Awesome, things are a lot better with the new owners. Should definitely open up more spots on campus to rack in more tenants/colleges during fairs etc.

When I can to visit this place for the first time I fell in love with it. The clubhouse makes you feel like you are home. With the free coffee bars and the relaxed setting it the perfect fit for me.

The view is a very nice place. When I have some issue on facilities, I just need to fill a form on the web and there are some people help me In less than 30 min.

Apartments are spacious and super nice. Amenities are great with 24hr gym and the pool when its open. Down side is you don't recieve some of the main TV channels such as ABC, NBC, CBS.

Fantastic overall. I love the frequency and quality of the events here, though I wish that there were a clubhouse section open 24/7 like the gym. At least a few tables to study would be nice. Also, a bigger water heater would be awesome!

I have really enjoyed my time living at the view to this point. I have had no major issues. Staff is pleasant and easy to work with. Maintenance is generally there to fix any issues the day after a request is submitted, sometimes the same day.

I wish the club house was open 24/7, it is a good study location and the free printing is useful. The appliances aren't the best they should be upgraded

Such a great place to live! Big spacious apartments, fun community events and great staff! Just wish the clubhouse was open a little later during the week!

The community is great, always lots of parking, and there is always maintenance done quickly. I also like the notification when a package arrives so there is no need to guess when it may come. The walls of the apartment are very thin and therefore there is pretty much noise all the time.

Very clean and quite. Great place to stay. I love that I have my own bathroom and walk in closet. The rooms are very spacious. Moving in was very simple and had no complications

The service at the front desk is always super friendly and helpful. Whenever I call in they always answer my questions quickly and are very accommodating.

the community is very good. I have a lot of fun living here. the walls are very very thin however and it makes it difficult to study. But overall its nice.

Very friendly staff in the office. Love having my own room, bathroom, and closet. Excited for the warmer weather to get outside, use the amenities we have, and get to know more people that live here.

There are a good amount of activities that are provided by the staff and the gym, pool, basketball court, fire pit, volleyball court give you a lot of options for friendly gatherings.

The view apartments are really nice! I have no problems with them. The price isn't bad and there is never a problem with noise. Staff is very friendly also!

Employees in the clubhouse are better! They all seem genuinely friendly which makes being there for help less of an issue. The apartment is cool.

Seems interesting and nice so far, would be nice if we had a chance to give feedback on the events we attend. I appreciate the event but some could be done better. Also we should be able to contact atleast one staff member after hours in case emergency

The amenities are great and the location is nice. I wish that they had more activities like volleyball tournaments for a prize or something like that. I also wish that parking was assigned somewhat. I work a lot and I usually don't get home until 1 or 2 in the morning so I have to park at the very opposite end of the parking lot. I also wish that the clubhouse was open much later, like 10 pm. 7 pm is way too early

Everything is great. Though I do wish the clubhouse hours were extended since every other apartment complex in the area has close to 24/7 operating hours.

Maintenance is great. They work quick, fix any problems you have. The apartment and community is great. The View is always doing something cool for its renters. It's great.

The View has been a great place to live during school and I love their coffeeshop and gym access. It is right on the bus line which is convenient for getting to campus.

I absolutely love it here! Beautiful apartments and really friendly staff. The only issues I have had are some issues with maintenance. The maintenance team is usually fairly quick at responding, but a couple times I have called the emergency maintenance number after-hours and no one picks up at all.

Overall I have been very happy with my apartment/living set up at the view. However, I wish the front office could do more about very noisy neighbors.

I am very happy with living here. The management staff is very helpful and diligent. Anytime you have to stop in to ask for help they are always very helpful, and the maintience staff is equally helpful.

great community. nice amenities. upstairs neighbors are kind of loud. big living area. happy to have own bedroom bathroom and closet. events are fun.