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Living at the grove has been a great experience! The staff here is always extremely nice and maintenance is completed exeptionally quickly !

Great place to live, good community, friendly staff. Amenities are great good place to hang out, close to campus and all the exciting places in Fort collins

I really enjoy living at the grove. There have only really been some minor management problems. Service requests usually take quite awhile to be completed. Trash is usually all around our building (beer cans especially). I also have frequent problems with noise in other apartments. It seems strange that an apartment right above the office playing extremely loud music doesn't bother and of the staff. Overall, the grove is a nice place to live.

Great location while living in Fort Collins. The pool is an awesome addition, however it looks like a tornado went through the property. The rooms and common areas are nice and spacey.

The grove is okay, the walls are pretty thin though so if you have noisy neighbors .. good luck. Aside from that its decent living. The gym is nice.

Everything was very good except for he overall condition in which the apartment was left when my roommates and I arrived. It was pretty dirty and only had one chair in the living room as well as the bathrooms were disgusting.

Best place to live in Fort Collins while being a student! The Grove offers so much! It's close to campus and even has its own pool for students! The apartments are very homey!

It is a great place to live. The layout of the apartments is great and I love having my own bathroom. Also having a washer and dryer in the unit is a huge bonus for me.

Comfortable environment , friendly staff . Everyone makes you feel at home and does their best to make sure your experience is the best it could possibly be .

Pretty easy move in, missing some furniture but staff were helpful and got me the items needed as soon as they became available. All questions I have had were answered with good customer service and I always left with an impression that staff members were as well informed as possible.

I really enjoy they space so far, and am grateful for a maintenance team that is on top of service request. The one thing is I don't like the cable provider, and do not feel like there are many channel options

I have really liked living at the grove so far this year. Everyone seems very nice and friendly. The only things I would change would be for the office to be open later, or just make the printer asseccible after the office closes. Also, the maintenance is not very quick.

I love the neighborhood. The clubhouse is nice to go to when you have some spare time on your hands, it could use some more stuff, but overall this is a great place to stay.

The staff is pretty friendly as a rule and the amenities are nice. My move in day experience left a lot to be desired though so I have a hard time really liking this complex.

This is a great commuinty! Everyone is nice and we can play togerther. I really like my apartment that I feel at my home. I like to go to gym.

i love living here because it's so close to campus, i just wish we could have chose which building we wanted to live in. other than that, i have no complaints.

Love the grove! Close to campus and utility's included with rent?! What's not to like! Although I am concerned with the raccoons in the dumpsters every, that's most likely with all of foco.

I have really enjoyed my time living at The Grove. If I ever brought an issue to their attention, they always did what they could to fix it for me.

Pretty good so far; a few things we asked to be fixed were not fixed though. Everything works and I think the location is great. Parking is great too, there's always a spot.

I think The Grove is a great community but there can definitely be improvements in the way the rooms get prepared for move in, and customer service. Also, the address for the buildings does not show up as aneeded address for some companies.

Slightly overpriced for the average college student. Very nice apartments but it takes forever for maintenance orders to go through. Staff is friendly

The grove is awesome! All of the apartments are great and have tons of room. Everyone is friendly and is always out and about doing stuff. Staff helps with anything you need.

it is a great community here at the grove, it is fairly quiet most of the time, but i wish i could choose my room mates, neither are attending school at all. both are a couple of bums who live by their own life rules. go grove.

The Grove is a very accessible apartment complex to live at, given the campus is only a short 10 minute bike ride away. The neighbors are all great and respectful. There have been a few complications regarding the amenities of the apartment, including broken toilets and locks, faulty chairs, and some other items.