My experience at the Grove has had its ups and downs. However, when I do have an issue whether it be about maintenance or rent they are always quick to fix it. Their property manager Joel is great!

Little far away form the bus stop, but it still gets me on time to my classes with bus stops all around campus. The grove is very helpful when thinking about the students for CSU.

The grove is a modern and clean accommodation best suited for students at CSU.It's a very private housing complex and its a pleasure to stay here.

Went to a meeting Was able to answer all the questions asked from all parents Lovely people, they were very respectful and well informed about most things

It's certainly an interesting experience to be off in a new place and live in a stress free environment full of great and very interesting g individuals

I love the pool and the way that I can have my own space in my own room. Also having my own bathroom is super nice, but it’s also great that I can spend time with my friends in the spacious living room.

Love the Grove! Great community, great apartments! I couldn't wait to come back home (The Grove) after winter break! It's my home away from home. The lay out of the apartments are also very nice.

I love the apartment complex and the layout of apartments. The amenities are very nice and the community activities are nice as well such as free meals and coffee.

The Grove is a satisfactory apartment complex for the proximity to CSU. It is certainly nicer than many other student apartment complexes in the area.

I love the Grove, especially lately. The gym has been much cleaner and the community events are amazing! I just wish I worked less so I could go more often, or the events were before 4:00 sometimes! Great complex all around :)

I love the Grove! The environment is very friendly and quiet. The apartment complex is very convenient since it is so close to campus and also has buses.

I love the staff, they are one of the best parts about the grove community! Everyone working the desk and events are super friendly and knowledgeable. The maintenance staff is very fast, helpful, friendly, and they make the whole process easy. Managers are also awesome and they help out in any way that they can. Definitely great people running this place.

So far my experience here at the grove has been excellent for the most part. My only complaints are that the people above me are loud a lot, and somehow we have managed to get noise complaint tickets when there were only 6 people in our apartment at minimum noise.

Love the grove! So glad this was the first apartment complex I moved to. Great location, wonderful staff and amenities, and convenient transportation. I'll probably live here as long as I'm at CSU!

the apartments feel cheap, everything feels like its about to fall apart. staff is really hit or miss sometimes they take care of issues right away, other times it takes ages to get something simple fixed. the internet is fast. its ok, not great, could be worse.

Very easy to use. Gives residents a good way to earn free stuff just for living at the grove. The gift cards are cool and very useful. Points need to be easier to gain

Maintenance is fast and staff is nice. My neighbors are loud but that't no the apartments fault. Manager is nice and always tries to help out.

Took a tour at the groves and I have decided to live there next year! Such a nice property and up to date apartments! I’m excited to be living here soon!

I had some trouble after renewing but it ended up fine. My neighbors are super loud and the walls are paper thin. I can hear every word they say.

I enjoy the amenities and people who work here. However if you like every other week Siri do you however I feel like every other week there is a new problem like broken this or broken that. I also hate how thin the walls are.

My experience here has been mostly smooth and largely hands off, which I appreciate in some ways. However, I do believe there could be better communication and hours so that the grove feels even more like a community.

There’s a couple wobbly chairs/clogged drains in my apartment, but I love our place and I love how many opportunities there are to meet the other people who live here. It’s close to school, and work, and a bus stop that leads into town as well!

The grove has friendly and helpful staff and maintenance but the walls are thin and smoke alarms are sensitive. The pool and gym are nice too but I wish the pool was open longer.

The staff is friendly, the amenities are awesome to use, and people are pretty nice. The only problems I see are the waiting for maintenance and noise. Recommendations: For maintenance, I would recommend paying an extra person(s) and look for cutting elsewhere. For the noise, that just comes with living in a college community.

Living here truly felt like my home away from home. I made great friends living here and made good memories that i'll cherish for a lifetime.