I LOVE living here! It is a great place for someone like myself living out for the first time! The perks are cool! Great location! Great staff

I really am enjoying living here. The only complaint I would have is that the water is lukewarm when taking a shower and the apartment was really dirty when we first moved in.

Staff is very friendly and helpful. Facility is clean and engaging, definitely always something to do. Location is perfect for CSU Students. Parking has not been an issue. Maintenance is slow, but helpful when they fix a problem. Roommate matching is relevant and successful. Overall, I am very pleased!

I think the grove is a great place to live! I love how everyone is able to have there own space but also to have a community area. The only down side is there are no spots for dog waste and they don't provide us with bags if we do have a dog.

The complex is ok. I like having storage space and my own bathroom. I do not like how expensive it is. My rent is essentially $50 more than my roommates because I got accepted to school late and needed to find housing.

The Grove is close enough to campus to ride my bike back and forth to classes and practice. The staff does a great job and maintenance comes in a decent amount of time when requested. Apartment was not in the nicest condition when I moved in and the thermostat does not really do its job.

Okay so far, I had a little trouble with move in, however, the problem was properly fixed and living here has been easy and a fun. The grove offers many great amenities plus had a great floor plan.

I appreciate how well you have been answering my questions before I move in. I wish the move in time we're not assigned, but I guess it helps with the flow of people. Looking forward to living here!

The Grove is a really perfect place to live considering the price, stuff and apartments itself. I am glad that I found a perfect place to live (like my own home). The price, stuff and apartments itself perfectly match my preferences.

Place is nice especially having own bathroom. Only nuisance is other residents and typical roommate problems but the grove tries to work with residents to work through issues

Over the past two year as a Grove resident, and besides the continuing appliance problems, I think the staff is friendly and eager to assist you.

This is my first year living at the grove and I think that the grove has made my experience a very positive one and I will be returning next year.

Overall living at the grove has been a great experience. The building I live in is taken care of and still feels brand new. I'm happy to have renewed my lease for the next year.

I love the Grove. I have had a lot of positive experiences here. The gym is nice and the tanning is great. It's very quiet at my apartment. The people at the front desk are generally very helpful and welcoming.

I really like the benefits of getting free food and being able to print out school work for free. I also like the game room. I think it would be cool if we had more events for the tenants to get to know each other.

The Grove has been a great place to live here. If I didn't think it was, I wouldn't have lived here for the past 3 years of my college career!

Love living here! close to campus and the apartments are so nice! Its a convenient bike or bus ride to campus and on once days as an easy walk!

Poo, gym and rooms are great and super spacious. I love having my own bathroom, closet and room while paying less that other apartments while being close to campus still

I really like the amenities offered at the Grove Fort Collins like the computer lab and the snack bar area. The pool and volleyball court is nice to have too!

Overall, I really enjoy living at the Grove! All of the staff members are really nice and will help you with anything! The apartments are a great distance from campus as well.

I really do enjoy how if I ever have an issue here at the Grove the employees always try and fix the issue or help me as soon as possible rather then just telling me they will "get to it".

Great staff just when there are events more advanced notice would be nice. I do like having my own bathroom and I have been impressed with how quick repaires occur.

Everything seems to be great so far! I am a little disappointed on the quality of the furniture though, especially the chairs, but other than that things seem to be good!

My experience at the grove has been great. Friendly staff and prompt maintenance. The pool used to be a problem but now it is monitored for residents only.

The grove has been great! All of the facilities are great and the people are very friendly! This is a perfect place for first time solo livers