I've lived here for two years and I think it's one of the best apartment complexes in State College. The club house is full of awesome activities and I really enjoy having my own space within my actual apartment.

Living at The View has been an interesting experience so far. The rooms are quite nice and spacious. However, a lot of my furniture was damaged upon move in. Also, the management seems to still be getting their systems together for paying and electricity bills. The bills are not set before you have to pay- so often it feels like you are guessing what you need to pay. However, it is a quite yet social community and I am enjoying my time there so far!

i Have had a good time here so far. The pool is a great place to hang out during the summer and the lounge is nice when it is colder. The office staff is very helpful as well

I enjoy my services, but when I call for maintence I don't hear back until a week later. I like all the things I have access to the tanning beds, gym, study area.

The apartment is relatively nice. The doors are a bit cheap, though. The clubhouse has a lot of free amenities that is very convenient to use.

My experience at the View has been great so far. The apartments are clean, furnished, and spacious. The community is a good size and pet friendly.

Very well! The area is always clean and maintained very well! However, more community events should take place more often. For example, grocery bingo only occurs the first week of ever month. I would like to go to this, but i am in class at this time, and other students feel the same way. Grocery bingo should also give away more gift cards; to attract more people to come and make the event last longer.

The View, State College is a very nice place to live. They are very helping and the apartments are very nice. The move in process is effortless and very accommodating and the staff is very helpful!

It's convenient and they have a variety of amenities. They offer fun events and opportunities to meet new people. They're good with quick responses and the layout of the apartment is awesome!

Love how clean and well kept everything is. If there is ever an issue, maintenance is at the door within 24 hours. Staff is very helpful as well

I love living here. There are many upsides due to location and rooming but the noise levels can be lower and dog owners can pick up their dog poop more often.

I love living at The Grove (The View) in State College, PA! I knew I wanted to live in a laid back place with my own room and bathroom and The Grove exceeded my expectations!

Doing great. I appreciate all of your help in the office and your patience with our loan situation. Thank you for your timely responses to work orders too

Absolutely love it here & have recommended it to everyone! Beautiful site and the staff at the clubhouse is so helpful. This is the nicest apartment I've lived in thus far.

Very friendly staff who provide great events like pool parties to mixers. Very quick to answer my questions and packages were sorted quickly.

I am totally loving it so far! I think it's a great place for students to live. I really like the environment here and the clubhouse is really beautiful.

the grove is a pretty nice and quieet place to live at, except the problem is the clubhouse closes so early! nice events and staff are okay. kinda depends on their mood, sometimes they are nice sometimes they arent

I am totally loving it so far!!!! I have already renewed for next year because of how awesome it is here!!!! I love all the different events!

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Decent house overall clubhouse is nice so is the courts and the pool. Parking is fine too not much to complaint about. The view is a nice decent place

The View offers many amenities, makes it easy to pay bills online, they do great roommate matching and I love the little social gathering events they organize.

I love everything about the Grove. They have plenty of opportunities to have fun while keeping safety in mind. They are very friendly and helpful. I also like how well they communicate with us: texts about upcoming events or letting you know that you have mail to pick up in the clubhouse, emails about events and I like how active they are on social media.

The View is a great place for students to live. The staff are very helpful and the amenities and apartments are great! I really like how it feels like a home away from home.

I have had a great experience at The Grove so far. My room is spacious, my neighbors are friendly, and they are always giving out free stuff!

The facilities are clean. The people are friendly. And the managers are always there to answer questions and resolve problems. I am so happy that the place allows pets. There are always planned community events going on so there are plenty of opportunities to meet people.

This is the first semester that I moved into the view. I really like the environment here. The clubhouse is really beautiful and so is the pool. I feel like I'm living in a luxurious hotel or something. The only thing is the bus schedule. Not enough busses to come to this community to campus.