it is a great community here at the grove, it is fairly quiet most of the time, but i wish i could choose my room mates, neither are attending school at all. both are a couple of bums who live by their own life rules. go grove.

The Grove is a very accessible apartment complex to live at, given the campus is only a short 10 minute bike ride away. The neighbors are all great and respectful. There have been a few complications regarding the amenities of the apartment, including broken toilets and locks, faulty chairs, and some other items.

The location is awesome and the bus to get to school is extremely convenient. Management needs help and now that it isn't move in maintanence is much better about responding quickly

Doing a great job. I love the community. Walls are thin that is about it. Maybe elevator installed? Also more bike racks, make sure all lights work effectively before move in day.

Really great place and awesome staff! All neighbours are really friendly. I have already been living here for three years, and I am still thinking to renew the renew the lease with them. Highly recommend!

Processing of work orders has taken a long time with multiple mix ups, but the staff is friendly even when dealing with the errors and confusion, both on our part and theirs.

Great community. Love the pool and amenities. The front desk has been more than accommodating and welcoming to everyone. The tanning beds are a plus!

You are doing good! The grove has been a very good apartment for me to live in this semester because it is very close to the school. I can take the bus right to my classes.

The grove is a great place to live and I love the location. The amenities are also great, ans the maintenance team is quick and efficient which is awesome. The only thing I've had issues with is not receiving package notifications

Pretty great environment. The amenities are really nice and useful, and there are nice people everywhere. However if one of your neighbors likes really loud music, it could get a little annoying sometimes because of the kind of thin walls, but not too bad. Living right next to a basketball court is awesome. Nice and easy bike ride to campus.

The Grove is Great! Except I wish i didn't have to fill out this one hundred and forty character block because i don't really have anything else to say.

Okay parts of the apartment were not okay when moved in. We had big issues and Windows won't shut all the way. The roomi moved into was very dirty on move in day.

Friendly staff. Great apartment complex! I really enjoy living here so far there are great amenities and the appartments themselves are nice to live in.

The front desk employees are very welcoming and outgoing. The apartments are nice but we're not well cleaned when we moved in which is something I'd let the management know because it was alarming.

I have had a good experience so far. I like the neighborhood and parking situation. I like our apartment, but it didn't come clean enough. Some of our furniture was damaged. Staff is friendly.

Living here is pretty good. The pool and volleyball court is awesome. The sizes of the rooms are very spacious. But, there are many things that are broken. Desk leg, desk chair, and even water damage.

Easy to live in as everything comes with the room. Staff is always very friendly and willing to help. However things break easily and there are slow maintenance times.

The apartments are nice and the desk staff are all very pleasant to interact with. My only complaint is that the apartments were dusty at move in and the previous tenants left holes in the carpet.

i think Grove is really a wonderful community in my eye. For therre are cheap, clean and with great gym .It is really convenince for me for i do not need to pay the parking fee.

Actually it is an amazing place that have friendly staff, big swimming pool, basketball court and enough room for parking. Although it is a little bit far away from University, but it's easy to take HORN to school, the station is just in front of apartment

I have lived here for three years and there are a lot of perks. I love that everything like utilities, cable, Internet are all included in the rent cost. It's really nice for students, my only complaint is that living here just makes me feel like a child and I think I'm getting too old for it. Great for first-time apartment goers.

VEry good in a lot of areas and also not so good in other areas. The people working there are amazing, but the gym is extremely dirty, as is the pool and all of the chairs at the pool are broken.

Good amenities, like dishwasher disposals and easy to use appliances. Main problem is that maintenance requests take much longer to fix than they really should.

I LOVE living here! It is a great place for someone like myself living out for the first time! The perks are cool! Great location! Great staff

I really am enjoying living here. The only complaint I would have is that the water is lukewarm when taking a shower and the apartment was really dirty when we first moved in.