Awesome location!! I walk to class everyday it’s so nice! I’ve had a great experience here! From the location to the quality of my apartment to the services offered!

I really like the apartment and community as a whole. Most of any issues I have are neighbor related due to certain smells coming through the vent system and their very loud dog. The walls are thinner so I can usually hear the dog as if it was in my room.

I’m so excited for Helix and their rennovations and it’s easily the best living experience I’ve ever had in my life. It’s like a home away from home.

Enjoy living here nice amenities however the renovations of the clubhouse and study areas should have been timed better. The living accommodations a very spacious.

It’s been a really good experience and the Sparta are nice. I also love that the gym is open 24 hours so I can get a workout in at. any time

Good infrastructure! Good office staff and support team. Full time water and electricity facility! Good room and interior. Economic conservice fees and good wastage removal.

I like living here because of the good location, all the amenities, and how everyone is friendly! The only thing that is a problem is that there are not enough visitor parking spots.

Good. Too many renovation in the main office. People on the second floor make too much noise that you can’t study well while they are in their appartment

Perfect location! Close to classes and safe. Everybody is so nice! Love the designated parking spots. Good value for the money. So far everything has been great.

Lived here for two months, and I love it! It’s really nice. They’ve been doing a lot of renovations, and it looks really great! A lot of resident events, too.

Overall nice, but the people who live here are annoying. They don’t listen or considerate. Few problems have arised but the staff is helpful

GREAT! there needs to be more ways out of a lease especially if it is a medical reason! Roommates are not friendly, haven't spoken to me in over a month. Pool & gym are great though, and I love being in a gated community. More guests should be allowed in pool area with resident.

i really enjoy the location of the Helix. It is not a bad walk to and from campus. The people at the leasing office are very welcoming. I got roomed with the right people and I enjoy the environment.

It is the best place to live! Everything is perfect, except for parking issues. I love that the complex is always active with events and rewards for us to get involved with also.

Its been good but there is tons of room for improvement. Parking, Noise, Staff, and Amendties have all been a huge problem lately. I still love my apartment but everything else can go.

My resident experience has been good so far. The staff and the community are all nice people. I enjoy how before I signed the lease the apartment tours were very good and was a deciding factor on where I would choose to reside at.

I like helix and it’s distance from campus. The office staff is always friendly and helpful I also like how the clubhouse is always accessible for me to do homework at anytime.

The living experience here is great. I love the staff team. They work with you every time you need something, so far I haven’t had a problem with anything.

Everything has been great so far. Few problems at the beginning, but most was handled easily. I totally love how close to campus it is and how modern everything is.

Helix is a great place to live. It’s close to campus and the amenities are great. The staff are friendly and very helpful. There’s always a fun event to go to

Can’t beat the convince of walking to campus. The staff is pretty good, they have been very helpful by answering my questions. I love having all the amenities even though I don’t use them that often.

I love it here. I love the upgrades and especially my bathroom! The thing I would complain about it the lack of kitchen space though, there’s not much room when there’s 4 of us living there.

Pretty nice place to live, great location. It’s not very loud so I like it. The gates are very secure. All in all it is a nice place to live.

A wonderful place with great amenities, I love the room set up and the community. One of the things I do love about it is the open clubhouse set up and the gym.

The location is great! The community is beautiful. Noise level is average. Maintenance is average. Room size is perfect. And staff is very nice.