Very nice living space for students wanting to live off-campus. The apartments are spacious and offer kitchens and a dishwasher which is nice.

It's not a bad place to live. I like how close it is to the student parking on campus. I wish it had more parking in front of each building for it's residents but overall it's not a bad setup.

Employees in the clubhouse are better! They all seem genuinely friendly which makes being there for help less of an issue. The apartment is cool.

While maintenance has so far been responsive, the main area is not always open when the hours say it will be, the printer is often out of ink and toner, and it is hard to get in touch with anyone but the people at the main desk when there's a problem.

The community is not bad. I wish people would take a few seconds to dispose of their trash properly. I also wish there were more events on the weekends when people with jobs could attend.

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The facitilites here at the Grove are really nice, however, I wish the bus came to the Grove more often as promised when I first signed my lease

Open the club house later so residents can print and use the study area at any time. I'm hoping for more things to do at the club hose such as drink

the community is very good. I have a lot of fun living here. the walls are very very thin however and it makes it difficult to study. But overall its nice.

The clubhouse hours do not benefit anyone who works a full-time job. We should have access to clubhouse amenities 24/7 since we pay a premium for these services.

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The living area is spacious. However, the walls and ceilings are very thin. Also, I feel as though the space is not used effectively. There should be more cabinet space and more storage space. I appreciate the quick response of maintenance and how we have a dishwasher and washer/dryer in every unit.

Overall I have had a great experience. Maintenance comes fast, the staff is very friendly and we have lots of events. Only issue I had was lease renewal last year. I signed up early before the new year and the complex very sneakily removed our $25 allotment towards electric but left rent at the same rate. I wasn’t aware of it until I received my first electric bill. I am still not happy about that issue.

So far this is a great experience for this just being my first year up here. I enjoy going to all the activities that go on around here for all the residents, and being able to meet new people while doing it.

the grove is a pretty nice and quieet place to live at, except the problem is the clubhouse closes so early! nice events and staff are okay. kinda depends on their mood, sometimes they are nice sometimes they arent

its extremely noisy and the parking is horrible. I mainly moved here for the free printing, which they are threatening to cut back on. the kitchen is also too small for 3 separate residents. however, the closet, room and bathrooms are all very spacious. the leasing office sends out too much spam advertising events, it's more like an extended dorm building than a professional housing complex. also, the current hours (9-5, no weekends) make it very difficult to pick up packages

I love the way the grove promotes neighborly events, they are great a creating a strong community. I also love that there is always parking, as opposed to other complexes on this road.

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Apartment itself is good, but management should think about the parking problem. Also, I live at the first floor, there are noisy here every night. Apartment should help with the noisy control.

I love living here! The apartments and amenities are great! I just wish it didn't cost so much money to sublet my apartment to someone else.

I'm relatively pleased. Maintenance is always so nice and prompt to fix all problems - but it's a little peeving that we have so many (it seems like we don't have hot water every other week)

I have lived at The View (used to be The Grove) for over a year now, the experience has been great. The front desk staff has always been helpful and they listen to what the residents want. I wish the clubhouse was open later to study instead of having to drive to campus for a quiet place but during the day it is wonderful, with free coffee and printing. Payment wise my only complaint is there is always an electricty overage. Getting more information about what the overage was towards: water, electric etc would be nice. Often times the usage does not make sense (an overage during the summer when no one was there.) The only other negative is there is not labeled parking, so on a busy night be prepared to park far and walk. Other complexes have assigned spots and that would be nice, having resident spots and guests have to park far instead of residents. The activities they run are fun and the outdoor space is amazing. I am glad my roommates and I chose The View again.

My experience at the View has been great so far. The apartments are clean, furnished, and spacious. The community is a good size and pet friendly.

Living at The View has been an interesting experience so far. The rooms are quite nice and spacious. However, a lot of my furniture was damaged upon move in. Also, the management seems to still be getting their systems together for paying and electricity bills. The bills are not set before you have to pay- so often it feels like you are guessing what you need to pay. However, it is a quite yet social community and I am enjoying my time there so far!

I love the ammentities offered at the view. Especially the free printing. I also love the availability of free coffee. Another great thing is the free tanning.

Everything at the view is great. The pool is defonitely the best part. Took a star off because no one has addressed the issues we pointed out in a initial room report.

It’s a great apartment with plenty of room. Convenient location between North Atherton shops and the student commuter lot. It’s also nice they provide you with your own parking pass as well as a guest

Staff are friendly. The apartments are a decent size. The pricing is standard to what you find in State College. The amenities are fantastic! The wifi goes out from time to time though.