I really enjoy living at The View State College located in State College, Pennsylvania near Penn State University. It is nice to live at The View.

I really enjoy living at The View State College located in State College, Pennsylvania by Penn State University. The View is a nice place to live.

Living here is much nicer than other student housing places I have stayed at. It is the right amount of space for a reasonable price. Any issues I had in the past were taken care of nicely and promptly.

Living here has its benefits for sure. All of the events that the clubhouse has are fun and welcoming. Only downside is the walls being thin and being unlucky if the people above you stomp all hours of the night.

The View team has really great service, and are always very friendly. The apartments were great upon arrival, and check in was simple and easy! Excited to renew!

Amazing quality apartments. The staff in the club house are attentive and willing to help with anything needed at any time. The pool, gym, and volleyball court are all nicely maintained and a great addition to the apartment complex.

I love living here. The atmosphere is great, and the rooms/apartments are definitely worth the money. There were some small issues when I was first moving in (the doors didn't close properly) and a few items missing, but everything was fixed. I would definitely recommend The View!

Living here has been good so far. I renew because I am content with living here until I graduate. Plus I just don't want to move anymore. I have friends here and I don't want to far from them.

I love the apartment, very nice and love the little extra effort put in to do things like text me when there are events or I get a package. I'm not a huge fan of all the spam mail but overall I love the place!

The view stare college is the best as far as amenities and management . Everyone in the office genuinely cares about keeping there community fun from conducting game nights in the club house to having pool parties when the weather is nice. The only issue will be the bus schedule.

I think 'The View' is great and I already renewed my lease for next year. The rooms are very big, the bathroom is also big and the closet is HUGE! I absolutely love it and my friends are also living here next year!

Everything is great so far! The staff is very friendly and the apartments here are very homey and comfortable to live in. I wish the lights were a little bit brighter sometimes though.

The View is a really good place to live. You get a lot of stuff for a decent price. The only thing I don't like about it is the Pavlov cable and Internet.

The units are in great condition and maintenance responds promptly. The front desk staff is very helpful. I like that I my packages will be delivered safely and I will be notified when to pick up.

This is my first year at The View and honestly, it's been going really well. I haven't had any issues so far. I highly recommend coming and taking a tour!

The overall apartment layout is decent but what is included in living here is pretty nice. However, rent is somewhat high in my opinion and I dislike the idea that the rent is increasing for next year.

Bathrooms are huge! Apartments are clean and well kept. Work orders aren't done in a good time frame, but it works. Like the events the clubhouse offers.

My only wish is that we could access the clubhouse more often because sometimes it's a lot nicer to do homework at night than it is during the day or I really have to print something after hours and I don't feel like driving to campus

This place is very nice. Room, bathroom and closet are a great size. Amenities are new and are great. Staff is friendly and willing to help.

The staff is very friendly and open to questions. Everyone is readily available and eager to help the residents. The website does need some updating though, especially the section that's supposed to have emergency numbers and doesn't have any.

Absolutely loving it so far!!! The staff are great and really helpful all the time. There are also a ton of events planned by The View all the time.

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Amazing. Fantastic. Wonderful. Lovely. Great. Awesome. Such a nice place. Love the s'mores and chocolate. Pretty. Awesome service. Good coffee

The view is a very good place to live i like it alot. the one thing i do not like is how long it takes for maintance to come fix something over the weekend. my fridge broke over the weekend where it was leaking water on the floor but i had to wait two days for it to get checked.

While maintenance has so far been responsive, the main area is not always open when the hours say it will be, the printer is often out of ink and toner, and it is hard to get in touch with anyone but the people at the main desk when there's a problem.

My downstairs neighbors keep bothering us but that's nothing you guys can do. Other than that, the place is great, the pool is a blast. You guys are doing good