazing people for my roommates.

The front office workers are rude and keep you in the dark about issues with your apartment. A'so nomenof the owners pick up there dog poop so it is everywhere. Even on the sidewalk.

The neighbors are always loud and nothing has been done about it. There is a big dog in my apartment and the crew hasn’t done anything about it. Maintenance isn’t too bad.

I feel like theses apartments are way over pryfor what they have to offer. I pay the most in rent out of all my friends and yeah they are a little nicer I do not feel it is worth an extra 150-200$ per month.

Close to campus, spacious rooms, however, poor management and things break a lot and the rooms are really loud. Rent gets messed up a lot, packages go missing, and move-in apartments are not clean!

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Have not even moved in yet and feel like we picked the wrong place. The Grove is deffinetly losing its cool. Between the Districts and the Cottages the future of the Grove is not looking like a bountiful harvest. Staff is unprepared for questions, move in date is really late, and billing has already over charged us (they fixed it but still).

Rather overpriced for what quality you get. While price alone is somewhat too high for rent, where it gets bad comes from insulation and noise.

The apartments are okay but have had many problems since moving in. When I moved in there was actually maggots in my sink and the keys to my bedroom door didn't work and have still not been fixed.

Very beautiful community with nice amenities. Would be better if pets were allowed and if the roommate matching service actually worked. Awful experience here because of my roommate and thin walls.

My experience at the grove was not as good as I thought it was going to be. I was told great things but was always warned that the staff and maintenance were not very good - which is true.

The grove is a cool place to live. I would like to make some suggestions. 1. Stop using pavlov media for internet. 2. Let the game room be 24 hours. many other apartments offer this and it would be great

great.. i just wish there was more staff here to help w some problems that i've had while living here. but other than that i am happy w my desk ion

The staff is nice, Parking is ok just the spaces are small, apartments look nice on the outside but not that great on the inside. Rent is expensive but not as expensive as some places.

Fully furnished is nice but now when everything is falling apart. Nice to have washer/dryer in apartment. Also nice to have stand alone bathrooms

The property is dirty and loud. The staff often tries to be helpful, but nothing ends up getting done. There are always party's going on around the complex.

The facility is pretty dirty but the staff has gotten better. If the property was cleaner it would be a much nicer place. There has been vomit in my stare case twice now since Christmas.

Typically, all of the staff (office staff, maintenance, and management) has been very friendly, accommodating, and easy to work with. New management has since taken over and they seem to be lacking transitional communication. I am currently experiencing difficulties having agreements made with previous management fulfilled by the new management, and they seem apathetic about finding a solution and caring to help. This makes me weary of how they will address future problems and care about the experience of their residents in the future.

I did not enjoy living at the Grove! Maintenance was slow but I did enjoy the size of my room and liked the personal bathroom and walk in closet.

Things have been great, though I often have problems with the hot water and internet quitting on me. Other than that, the staff has always been attentive and helpful.

The biggest problem is the maintenance. It takes forever to get anything done. Every job takes way longer than they say and they constantly promise things on or by specific dates only to not show up and not get it done. It seriously took them a year to come paint my room.

Rooms weren't cleaned well before move in and it is quite expensive, but overall it is an alright place to live. It is close to campus which is pretty nice.

Good community in a good location. It’s close to my office. Gym isn’t very nice. Doesn’t have all the equipment needed and I think it would be nice if they let us view the apt before we moved in but that’s not an option here.

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