Doing pretty great I really like the pool. Y'all are pretty reasonable to deal with. Can't really complain. The living space is nice and there's tons of stuff to do. Y'all should keep the club house open later!

management is slowly getting better. I still think that this place is a little spendy, but all of the free food that they offer in the bistro makes up for it. the coffee bar is a definite plus

Everything is going well. I just signed the lease, me and my roommate are excited to move in this upcoming fall. The place is very beautiful and the staff were great!

I recently signed my lease and the staff has been super helpful in assisting me when I have questions or concerned! Super excited to move in this fall. I love the community!!

I don't have an apartment yet but I toured you guys and my brother lived with you guys and what can I say? Your place is gorgeous. I'm in love with it and that's why I am so excited to move.

Management is slowly improving since move in day. The apartments are nothing like the model apartment though so if you are on tour try and see an available unit.

I love the amenities, you can't beat a apartment that is fully furnished. The location is perfect close to campus, grocery store, gas station and restaurants. The staff is very friendly and down to earth.

The property is dirty and loud. The staff often tries to be helpful, but nothing ends up getting done. There are always party's going on around the complex.

I like it a lot the gym is very nice and the stuff included is great! The staff is friendly but sometimes a little slow and the pool is great!

I like this place. It would be nice if it was a little cheaper. I also don't like the policy that the later you lease the later you have to pay for the same apartment

They are doing good? They could work on the way the website looks but besides that it's good I love the grove and everyone inside of it to the max

Living at the grove has made me grow as a person as well as a student. The community is anazing and really makes you feel at home. With so many cool people and awesome activities i always enjoy meeting new people.

Really doing a good job and love how easy it is to make a maintenance request. The guys helped out a lot and had good communication with us about when they were coming over to work

I love the environment. What I especially love is the fact that it is only college students. This makes a great experience. The best part though, is the incredible apartment. The layout is fantastic

I think the Community Assistants are doing a fantastic job. I was given an awesome tour and all my questions were answered. If it wasn't for the community assistants I wouldn't have been so egar to sign my lease at the Grove for Fall 2017.

The grove has been effective and efficient with any and all requests made over furniture and apartments. Only complaint is dog owners in complex that do not pick up after their pets.

As I have yet to move into the grove community, I have observed and been around the are well enough to know what it is like. I have heard great reviews both online and in person in regards to the community itself. The amenities that it provides seem very beneficial and fun for everyone.

So far, so good! The leasing process was simple and easy. I am really looking forward to living at the Groves next year. It is in a perfect location with great amenities!

Staff incredibly welcoming and helpful. Everything is clear and to the point about finances & resident responsibilities. Really enjoy the atmosphere and character of the grove apartments!

The Grove is a really nice place to live and it is close to campus, so I like Grove a lot. The apartments are nice and the staff is really nice as well.

The workers are very helpful and kind. When I was first deciding whether or not to sign a lease one particular worker kept calling to check up on me and answered all questions I had. They workers definitely take care of you.

Good and fun community area and the customer service when applying to the appartments was super helpful every time we called. I am excited to live here.

Though I have not yet moved in, I absolutely love the apartment complex. The rooms are very spacious and it is great to have both a walk in closes and bathroom for each room. All the amenities and fun things in the grove like the pool and volleyball court are great as well.

The room amenities are nice but overall the complex is a little disappointing. The gym is basically a sauna, my $300 community fee goes towards food that I don't even get to eat because it runs out so quickly, maintenance is so slow it would be faster for me to go out, buy what I need and fix it myself, the snow/ice is never dealt with in a timely manner, and the people at the front desk aren't super helpful. Often I want to speak with a manager but one never seems to be around when I am able to get to the front desk.

Love the location, how each unit has its own bathroom, the pool area, volleyball court, parking, and how the apartments are outside. Management could use more training.