From my experience working with the front desk, they have been very helpful in the process of signing my lease. The only issue I had was I was trying to sign my lease in the period that everything switched over to online so I had to redo what I had previously done on paper.

Every time I visit the Grove at Pullman, every one is so helpful and answers all of the questions I have. They made the application process easy and smooth, and made me excited to live there next semester!

The grove has been a great first apartment! everything is provided for your that you could think of! if you have any questions there is always someone at the front desk ready to answer them and help you out.

The application process is fairly straight forward, though processing my check took a lot longer than I think it should have. All the staff at the front desk is very informed, friendly and helpful.

Love having my own bathroom and living here but there are things that could have been designed and built better. Like the walls are not built straight and the linoleum isn't set well

This is my second year at the grove, the first year i had zero problems, but this year my chairs are breaking and my heater sounds like there is a person inside of it banging to get out...i called maintenance and they could not fix it

Although there were a few complications with the community portal, the services offered at the desk have been exceptional! Employees are fantastic

I love the grove! The staff is so friendly and inviting. When I checked out other apartments in Pullman none of the were as nice as the grove is!

The Grove is an awesome place to live. I feel lucky to have such a nice apartment at an affordable rate and who doesn't love free coffee?! (:

I think the management can sometimes be slow, but other than that I have had nothing but positive experiences with the grove and everyone with them. I love it here.

Always super friendly staff every time I come to the Grove! Answered all my questions and gave us a tour of the building. Can't wait to be living here next year!

There their target is for college students but they are also run with the competence of college students when it comes for you asking for what you paid for. The facilities are nice, and the front staff is great! Just behind the scenes management isn't that great.

The paint and carpets are not done well and not finished properly. It feels like the club house has all the bells and whistles but not our own rooms. I enjoy the gym and parking.

The grove is a comfortable and nice place to live in. I love all the accommodations, I just wish there was a way to have a set appointment with maintenance so they're not popping out of no where or coming at random times. With an appointment I'll know exactly when to expect them, so they don't come at an awkward time.

My experience at the Grove has been better this year than it was last year. I have no complaints this year. The manager is rather difficult to get in contact with though

Maintenance is very fast, friendly, and does a great job! My biggest complaint is that methods of paying for rent are inconsistent and what they will take for payment changes often.

Haven't really had an issue with the grove. Most concerns are taken care of pretty quickly. Staff are friendly and kind. Try to help as much as they can with issues.

The grove is a really nice place to live. I am a little bit sad that there is no volleyball court, and that the grills are only open during the summer. Outside of that, the apartments are nice and the staff is friendly.

The new managers is SO much better than the old one. Living here this year compared to last year has improved a ton! The activities are more fun this year and it's just overall a better atmosphere.

You are doing great! I love living here! Unfortunately I can't live here next year. Thanks for experience! The office staff has really turned their game around.

I haven't had any bad experiences with The Grove. However it is just too expensive and a little unreasonable with the price. However, the employees are always kind and nice to work with.

Best place to live in Pullman! Love all the activities that are offered. The staff if very caring and is willing to help you with pretty much anything!

Wish it was closer to campus, but I guess it is what it is. I also wish things didn't break as often and there wasn't a giant whole in our cabinet above our fridge.

Apartment is great and the resident appreciation week is really helpful. Staff are friendly and very helpful. Also, the amenities and service are great.

I like all of the amenities at the Pullman location. The online portal for paying rent has been a headache and it was also hard when the front desk stopped accepting debit payment.

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