The grove apartments are in a great location that is both quiet and scenic while still being close to campus. The apartments are spacious and were clean when we moved in.

the experience has been great so far. Really like my own room except for one thing; My table chairs giving me issues since the day i moved in. Submitted work order requests to get it fixed 2 times but still its no better. The chairs getting a repair third time now so hopefully they will sort it out.

Great place to live! Love the location and atmosphere presented at the Grove. Great parking availability and amenities. Apartments are great size!

Overall I have had a good experience. However we have had some issues getting Things fixed in a timely manner. But the aminites are nice and the location is great

It's pretty neat. The people are kind and the staff is hard working. I love how close it is to campus and how convenient it is to get to a and from campus.

Everything is going pretty well as of now. The noise is okay apart from the stomps from time to time. The amenities are more than we could ask for. The maintainance team is fast enough and the events are also great.

The location is perfect for campus and the bus is so convenient. The apartments are very used and run down by college students but you definitely get a lot for what you're paying for

The grove has been a wonderful place to live. The staff is always super friendly and accommodating to their residents needs. The units are nice and clean, very professional atmosphere

It is a great place with great amenities and friendly helpful staff. The apartments are spacious and clean. The grounds are well let and maintained very well.

Overall the apartment is nice. The rooms were very dirty when I first moved in. Others have had problems with management but I have not had any issues so far.

So far, my experience at The Grove has been good! The rooms are nice for the price and I really enjoy the fact that the leases are individual. Most of the staff is very helpful and the Grove community is very involved. Great place, great price, great location!

The location of the grove is very nice. Also everything inside was at a great quality, including appliances, etc. also, compared to other apartment living situation, it is a great price for everything that comes with it. The apartment is very large compared to other places as well. It is very easy to feel at home.

The complex is superrrrrrr close to campus which makes getting to class a breeze if you have a bike or board. Also, the horn comes around every ten minutes for those days with nasty weather.

I love the Area it is located in and the apartment space is amazing! Jusybprepare to clean up the place when you first get here because it was quite messy, especially the kitchen appliances and bathrooms.

priced very high but good amities and convenient bus stop. the apartment was very dirty but after cleaning it, it was very spacious and love that i get my own closet and bathroom.

grove apartments are great. The location is good and has a very friendly community. There were only few problems i faced with the management. Me and my friends signed up our leases together and wanted apartments near each other but that was not taken into consideration when we got our apartment even when we complained about it. The guy who managed us when we were signing our leases had left the job so there was no prove that we wanted the apartment together so now we live far from my friends it really hard to get to there place at times.

Good choice for me. Nice place, clean, facilities are sufficient. Leasing office are efficient. i would like to recommend this place to my friends.

It's been a great experience so far!!! I love my apartment and all the amenities that the grove has to offer! All the staff is so nice and helpful and so are all the residents that live here too!

At the very least, there is a lot of places that are worse to live in. However, there are constantly problems, like bugs, broken dishwashers and sinks.

I have had a wonderful experience living at the Grove. The staff are always very attentive and work hard to make sure that your needs are met. The price is very fair for everything that you receive.

Overall, the apartment is really nice and I enjoy living at the Grove. However, the service could use some improvement. Also, how you price your apartments is misleading because it's not per month it's 12 payments which you didn't advertise which meant I paid over $700 for 2 weeks.

The apartments are beautiful and the surrounding landscaping is even more stunning but, the roommate matching should be improved and taken into more consideration.

I love being on the third floor the staff did an amazing job in choosing my ideal roommates they are amazing I love the fancy and creative style swimming pool such a cute and classy apartment complex

beautiful experience, every one i met here is great especially the people who work here. they are so helpful and understanding. the residency is great with a great community..

Everything has been great living wise, except that I put in a work order a long time ago and it has not been fulfilled yet. Other then that, everything has been great