The apartments are nice, Really enjoy having the pool and volleyball in the summer (need hot tubs!). main complaints are that the walls seem to be extremely thin and have had some unfortunate neighbor issues due to this. Furthermore just a cheap build to the apartments but you can't expect too much for a collage apartment. love having individual bathrooms and washer/dryer.

The grove is nice but not worth all of the trouble and issues. They built it so cheap that stuff breaks all the time, the walls are so thin, and there's always problems. The internet runs really slow because everyone is using it and it's doesn't support the entire building. Also parking is a nightmare, especially when it snows.

Love my apartment. Have had a roof leak for a few months and was told it would be repaired and the inside would look like new but nothing has been done, this is the only reason I don't rate it 5 stars.

The furniture is a little bad/ Sometimes it breaks. the nails are a bit loose. I want a hot tub like other sets of apartments and downstairs sometimes there is not chai tea and coffee selection is limited.

You guys are great at communicating with people who are signing leases. One girl in the office was amazing at allowing us to call her whenever or text her when we had questions

As far as cost and location, the apartments are pretty great. I enjoy the fact that the bus comes right next to the apartments. The furniture could be better, our chairs and table seem to be hanging on to life. However, maintenance is pretty good!

You guys are doing fine. My experience has been satisfying. The wifi has been acting up lately, but besides that the service is good. You guys are able to answer questions and help out so far.

Overall pretty happy at the grove, the apartments are nice and I love everything that's included with it. I am happy that I chose to stay here for next year too.

I have lived here for 2 years now and for me it worked really well. It was a good price, including furniture and utilities, close to campus and all pretty new. The issues I usually have are with the front office staff and the repair men.

So far so good, haven't moved in yet but the entire process of getting information and leasing has been far easier than I ever could have imagined.

Overall, living here has been great. When we had a maintenance issue, it was fixed within days. One issue I see is snow removal. The plows just pushed snow into the sides of the streets, blocking cars in. I had to dig my car out on multiple occasions.

Overall, I enjoy living at the Grove. Whenever I have submitted a work order, I have gotten a reply fairly quickly. Sometimes it takes a while to get actual help though. When we first moved in, the oven insulation was falling apart, and we had to wait a while before a new part was ordered and installed. Other than that, work orders have been dealt with in a timely matter. My main issue is with the Wifi. We've had serious problems in my apartment where we lose all internet connection, even if connected by ethernet cable. This can get in the way of time-sensitive online assignments, so it really is a problem. Also, while the Grove frequently has free food from various restaurants, it is often late by as much as an hour, which can cause problems with students who have tight schedules. Despite these issues, I think the Grove is a decent place to live.

Any time we have a problem with maintaining the apartment, maintenance is always happy to help and decently fast. It's a little expensive but really an amazing place to live. The apartment is so spacious and nice and the free coffee and printing is extremely wonderful and helpful!

Pro: social atmosphere, maitinence people are nice and helpful. Cons: apartments seem cheaply build aswell as appliances, furniture is bad quality

The Maintenence staff is about 4 years behind on repairs and my apartment has been leaking for a month. Upon moving in I found numerous things broken that took weeks to fix.

The grove is already a great place that I can call home! The pool area is amazing and the rooms are top of the line. The community makes it feel more like home and I can't wait to continue to live here!

The large common areas, decent-sized kitchen, included washer and dryer, and bathrooms with every bedroom are a great deal. It's a bit rough during weekends when people are having in neighbouring units and the pool is generally quite crowded too. The maintenance staff is also a draw back as they take a long time to take care of maintenance requests and are sometimes quite rude about it.

So far, so good! Although I have not moved in yet, the staff was very attentive and informative when I toured the property. I know other residents and they all love it, so I'm sure I will too.

For having your own bedroom and bathroom for the price of the grove it is a good deal but not worth the very thin walls and doors. Also the furniture is not in the best shape.

I enjoy living here. The people are very nice and they always seem like they're willing to help. The clubhouse is great and always in tip top shape which is nice and the gym had good equipment.

Everyone is friendly and so helpful. I love the free printing it is one of the best things, and the fact that I get an email and a text that I have a package is wonderful.

Have had a few problems with management and it seems as though the entire appartment is falling apart. Bathrooms are poorly taken care of and

Everything is good here at the grove, except for the furniture, it is kind of weak. Couldn't be happier with the customer service here. Whenever something is wrong they fix it within a few days.

The grove is awesome because you get your own bedroom, your own bathroom, included cable and wifi, the units are really nice and it's close to campus!

Awesome place to live, would stay here another year, everything is awesome, soo close to campus, people are sooooo nice here, 5/7 would rent here again