Good choice for me. Nice place, clean, facilities are sufficient. Leasing office are efficient. i would like to recommend this place to my friends.

It's been a great experience so far!!! I love my apartment and all the amenities that the grove has to offer! All the staff is so nice and helpful and so are all the residents that live here too!

At the very least, there is a lot of places that are worse to live in. However, there are constantly problems, like bugs, broken dishwashers and sinks.

I have had a wonderful experience living at the Grove. The staff are always very attentive and work hard to make sure that your needs are met. The price is very fair for everything that you receive.

Overall, the apartment is really nice and I enjoy living at the Grove. However, the service could use some improvement. Also, how you price your apartments is misleading because it's not per month it's 12 payments which you didn't advertise which meant I paid over $700 for 2 weeks.

The apartments are beautiful and the surrounding landscaping is even more stunning but, the roommate matching should be improved and taken into more consideration.

I love being on the third floor the staff did an amazing job in choosing my ideal roommates they are amazing I love the fancy and creative style swimming pool such a cute and classy apartment complex

beautiful experience, every one i met here is great especially the people who work here. they are so helpful and understanding. the residency is great with a great community..

Everything has been great living wise, except that I put in a work order a long time ago and it has not been fulfilled yet. Other then that, everything has been great

The overall apartment is very nice! The only downside is slow turnaround for work orders. The kitchen works quite well and is an easy clean up. Having the handicap apartment is not a downside either! Lots of room.

I've had a hard time getting complications taken care of. Unfortunately I've also had a lot of complications from the moment I've moved in. The staff is friendly, but things don't get taken care of.

I love living at the grove. It has a great atmosphere for students and accommodates students needs. My only complaint would be that the maintenance staff does not get things fixed quickly. I am still waiting for a screen on my window that I put down and talked to Joel, the main manager about on move in day over a month ago.

I love everything about the grove except for the fact that the pool closes when the office closes. It would be nice to be able to use the grill past 6, given that's the time most people eat dinner. It would also be nice to be able to use the printers aft r hours but i know that's hard to accommodate for if the office is closed.

its pleasant and has lots of ammenities. only setback is the plumbing on bottom floors is terrible. it smells of sewage even without even going to the restroom. it caused a future roomate to vacate the same day he moved in. the floors are thin. sounds like herd of animals on top of you. the gym is very handy. never crowded. its good to have it available 24 hrs. the free starbucks is nice as well. pretty accessible to campus or most of the town.

The location and the fact that it is fully furnished is great but management isn't great and the furniture/facility is cheap and not at all durable.

The Grove is a fine place to live. The staff is happy to help with anything you need. However, be prepared to fix things yourself because maintenance will take a while to respond to any requests. Rent is rather pricey, but you're very close to campus and there's a bus stop right next to the complex.

Over all I have had a great experience. The community is good and the staff is really good at responding to things. The only down side is our neighbors down stairs bump music to the point it shakes our floor all night. Other then that it has been amazing.

My overall experience was pretty good as far as a college apartment goes. However, some of the residents are definitely into a party life style and need to take it down a notch, especially when people are trying to study.

Great community and staff! Whenever I come to the front desk, the staff is very welcoming and generous. The apartments are very spacious and the furniture is in well condition.

Its overall a good place to live, a little noisy at times, mostly when people are walking in the apartment above us. Good location, I like it overall

So far I love it here! The community is great and so are the people and staff! We had a few problems with appliances working in our unit but besides that I love it here.

I like the staff here, they are always really friendly and helpful. I would like to have the maintenance requests be fixed faster. I would also recommend removing the racoons that occupy the dumpsters. I would also like to see more lights in the parking lots. I am a female and do not feel comfortable walking from my car to my apartment when it is dark outside and think this is a really big issue that can be solved.

It's been decent. I need a new chair and the office hasnt gotten a shipment in a while. My roommates are decent. My room was amazing but the carpet was really messed up when I got here.

Great so far! Wonderful atmosphere, great amenities, amazing staff. And all within walking distance to CSU. Very helpful people. Love the Grove!

When I moved into the Grove my unit was not cleaned numerous things were damaged and the carpets and walls needed to be recleaned and repainted. Most of those things were completed due to new management and the friendliness of the staff made the experience much more tolerable. I will say I appreciate the early move ins and their promptness to fixed damaged or uncleaned things after I moved in.