If I could leave 0 stars, I would. The only good thing about Helix is the location and SOME of the staff. They promised me and both my roommates gift cards for signing and referring friends, but still have yet to give them to us (we literally move out in 20 days). It is always dirty everywhere. The maintenance guy is really nice, and he does A LOT of stuff. However, he cannot fix everything by himself. Overall, helix has been a terrible experience, and I would advise against living here.

Helix has some of the most awful management I've ever dealt with. Took them 6 months to credit my account and threatened to charge late fees on a balance they told me not to pay until my account was credited. I will NOT be renewing my lease.

Did not have any of their stuff in order when moved in (trash, wifi, etc.) also everything in apartment breaks very easily, not a quality place.

I do not recommend living here. The staff is often rude and most residents do not respect the property. The apartments are also very overpriced for what you get.

When I moved in with upgrade your life they took forever to move me in, since I’ve lived here I have had nothing but problems. They need staff that are older and know what they are doing and not rude all the time. It’s very expensive to live here, the pet fee is way too much and having to pay monthly on top of the pet fee is way too much. Every other apartment does not have to do that. The air is not very good and our dishwasher sucks. The only good thing about living here is the short walk to campus but even that sucks because there is no cross walk and I almost get hit every day by cars. Multiple people have asked me about living here and I told every one of them I regret it and suggested the retreat or the pointe to them. I am very disappointed with me experience.

I’ve had a pretty bad experience living at helix. I will not be renewing. The only thing i like about helix is how close it is to school but the walk is dangerous having to cross the street.

It started out great but I got saddled with roommates who where awful. Had to call the cops twice. Then they move me into the world's dirtiest unit with a girl who had her boyfriend living with her. When I moved in Rose, the previous property manager, told us that if anything breaks they will replace it as long as we tell the them about it. With the new property manager, not only did she tell me she was going to charge me but that if we wanted a new one we were going to have to pay for it. I am so ready to move from this place.

I wouldn't recommend others to stay here. Not the best place to live. Overpriced and parking is beyond terrible . Towing is indeed enforced. Management sucks.

Unfair how you reward people who sign later better. You make us pay then the next week waive the fees and now you're giving out tvs. You people disgust me.

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The people who lived in my apartment complex were absolute slobs outside. The halls were littered with dog poop and often in the elevator there was pet pee. The elevator regularly reeked of weed which is damaging for people with asthma. In addition, multiple times throughout the year there were used condoms on the sidewalk. The only time I have ever seen used condoms on a sidewalk was during an episode on Breaking Bad which shows that the apartment's tenants were more like drug users than college students.

living here is okay but the communication could be better. they don't respond to request well and i was placed inside a dirty apartment and had to pay to transfer.

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It's been pretty good but there is an issue where I was told water was included in rent but my utility bill still charged me for rent. This is unacceptable.

The ammentities are nice. But management doesn’t do a great job, especially with move ins. My dryer was broken when I moved in and had to ask a million times for replacement.

Not the best apartment's to stay in. Unfairly punishes residents for other people's mistakes. I was tricked into signing a renewal lease. Wish I did not resign.

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Overall my experience here has been disappointing. The apt is great but the building is trashed with cigarettes, broken glass, and food throughout the stairwell.

The apartments are really nice. I wanted to move here a for a specific room that I was told over and over again I would get but I did not. To be honest I felt like I was lied to.

It would’ve been better if rent wasn’t high. Also the cost of utilities is stupid high. The hallways are extremely disgusting. Also you can hear your next door neighbors without them even being loud. Same goes for those above. It literally sounds like elephants are above my apartment at all times.

Nice apartments and amenities, nearest to campus. Not very welcoming staff though, especially with foreigners... And the music in the morning is annoying! Loud music at the pool at 9AM is totally infuriating and unnecessary.

The apartment complex is okay. It's not the best student living in my opinion but it will do. Some of the staff members are so kind but others (only 1 or 2) have a nasty attitude. Overall, it's okay!

This is a great thing for people moving into the helix. My parents were so happy when they figured out I was gaining $500 for signing up early. I am super happy. I just wish the app was a little more self explanatory. It is a little confusing if you do not know what you are looking for or doing on here.

Overpriced for what it is considering 21 is 100 ft away and $200 less expensive. Also parking, at least in my building, is extremely hard to get at night since we share an extremely small lot with 2 other buildings ie it is always full past 8pm and if you get here past 10pm you have to go to "China", near visitor parking.

Good place to live but have had issues with roommates and its 400 dollars to move apartments unless the cops are involved. But the gym and pool are very nice. However I've had to park in vistor parking because resident parking is full

Almost go evicted because of a problem helixs payment plan. Go one employee to tell us to turn down our music once and then the next day we got fined for "excessive" noise. There are some really great helix employees like the maintenance guy, but there are also some horrible ones. sorry.

My experience was not started out like I expected. There have been bugs, a burnt light, and we didn’t have a tv for the first week. Also we were paired with a terrible roommate, which wasn’t the complex’s fault, but we weren’t able to meet him beforehand.

perfect location for walking to school and back home, also the distance is not too bad either. they also have nice and fun things to do for their residents like parties and give aways