So far, I have had an immense amount of help from a handful of Helix staff members, and employees, and I haven't even officially moved in yet. I am so excited to be officially apart of the Helix Community and see what else this wonderful team has to offer!

I like staying here. Very nice new staff, everybody is friendly. Rooms are spacious and the inside looks nice, also they always have fun exciting activities to do

love love love it here!!! i love all the amenities here! the people are great. they are so nice and friendly. the apartments are amazing! They are so nice and perfect for me

It’s a great community. Lots of amenities and the staff is great. Sometimes it’s a little noisy but that has nothing to do with the apartment itself or the staff.

Helix is a great place to stay, I absolutely would recommend it. The main thing I loved is that it is so close to campus and can walk right over to your classes in 10-15 mins!

Love helix. Sometimes the parking is way packed, but staff are always friendly and helpful. Work orders always done within 48 hrs. Everything is great. Love it

I like living here. I love how close it is to campus, the interior is nicely designed. The clubhouse is really nice and I really like the study rooms and the pool!

I love living at Helix! The staff are very friendly and helpful and I love how close Helix is to campus! The amenities are also very nice! Sign here!

Very clean and friendly. I have lived here for 3 years now going on my fourth. Being able to live off campus but still walk to class is a huge plus. My dog even loves it here! The staff is super nice and willing to help. Units are spacious and off a great experience

They are making changes that are good for this complex like better Gates and better staff which makes me happy. Overall Helix is doing a good job.

Helix has provided a fairly good resident experience. I have only had issues when dealing with repairs/ maintenance requests, but apart from that, the staff is always helpful and friendly, and we have a great view of campus!

It has been a good experience with my current roommates. We have fun and have peace at the comfort of our apartment. The staff is always helpful.

Great places to live. Close to campus which is a major benefit for students. Being brand new is super nice. The pool is the best in Starkville.

Amazing Experience. Nice Service. Nice Study Rooms and overall recreation stuffs. I enjoyed my stay at helix. It was wonderful with great rooommates.

Helix is a great place to live. The staff is super friendly and they know me by name! The only down side is that the people above me are noisy, but management has always done everything in their power to help with that issue!

Absolutely love it here, i’m Glad I don’t have to have a long commute to school, the clubhouse and gym are amazing and the study room is great. My unit is spacious with great appliances. Glad I decided to live here

It’s been nothing but enjoyable. The only thing I’ve ever complained about is parking, but not getting a premier spot was my own fault. Next time I know better hah, other than that this place is great. Perfect for students.

Great amenities and space, I love the 24 hour gym and study rooms!It’s great to be right across the street from campus, by far the most convenient apartment in Starkville

I've been living in Helix for 2 years now and It has been one of the best places to live in Starkville. The apartments are great. Quick Service requests. Trash butler and amazing looking facilities throughout. While the deals provided by Helix allow you to have an affordable living, this place gives you a calm and quiet environment to flourish your studies.

The roommate situation wasn’t the perfect, but apartment can be quite comfortable. The amenities are very nice. The pool, gym, coffee machine, and computer lab are great.

Helix is a absolute great place to say. I love how it’s close to campus and it’s very convenient to walk to class and so easy to come back and forth

Parking is not thr best but everything else is a dream! The rooms are great and all the amenities are top not notch! Also being able to walk to class has saved me so much time and money.

I mean other than the walls being so thin you can hear through them and the visitors parking area being so small, everything else was pretty great.

I have enjoyed staying here. My roommates are nice and the staff here is very helpful. Having the gym equipment here at the complex is very convenient but could use some updating.

Everything is absolutely awesome at Helix! Love how close we are to campus. Walk to class and football games. The gym is nice. Only issue is noisy neighbors