Great place for a great price. They are pet friendly and have nice clean apartments and amenities. They only need to inprove on their maintenance.

Maintenance is amazing! And the front desk attendants are always helpful, but management needs improvement on their customer service. It is annoying when you are facing a problem and the front people can't help so you ask for the man share and the manager refuses to talk to you.

Overall a good place to live. There should be dumpsters closer to the buildings possibly on the back sides of each of the buildings. The wifi gets slow at night. Most of the staff are very nice.

My experience with the Grove was actually pleasant! Really love the amenities that are provided in this community. Only wish that the maintenance were much faster than now. Overall, I really like my stay.

sometimes when I go to the club house the employees are rude and the service can be very slow. But for the most part you guys are doing a good job.

The apartments are attractive and modern, but seem to be form over function and were build in a slipshod way. The front desk staff are nice.

I am overall very impressed with the quality of living here at the grove in pullman. The apartment complex and the apartment is very nicely made. I with maintenance was more timely but overall very good.

Very well, The Grove is super nice. But Living in J the dumpster is pretty far away and getting packages can take a long time sometimes though.

The apartments are very nice. I love how each one of us has our own bathroom. but many people speed in the parking lot. Something needs to be done about it.

Not really happy with my apartment.Still needs some work done and i've been here for a month. They need to hire more maintenance to get things done around at the grove.

I love this apartment, but I was disappointed with the conditions during move-in. Too many things needed repairs or were dirty. Otherwise, it will be a struggle to move out when it comes time.

The apartments themselves are very nice for the price and the staff seems to do a good job in helping with any problems that you might have.

I love the gym access and the free coffee and printer! It's saving my life. I've also found that everyone that works here is very friendly and helpful which makes me feel much more welcome than I would anywhere else.

The management has gotten a lot better, but the front desk is still kind of unhelpful and rude. My work order requests are getting filled much faster, but the extra fees everywhere are ridiculous.

I have been a resident for about a month now and it has been a good experience so far. One thing I think it can be improved is the matching service.

The grove is a very nice place to be living! However, some changes could be made in order to improve the community. Like maintenance orders should no longer take longer than a week to be completed.

good service but a little bit slow. Based on your trip experience, you may want to praise or tear apart the hotel location where you stayed. Knowing how to write hotel reviews will help you give an unbiased consumer opinion that may help others make well-informed travel decisions in regards to their lodging accommodations.

Apartment is not well repaired before move-in. Staff were unprepared for move-in day. Also the printer does not print well at all. It likes to double words which makes them blurry and gives people headaches. Please fix the printer.

When I first got into my room there were several things that I was disappointed to see, such as rough spots on the walls, holes the corners of my walls, holes in my doors, dings and scratches on almost every piece of furniture, my bathroom light was partially out and it took 2 weeks to get a bulb.

Great, the apartments are spacious and comfortable. The staff is great and helpful, though we are still waiting for our washer to get fixed.

I enjoy living here. Its pretty quiet on the ground level. The only noise I hear is when people walk by my window. The kitchen works very well and it is a big plus to have. There is plenty of space for activities but it is also nice that it is furnished.

The inability of using card as a method of payment for rent is unusual and inconvenient. I have not personally had payment record issues, however I have heard and witnessed that it is an ongoing problem. This method, would allow for better records on both sides of the transaction. Other than issues regarding payment options, everything else has been great at the Grove!

The living area is nice place to be with the roommates. The furniture is very well matched throughout the apartment. It's nice to have my own bathroom.

I love the amenities such as the pool, bistro, workout room, and more, and having my own private bathroom and walk in closet. The price is a little spendy, but you get what you pay for!

Everything has been good so far, the only problem is that the grove has been understaffed for a while now. I wish the espresso place was manned all the time so I didn't have to get someone to help me.