There's too much poop from residents not picking up after their dogs. I love it here. A trash can in the coffee bistro would be nice so I don't have to climb over the counter

while we have our fair share of issues with the wifi, cable, and furniture, i can't complain too much when considering the price and proximity to campus. the one thing that has gotten annoying is the amount of time i've had to spend correcting checks that were lost, mis-recorded, etc. downstairs neighbors are loud and thin floors and walls don't help. clubhouse/pool/court is awesome if you utilize them. parking is almost never an issue. repair guys are kinda sketch. like i said, internet/t.v. is provided but it's pretty unreliable.

I really like the benefits of getting free food and being able to print out school work for free. I also like the game room. I think it would be cool if we had more events for the tenants to get to know each other.

For the amount of money I pay, I expect the property to be taken care of a little better. When it snows, it's nearly impossible to walk around the complex due to the lack of snow removal. I have put in several repair requests that seem to take weeks to complete or are never completed at all.

The Grove has been a great place to live here. If I didn't think it was, I wouldn't have lived here for the past 3 years of my college career!

Walls are very thin. Need a year round hot tub. Staff is very nice and helpful. Included utilities is nice. Clubhouse needs new pool sticks and there is still no sand for shuffle board.

Love living here! close to campus and the apartments are so nice! Its a convenient bike or bus ride to campus and on once days as an easy walk!

Poo, gym and rooms are great and super spacious. I love having my own bathroom, closet and room while paying less that other apartments while being close to campus still

I really like the amenities offered at the Grove Fort Collins like the computer lab and the snack bar area. The pool and volleyball court is nice to have too!

Overall, I really enjoy living at the Grove! All of the staff members are really nice and will help you with anything! The apartments are a great distance from campus as well.

I really do enjoy how if I ever have an issue here at the Grove the employees always try and fix the issue or help me as soon as possible rather then just telling me they will "get to it".

Great staff just when there are events more advanced notice would be nice. I do like having my own bathroom and I have been impressed with how quick repaires occur.

Love the Grove and the location and amenities, but low quality furniture and the way things are built. Everything falls apart. We tried to find a house but nothing we found compared to the grove and its benefits

This community is great to live at. The biggest area that it lacks in is definitely maintenance and management. Those two areas need to improve drastically.

Everything seems to be great so far! I am a little disappointed on the quality of the furniture though, especially the chairs, but other than that things seem to be good!

My experience at the grove has been great. Friendly staff and prompt maintenance. The pool used to be a problem but now it is monitored for residents only.

I haven't been overly impressed with the maintanence of the facilities. I still have broken or damaged furniture and the walls were never re-painted before I came

Fully furnished is nice but now when everything is falling apart. Nice to have washer/dryer in apartment. Also nice to have stand alone bathrooms

The grove has been great! All of the facilities are great and the people are very friendly! This is a perfect place for first time solo livers

It's a good location and the apartments are pretty nice, but it takes a while for management to respond to requests, and the rent is pretty high.

Chill and helpful staff. Cool amenities. Great location. The atmosphere is awesome and everyone is very nice. I really like the weekly gatherings of residents for food, games, and other events. Its a great way to take a break and meet friendly neighbors. Keep up the awesome work guys!

The front office workers are rude and keep you in the dark about issues with your apartment. A'so nomenof the owners pick up there dog poop so it is everywhere. Even on the sidewalk.

Apartments are in good condition, the staff could be friendlier. The furniture is nice but the table chairs have broken multiple times. Overall I like living here.

The Grive is a great place to live! Every once and a while something in the apartment might stop working but as soon as you put in a work order, it's taken care of. Definitely recommend this place!

The Grove has very nice apartments, lots of space and nice furniture. Community areas are very clean and beautiful. Staff is very helpful and cheerful.