Everything is so complicated! The portal took forever, the balance for rent isn't up, and no one really knows when they move in. I am excited to get all of this situated and finally move in!

The apartments at helix are modern and clean. They still new so you don’t need to ask for any renovations. They are spaced and you have your own bathroom. There is a pool and a fitness center which is really cool.

Would prefer having the gate fixed and unit cleanliness being a higher priority than having takeout Tuesday. These are apartments, not dorms.

Needs to be cleaned more. Needs less house parties. Internet never wOrks. The tv stations are always freezing up. Fire alarms are always going off

There are a lot of bug problems and I can still feel rocks and stuff under my carpet. Also at night I can hear everything outside and people yelling right outside even if they are in the parking lot

Good place to live but have had issues with roommates and its 400 dollars to move apartments unless the cops are involved. But the gym and pool are very nice. However I've had to park in vistor parking because resident parking is full

Almost go evicted because of a problem helixs payment plan. Go one employee to tell us to turn down our music once and then the next day we got fined for "excessive" noise. There are some really great helix employees like the maintenance guy, but there are also some horrible ones. sorry.

My experience was not started out like I expected. There have been bugs, a burnt light, and we didn’t have a tv for the first week. Also we were paired with a terrible roommate, which wasn’t the complex’s fault, but we weren’t able to meet him beforehand.

perfect location for walking to school and back home, also the distance is not too bad either. they also have nice and fun things to do for their residents like parties and give aways

Overpriced for what it is considering 21 is 100 ft away and $200 less expensive. Also parking, at least in my building, is extremely hard to get at night since we share an extremely small lot with 2 other buildings ie it is always full past 8pm and if you get here past 10pm you have to go to "China", near visitor parking.

Helix Apartments is overall very convenient due to it being close to campus. The new Helix staff along with management however are not the best at resolving anything. They could improve in various areas.

Good. Too many renovation in the main office. People on the second floor make too much noise that you can’t study well while they are in their appartment

Lovely place to live with an amazing pool and club house. Great crew members but there are some problems like every place. Fines for everything.

Very good place to live at. Nice rooms and good parking. People above us are loud and the people below us call the cops on us all the time other than that the apt is nice

Had an issue with carpet replacement but other than that the place is wonderful and the people are great too. It stays somewhat clean but usually is never to bad

So overall it’s a pretty nice place. The maintance crew is very nice and helpful, but not so much the rest of the staff. People who worked there quit to go to another student living and said it was better there because price wise it was cheaper and it was nicer. There also is a problem with trash being left laying around and the outside hallways are dirty. The pool is well maintained though. I wanted to renew but didn’t know if it was worth it if there own staff said it would be cheaper and better somewhere else. Lastly they don’t work the best with matching competitors deals and the workers in the office aren’t the friendliest. The best part is the distance from campus.

They are nice apartments just parking needs some work. Other than that I really enjoyed living at the Helix. The staff was super nice as well

Living in the helix has been great. I enjoy the pool and gym. The noise isnt too bad and neither is the parking. The maintenance also has been good

Although I love the amenities Helix offers, I don't appreciate that it takes so long for things to be fixed (such as account problems, maintenance, etc). Helix is also very expensive, and I personally don't feel that the price is worth it.

Usually I give better reviews but I have had a bad experience recently with Helix. The key to my door wasn’t working and ultimately resulted in me being locked out of my apartment for almost 3 hours. I sat and waited for Helix to open so they could reprogram my key(for the second time in 24 hrs) and the girl showed up 55 minutes early. I’m relieved and tell her my situation and instead of getting on it as she is there early she tells me to wait the rest of the hour because technically helix doesn’t open until 10 am. I was very much annoyed. Bad costumer service on her part.

Apartments are very nice, but Helix is not on top of making residents aware of issues. People still have not completely figured out the gate issue because no formal email was sent out, and the back gate still doesn’t work! Other than the lack of communication, I’ve enjoyed my time so far.

The one thing I enjoy from this complex is the fact it is so close to MSU. However, the noise here? Terrible. During the night, you will hear various sirens and dragracing competitions done at the entrance. People are hooping and hollering all hours of the day. The pool is filthy 83% of the time. Trash Butler has an attitude about trash bags. There are bugs galore if you're into that, which I am not. I mean, honestly, did y'all rob an insect zoo and release them all over Helix?

I really like the apartment and community as a whole. Most of any issues I have are neighbor related due to certain smells coming through the vent system and their very loud dog. The walls are thinner so I can usually hear the dog as if it was in my room.

I love Helix. I haven’t experienced anything other than amazing. My neighbors can be noisy at time but overall, it’s great. I’d advise anyone to join the winning team 🥳

Love being able to walk to campus. Apartments are nice. Parking can be awful so a premiere spot is recommended. If you want to have friends over, they have to park in Guam and walk. Which doesn’t make sense because the towing company tows residents with decals. Yeah, it happened to me last year.