Great staff, nice amenities, and very animal friendly, I love being able to take my dog anywhere on the property and know that my dog is welcome everywhere

The View was great ever since I left college I definitely missed it a lot. Has a lot of great amenities and I love the events. Wish the staff was better but overall 10/10

My favorite part about living at the view is all the free parties and events that are hosted in the club house for residents and guests. Also the free coffee and printing are great.

The View is a great place to live! The maintenance is great at coming quickly and solving any problems. The only problem are how thin the walls are; I can hear everything that is going on upstairs. I can tell what they are doing almost 24/7.

I love all the events that The View holds whether it's raffles, arts and crafts, or food-related. It's a great way to get the whole community involved and communicating better.

Nice community in State College. Pet-friendly and quiet at night. The only problem was there was only one trash place and it was so far away from us.

Living at The View is great. You meet a lot of friendly residents and Penn State Students. They hold great event and hold a lot of free food events.

Love it here. Super cool. So many events literally so many all the time free food yas love that!!! management rocks so much everyone is cool ya

I love living at The View! For the last two years, I’ve enjoyed all the amenities that The View has to offer, and I look forward to enjoying them for a few more years.

Overall a very good experience. The lack of parking spaces and the construction is why I took away one star. otherwise I would have given five.

I have enjoyed my stay at the view, the staff are always willing to help and are friendly. The internet in building 9 in past semesters has had at least 3 separate occasions of outages while everyone else kept internet which was frustrating. I enjoy the free parking/printing which are useful.

It's quite far from campus, but other than that it's great place to live. I just hope Building 4 to be closer to garbage place and club house..:)

amazing experience at the view! love the people. love the free coffee! love love love the free pancakes. I really enjoy the apartment lay out. I enjoy the large closet and the large room.

Beautiful views at The View! One of the nicest complexes at UP, and getting better! The amenities are too good to pass up, and would not want to live anywhere else!

I enjoy all of the amenities and events that go on at the view for the residents, such as give aways, free food, parties, etc. Always checking social media to try and win and stay involved.

Super accommodating with a homey feel ! I love living here. The freee coffee really takes ur over the top and the front desk people are always super curteous

Staff is super friendly! Overall, a great community and the apartments are really nice. The only downside is that the walls can be a little thin.

Awesome community, but our apartment has a bug problem and was a bit dirty on move in day. Other than that it’s great! Couldn’t think of a better place to live

All around great community, but when moving into the apartment, it was filthy, the blinds are easy to break, there is a funny smell coming from the laundry room, and we find spiders in the apartment everyday.

I gave it a 5/5 star rating. Although the upstairs neighbors walking sounds like they're dropping bowling balls, it's not every second, and doesn't take away from the comfort of the complex here.

Sometimes, the walls can be a bit thin so noise gets through. Last year a dinosaur lived above me whose footsteps quaked the earth. I do enjoy the free food and coffee.

Its a very nice community. Everyone seems to get along well. The staff is very helpful when you have a problem and will fix it right away. Everything gets fixed when you ask.

The amenities here work really well for me. I brought my car so the parking is great. The maintenance is nice and quick if you ever need anything. There is plenty of closet space and I definitely needed all I could get. I’m happy!

I have loved the first couple weeks of living here. The amenities are incredible, and there’s a great sense of community. This is the perfect environment for me to find a work/life balance while I’m in grad school.

The rooms are really nice and specious, there is a good sized walk-in closet attached to the bathroom. Maintenance requests were taken care of on time.