Good part: the apartment is located in quite place and has a clean environment, close to parks. Bad parts: the big trash house could be more clean and the door is heavy dirt wood

Its been great everyones very nice and welcoming. I love the location and being close to campus. The apartments are really nice and feel at home to me

The Grove is nice for the most part. Sometimes I feel as if we are getting over charged for what is available to us. But then again the prices are going up around us as well. Overall I love the Grove.

Has been good this year so far. Maintenance has improved a lot since the new management and respond very quickly. The only thing is that the walls are paper thin.

I really like how helpfully and friendly the staff is however they are unable to answer all questions which can be a little frustrating. However overall they seem to do a good job of finding the answers in a timely manor.

Through all the ups and down through out my time here I feel as if my experience has been okay. I have made good friends through the roommates I have and had.

The maintenance crew is great! Staff is nice too. I have a pretty view of the sunrise from my room every morning which is lovely! So far I have had a good experience here, I even resigned my lease!

The amenities have been amazing and whenever I put in a maintenance request it gets done within the week. Everyone is so nice and I appreciate the help so much.

Overall, I've really been enjoying my time living here. Even the maintenance guys are super awesome. Also the staff upfront are really sweet and helpful.

The grove is very close to campus and has many very nice amenities. These include a pool, game room, and various sports courts located around the complex.

Very good experience, I enjoy the things that the front desk does and makes for the residents. The apartments themselves are very spacious and the furniture is nice as well.

Sweet apartment complex and has many activities to participate in when you are bored, the location is close to campus but far enough away you don’t feel jammed up at school

The grove is a great apartment complex. It is very close to campus and has a great bus system. The staff is friendly an usually very helpful! Maintenance can sometimes take longer than it should, but overall a great experience!

Staff is friendly and the amenities are nice. Great location and the horn bus stop is super close which makes it easy to get to campus. Parking is also a perk, your friends can come over a park no problem.

i Love the view from my room, great staff, community and great all around service. Don’t have to wait more than a day to get something fixed

My experience at the Grove has had its ups and downs. However, when I do have an issue whether it be about maintenance or rent they are always quick to fix it. Their property manager Joel is great!

Little far away form the bus stop, but it still gets me on time to my classes with bus stops all around campus. The grove is very helpful when thinking about the students for CSU.

The grove is a modern and clean accommodation best suited for students at CSU.It's a very private housing complex and its a pleasure to stay here.

Went to a meeting Was able to answer all the questions asked from all parents Lovely people, they were very respectful and well informed about most things

It's certainly an interesting experience to be off in a new place and live in a stress free environment full of great and very interesting g individuals

I love the pool and the way that I can have my own space in my own room. Also having my own bathroom is super nice, but it’s also great that I can spend time with my friends in the spacious living room.

Love the Grove! Great community, great apartments! I couldn't wait to come back home (The Grove) after winter break! It's my home away from home. The lay out of the apartments are also very nice.

I love the apartment complex and the layout of apartments. The amenities are very nice and the community activities are nice as well such as free meals and coffee.

The Grove is a satisfactory apartment complex for the proximity to CSU. It is certainly nicer than many other student apartment complexes in the area.

I love the Grove, especially lately. The gym has been much cleaner and the community events are amazing! I just wish I worked less so I could go more often, or the events were before 4:00 sometimes! Great complex all around :)