Overall things have been great. Staff is usually very friendly and know me by name. Only issue I've had is with snow removal in parking area and sidewalks.

Honestly, you guys need to get things together more. You lost my check and kept spamming my email saying I didn't pay when I did. Not too thrilled by that, even a little pissed. I know you can do better.

Poor staff service, nice place until you further your self in the lease. Amenenties are not as available as they say will be something is always going wrong with them.

You are doing well. However, I got really upset and disappointed when you kept sending me email about the rent month while I paid it. After that you disabled the internet. 🤔Why? The stuff quite unorganizable therefore I felt that i've been fooled by them when every one of them tell me different things. I don't know who to believe. 😩

Really good, except the service from some people, which is horrible. Couldn't help me with my apartment problem and giving false information regarding rent fees. Other than that, it's been a pleasant stay.

I really like the facility. The individual bedroom with bathroom setup is a great concept, especially with roommates. The individual rent per room is also great to not worry about roommates paying rent. I am not a fan of providing the cable to the rooms (I know its added to the rent), especially since the signal is standard definition.

I really love it here because of all the different amenities you provide. The employees are also very friendly too but you need more trash cans.

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Poor management. Very displeased with the GM. She doesn't train her employees, treats residents with extreme disrespect, and cuts corners to save money. She is the reason I will never rent from the grove again. I also called arch living, the grove's parent company, left a message for a supervisor and never heard back.

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I love living at the Grove. It is very convenient for me as I work on campus and don't have a long commute. The club house is great, I play your pool quite oftenice and yule the exercise room at least twice a week.

In the short amount of time that I have been here, The Grove has done very well. This is my first time living in an apartment on my own but I can tell that it is a very nice place to live.

I have no complaints. There have been some problems in the past but they are always fixed pretty quickly. I don't know why you guys have such a bad reputation.

I love it here. For the most part everything is quiet, clean and peaceful. The front desk is always great at answering any questions I have and I've never encountered a problem they can't help me fix. It's really convenient having all the amenities included on the same bill. I was worried $400 a month per roommate was going to be a lot but after utilities I would still be paying around the same or more for a lot worse of an apartment. If I had to make any complaints it's that my upstairs neighbors can be loud sometimes and the walk to class can be rough on a cold day. If you're planning on moving here make sure you either have a car or a very warm jacket.

So far I've had a very positive experience living here at the grove. I've never had any problems with my rent or getting stuff fixed if it's broken, you guys are doing a stellar job. Keep it up!

I love it! The atmosphere is amazing and the community is full of super nice people. I was concerned about lot being able to live on campus but the grove isn't far away so it's a perfect happy medium!

The Grove at Moscow has something to offer everyone! I love having my own bathroom, giant walk in closet, and my own space! I love that there are so many amenities here FREE to use when you are a resident. I definitely recommend living here!

To be honest. It has not been the best experience. Problem after problem has occurred. Management is unprofessional and uneducated in daily matters with residents. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

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The grove Moscow is a great apartment complex for any student attending college or anyone that loves the Moscow area. You are just far enough out of the center of town that it is not as loud, or crowded, but close enough to walk to campus or downtown Moscow.

my time at the grove has been good overall. I have enjoyed the fully furnished rooms with my own bathroom and closet. the people that work for the grove are also very helpful and nice.

The Grove is doing an excellent job creating a welcoming atmosphere for all people that live here. I would recommend this location to live to anyone who wants privacy and freedom.

The grove is such a nice place to live. The staff is super friendly and upbeat, and they will try to address any of your issues in a timely manner.