A really good community. Recommend everyone!! I think everybody must join this family for more fun and excitement. Being in the grove is a nive thing.

I can't wait to move in this upcoming school year. So glad I went with the Grove, they definatly take care of all their residents and are a great option for students.

Really helpful staff, very thankful for a new, great manager. Quite excited to move in this summer. I had an issue with paying my first bill and the front desk was more than helpful, and gave me the general manager's contact information who helped me resolve the problem (and not be penalized for my mistake!) Thank you so much

The apartment community is really nice. The apartments are a little old but very spacious and clean. There are a lot of amenities that are very accessible. Overall, a great place to live.

Beautiful apartments, great people, and an awesome community to be a part of. There is always parking and really fun community activities to be a part of.

love the community and staff. This is the first place I am living in where i am in charge of paying my rent and the experience has been great! So easy to work with

I loved living here, However when I requested to renew my lease with a 6 month lease they wouldn't allow me to do it. Even though I have been living here for 3 years I can get a 6 month lease because I am graduating. Very disappointed that they don't respect good residents.

Not huge fan of my roomies. I also don't really like how parking seems to be limited in front of my apartment. Also the gates are never closed.

It's super nice here. However, stuff doesn't always get done when the management says it will. That's the only set back for me personally but other than that it's nice.

Doing well. The problem with the rewards and email not working was fixed and that's great. Having a larger numbers of activities to get points would be great

The area is pretty good. The rooms are nice. Good size closets and it's nice having my own bathroom. Parking sucks during the winter cause the company you hire to plow are terrible at it. 3 1/2 star rating only because the furniture blows hard.

Nice and fun place live, I would highly recommend anyone to live here. They are nice to my family and pets, just make sure you hurry up and fill out an application.

Place always looks nice and staff is friendly! I've never had problems with the Grove. I've been living here for 3 years for a reason. Satisfys me and that's all that matters.

The staff are great and wonderful. However it would be nice if the stair were safe to walk on lol. I recommend ice melt and maybe shoveling if possible

Doing good so far, just wish the parking lots were bigger and not compact and cleaner during the winter. The promised a new pool table, haven't seen it yet.

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I just joined this website and it is really impressive so far. Everything is easy to use and to find. I like the community feeling and how interesting everything is.

You guys are excellent! Whenever I enter the clubhouse, I am met with a smile and a good attitude. Every residence issue I've had has been promptly resolved! Thank you!

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Living at the Grove has been decent. It's just too much money for amenities I thought I would use, but ended up not really caring about. Still, it has been just fine so far and if I do not have another place lined up next year, I'll be back.

Pretty decent place to live but there is almost no cupboard space. The amenities are amazing! Love having electricity, water, Internet cable etc all included.

We've had a fantastic experience at the Grove. The facilities are outstanding, the apartment comfortable, the location superb. Everyone we've worked with has been kind, courteous, and helpful, and they offer a lot of activities to bring people who want to meet together.

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Getting a really good impression of the grove so far from your website. Will be new to moscow in january, and I'm definitely considering living here!

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A minimum character count? That seems arbitrary. I could just type whatever I want and you wont know until I've already collected my reward. What a Shame.

The grove has been a really comfortable place to live at. Facilities are kept updated with new furniture and the grounds are constantly worked on

Definitely doing well. Management works hard to do their job and works long hours. The free coffee bar tends to be delicious, especially the hot chocolate.

I think that the community events that are held are pretty unique for an apartment complex and I really enjoy the convenience of my monthly bill.