The View offers many amenities, makes it easy to pay bills online, they do great roommate matching and I love the little social gathering events they organize.

I love everything about the Grove. They have plenty of opportunities to have fun while keeping safety in mind. They are very friendly and helpful. I also like how well they communicate with us: texts about upcoming events or letting you know that you have mail to pick up in the clubhouse, emails about events and I like how active they are on social media.

The View is a great place for students to live. The staff are very helpful and the amenities and apartments are great! I really like how it feels like a home away from home.

I have had a great experience at The Grove so far. My room is spacious, my neighbors are friendly, and they are always giving out free stuff!

The facilities are clean. The people are friendly. And the managers are always there to answer questions and resolve problems. I am so happy that the place allows pets. There are always planned community events going on so there are plenty of opportunities to meet people.

This is the first semester that I moved into the view. I really like the environment here. The clubhouse is really beautiful and so is the pool. I feel like I'm living in a luxurious hotel or something. The only thing is the bus schedule. Not enough busses to come to this community to campus.

Staff are friendly. The apartments are a decent size. The pricing is standard to what you find in State College. The amenities are fantastic! The wifi goes out from time to time though.

Very nice living space for students wanting to live off-campus. The apartments are spacious and offer kitchens and a dishwasher which is nice.

The View is great place to live. It is close to Beaver stadium, hiking trails and PSU campus. Utilities are awesome. Great club house and many fun events!

I really like the variety of social events that you all put on. Responsive and friendly staff. Clubhouse is great - free coffee/drinks/snacks.

Great scenic view and close proximity to downtown State College, Pennsylvania. The staff is friendly and helpful. Nice amenities are included.

Living here is fantastic. Good staff. Nice view. But could be a little noisy due to the thin wall, and the internet is spotty sometimes. In general nice place for graduate students

Everything at the view is great. The pool is defonitely the best part. Took a star off because no one has addressed the issues we pointed out in a initial room report.

Great community. Removal of the fence in front of the building 4 will be great. It's really inconvenient and seems no use. Other than that, everything is great.

you guys are doing fatanstic . i really do appreciate you guys effort in trying to make sure we have a good living environment. i would have love if the electric bill is part of the rent though :) .

Awesome place to live, very kind and friendly staff members, the only complaint I have is the loose bricks in the walkway and that theres no wood for the firepit! Other than that the clubhouse and pool is one of the best parts about the place!

Apartment looks clean but sometimes I catch buds. This apartment is quite and peaceful, but far from penn state university. Cool apartment except these

The experience has been absolutely great so far! The parties are awesome and everyone here is so friendly! I'm so glad I chose to come here for my first semester at PSU.

I love living at The View. The staff has been really helpful with any questions or problems we have. The apartments are also nice and you have a lot of space. You may be a bit further from campus, but that is not a problem at all. The View gives you a free bus pass. They also hold a ton of events to get you involved and meet others living at the complex. Just in this past weekend there was a pool party, tailgating in the tavern for the football game, and a free yoga class. They also have grocery bingo. I highly recommend living at The View to anyone

I've had a good experience so far. There are lots of opportunities to do something fun and meet some new neighbors and things like that. The roommate matching was pretty good and I've been getting along with them so far. the only things j have problems with are the quality of the apartment such as appliances or the floorboard/ structural issues

Great! Love the atmosphere. Everything is really nice and organized. People and staff are friendly. Love how there is a 24/7 gym and a pool!

It's a great complex! I just wish that there was more parking and that there was somewhere closer to drop off garbage. The staff is always very nice and willing to help you.

The staff are all very friendly. Every time I have gone into the clubhouse they are more than willing to help with anything I need. The social events are a great idea too.

My apartment was dirty with the previous residents stuff still here. I don't want to be responsible for having to clean up someone else's stuff.

It's not a bad place to live. I like how close it is to the student parking on campus. I wish it had more parking in front of each building for it's residents but overall it's not a bad setup.