The staff is very friendly and open to questions. Everyone is readily available and eager to help the residents. The website does need some updating though, especially the section that's supposed to have emergency numbers and doesn't have any.

Absolutely loving it so far!!! The staff are great and really helpful all the time. There are also a ton of events planned by The View all the time.

Reply from The View State College


Amazing. Fantastic. Wonderful. Lovely. Great. Awesome. Such a nice place. Love the s'mores and chocolate. Pretty. Awesome service. Good coffee

The view is a very good place to live i like it alot. the one thing i do not like is how long it takes for maintance to come fix something over the weekend. my fridge broke over the weekend where it was leaking water on the floor but i had to wait two days for it to get checked.

While maintenance has so far been responsive, the main area is not always open when the hours say it will be, the printer is often out of ink and toner, and it is hard to get in touch with anyone but the people at the main desk when there's a problem.

My downstairs neighbors keep bothering us but that's nothing you guys can do. Other than that, the place is great, the pool is a blast. You guys are doing good

The facilities are very well kept up and the property is very well maintained as well. However, there is a recurring problem with the way rent payments get processed. On over a half dozen occasions I paid rent on time only to get a notice that it's late. I have to go to the office and they need to re-look it up to get their system correct.

I love it here. The apartment, the bus system, the clubhouse...even my roommate is great :) I love having a space that is away from campus (yet not too far). As a graduate student it lets me breathe, and separate work and home at the end of the day. Some new equipment in the gym would be cool... we need a squat rack!

Good size room, bathroom and closet, and perfect distance from campus to buckle down and not be too distracted from homework and also not be too far from everything.

I think the management team could be a little more attentive and concerned when present with the problems of their residents. Otherwise, the experience of living here has been quite pleasant.

I have lived at The View (used to be The Grove) for over a year now, the experience has been great. The front desk staff has always been helpful and they listen to what the residents want. I wish the clubhouse was open later to study instead of having to drive to campus for a quiet place but during the day it is wonderful, with free coffee and printing. Payment wise my only complaint is there is always an electricty overage. Getting more information about what the overage was towards: water, electric etc would be nice. Often times the usage does not make sense (an overage during the summer when no one was there.) The only other negative is there is not labeled parking, so on a busy night be prepared to park far and walk. Other complexes have assigned spots and that would be nice, having resident spots and guests have to park far instead of residents. The activities they run are fun and the outdoor space is amazing. I am glad my roommates and I chose The View again.

So far so good! If you would be able to keep the clubhouse open longer in the evenings like other apartment complexes that would be helpful. I come down here to study a lot but sometimes with classes and work I can't get back in time to use the study area because you close so early! Other places, like the Park, allow you to swipe in and have access all night!

love living here, nothing to complain about, very helpful and friendly people, very clean, love the pool and fire pit! getting texts to know what is going on is also awesome

Great. The staff is friendly. Maintenance is prompt to fix any requests. The community area is well kept, and offers many amenities. The noise between rooms is not ideal, and I wish the cable provider offered more channels such as NBCSports.

The view is a great place to live. With the transition to new management, things have greatly improved! I had so much fun at the pool party what was earlier this semester!

Excellent living quarters, great customer service. Need better office hours, 24/7 printer access. A few more events at later hours for those of us that have to stay on campus until late would be nice too.

So far I've been pretty satisfied with the view. Nothing big to complain about that actually matters. You guys have been getting better each week.

The View at Penn State is the nicest apartment complex in State College, hands down. Whenever my friends come to my house, they're always jealous of where I live. And it's amazing to have my puppy here with me, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!! :)

I love living at the view. Its clean and comfortable. I never have to complain about anything and anything I need fixed is fixed quickly. Also, I love how they engage with residents

My experience here is great ! I love how the view provides little activities to do at the clubhouse! Also, I like how much they care about there residents! I wouldn't want to live any where else! I recommend to everyone to live here!

I've had a lot of problems with the online systems you have in place. My account is either linked to wrong apartment, or it isn't able to accept payments. Plus you change it every few months.

I love living here! The apartments and amenities are great! I just wish it didn't cost so much money to sublet my apartment to someone else.

So far my experience has been great. The staff is very kind and welcoming. Since most of them are students they are easy to communicate with.

I love living at The View! Everyone is so friendly and the staff in the office are always willing to help. Maintenance does a great job responding to requests quickly.

I think that the View is doing great. Need more guest parking passes. Also more free food would be awesome. Besides that, I think the View is great.