Customer service is great. I can't wait to see the new apartments. I can tell the staff is working very hard to set everything up. It's going to be a wonderful year

I thinks this is app is I great way for us to get to know our community. The workers have been helpful with me. This being my first place on my own. Thus is a great place to live.

Helix is the premier student housing at Mississippi State. I'm excited to be living in Helix next year with all of the amenities offered, especially the coffee bar.

Everything is going great! I can't wait to move in! The staff is very friendly and always willing to help. When we went for our hard hat tour it was really exciting as to see how much progress had been made.

The helix seems like a great place to live. Whenever I signed my lease everyone was so friendly. I would recommend anyone to live here at it

I love Helix. I'm so excited to live there in the fall. The staff is amazing. The amenities are better then anywhere else. I'm so impressed.

Best apartments I've ever signed my lease with in Starkville! Y'all give some many cool giveaways! Makes living here fun, I would not want to live anywhere else!

You guys are doing amazing! Love it! When I came in with my friends to sign our lease, it was so easy and enjoyable. The staff is very nice and accommodating.

Helix has done a great job keeping us updated on our new apartment and every time we had a question or concern the staff took great care of us! Can't wait to move in!

Helix is looking great and the staff is working hard to get ready for move in! Im excited to see the finished look. I have receiced calls over the summer from people who want to leave their apartment and sign with Helix!

Helix is so easy and fun to work with! I am loving all the social media updates, and can not wait to move in. Thanks ya'll and keep up the good work!

I can't wait to be living at Starkeville! It will be an amazing experience living at Helix! I look forward to visit Helix and take a look at the work being accomplished. I so excited to have wonderful people and roommates to share this experience with.

I Love helix! Best place in Starkville! They have wonderful people, Amazing amenities , and has a awesome location great for biking to campus.

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Helix is good at what they do, but they have complicated ways of doing it. I would recommend Helix to any students who want an apartment with a dorm feel.

Haven't moved in yet, but so far Helix has been very helpful in the lease and roommate matching processes. I look forward to living at Helix.

The Helix has probably been the best living decision I've made, I'm so excited! I'm ready to take advantage of all of the cool amenities they have to offer.

Everything is so complicated! The portal took forever, the balance for rent isn't up, and no one really knows when they move in. I am excited to get all of this situated and finally move in!

Love it!!! Everything is so amazing!! I feel like I'm right at home. Everyone is so nice. Thank you for letting us have the early move in also.

It's been a good experience here at Helix so far. Everyone's so friendly and helpful! Also I really appreciate having elevators for the apartments!

I have that the best experience living in the Helix community. The staff is very nice and friendly and always makes sure that residents needs are met.

so far so good. no real big complaints to the staff, but the residents here seem to not care for cleanliness, but I do wish that Helix could offer more communication to its residents via email. over all I really like it here.

I love the look and living space, but some the doors are a little cheap and come off the tracks. Also have had a couple problems with ac. Overall tho i like

Living here is nice the location is very convenient. I feel as though the parking situation could be a lot better because there seem to be almost not enough regular spots for the non premier residents

I absolutely love staying in Helix! It's so fun being able to go sun by the pool and workout in the gym! The tanning bed is also a perk too!

Amazing !! I just moved in here and i love it! if anyone is looking to live somewhere Helix is the place!!! Everyone is welcoming in the front office and super friendly!!!