Always helpful and willing to accommodate. Any issues raised are quickly addressed and resolved. The Grove has a friendly, knowledgeable staff.

The management and employees are very nice. Management has gotten better at responding to emails in a timely manner. Maintenance team is awesome. Great place to live!

I really enjoy living here. I love using the gym and that it is open 24/7...that is definitely a huge plus! I also love bingo nights and anything with food! It gives my friends and I a great opportunity to get to know people in the Grove.

The Grove in State College provides a pretty great place to live. Nice apartments with good amenities. Some improvements could definitely be made but overall positive living experience.

This is a great place to live! It's close to campus and offers a free bus pass, which really helps save some money. The amenities are useful and convenient and they are always helpful and friendly.

Overall, a great living option! Highly recommend for graduate students. There's a lot of opportunities to get to know the people in your community and close enough to grocery stores and campus.

Not too shabby. I would have given more stars, but I simply do not need as many texts as you send. Good staff, good roommates, decent apartments

I love the Grove! I wish it was nice enough weather that the pool was open all year. The gym could use a little sprucing up, but, besides that, I am very happy here.

The Grove is a very nice place to live in State College if you don't mind the commute to campus. The units are well-maintained and are very modern. I would definitely recommend it to a friend, and I intend to keep living here next year.

I am really like the super fast internet. Being a gamer there is no lag in any of my gaming through a wireless connection which is usually very expensive to do.

The Grove is a great place to live with amazing amenities. The community events allow me time to leave my apartment and meet my neighbors. I wish that were more activities every month and that the security gate was actually used. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the overall living environment is great. I also enjoy how close it is to campus.

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Overall, great experience thus far. Room for improvement with the upkeep of the grounds and parking lot during wintry conditions (I've watched numerous near-car accidents).

Apartment has great amenities and a lot of space for yourself. Only issue is really the Internet can be slow at times. But other than that it's great only 15 minute bus ride to campus and they give you a free bus pass!

I love the way the grove promotes neighborly events, they are great a creating a strong community. I also love that there is always parking, as opposed to other complexes on this road.

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I really like living here. The atmosphere is really awesome, and the bus system works great! Having your own space is so important when you want to just get away from the very social community.

The Grove at State College is a nice environment to live at overall. Everyone that is a part of the staff is courteous and they do their best to help out with any issues and/or questions.

Overall the apartments are gorgeous and clubhouse is wonderful. The price is a bit much (and it's going up which is why I will not be renewing my lease) and it's a little farther than I'd like to be from campus, unfortunately.

My overall experience here has been very positive. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the amenities are all in relatively good condition. Any minor issue that I've had in the living space has been addressed almost immediately by maintenance. I really appreciate the quick response times and the willingness to help.

I love the grove! The large closet and bathroom are a major plus along with washer and dryer in apartment unit. I hate how far away the grove is compared to everyone else and food. The bus system needs to be more frequent