Helix is great. The apartment is very nice and was cleaned when we first moved in. Other than people blasting their music I have enjoy living there so far.

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The apartments are nice and the staff is friendly. The location is ideal with campus being right across the street. Love the pool and study rooms!

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This is a great thing for people moving into the helix. My parents were so happy when they figured out I was gaining $500 for signing up early. I am super happy. I just wish the app was a little more self explanatory. It is a little confusing if you do not know what you are looking for or doing on here.

The staff is nice and hospitable, but there are times where it is rather difficult for me to get in touch with the right people to get things done.

The living environment is always so quiet and clean! The staff are always friendly and ready to help in anyway possible. All the amneties are just the icing on the cake!

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I like living at Helix. The staff and maintenance are really friendly and there to answer your questions. I've already renewed and now have more of my friends moving here as my new roommates.

I did Upgrade My Life and all of the staff did a great job in helping me with all of my questions. They made the experience really nice. I can not wait until the Fall where I will be spending most of my time by the pool.

I renewed my lease a couple weeks ago and i am excited to be here again. I am also really glad the gates lock now and that makes me feel a lot safer here

I enjoyed living here! They matched with random roommates and it turned out fine, we all got along. I really enjoyed being able to print for free upstairs.

Love Living @ The Luxury HELIX . The Workers Here Make Sure That Residents & Non - Residents are well taken care of . If you're not living in HELIX Wyd ?

Y'all are doing good. I like how y'all added the trash valet. I love how friendly the staff is to residents. I don't like conservice. I would love to switch back to simple bills.

I love loving here ay Helix. The staff is bery friendly and the maintenance always fixes everything as soon as we submit a request. Helix offers alot of opportunities.

I do not recommend living here. The staff is often rude and most residents do not respect the property. The apartments are also very overpriced for what you get.

Loving Helix! So much better than Aspen heights! The staff is friendly and maintenance comes quickly. I cannot wait to renew my lease to live here again next year!

You are doing a phenomenal job but you could work on a few things and get a little more organized. Other than that, the community is terrific.

Staff is incredible! And environment is better than any other apartment complex in town. The pool has a better invironment as well and the music and grill tie it all together

I have had a great experience so far! The staff has been really nice and helpful. I haven't move in to helix yet but so far I am very impressed with everything!

This community is great. I have been living here with absolutely no security issues. The pool is amazing and few have access to it which makes it exclusive.

I love living here and will most likely be living at helix again. I love having a pool, gym, and being walking distance from campus. Everything is pretty good!

Loving the tanning bed :) and the pool is poppin' with the sun out! (The speakers rock!!) The amenities are endless, and I'm for sure taking advantage of them!

I love living here, and i'm especially in love the study rooms! They are a way for me to get away from the hustle and bustle of my apartment and do my work in a quiet area.

It's rather frustrating when you watch the place, that you're already paying money to every month, put signing new people above the needs of current residents.

There are a lot of issues with the internet company that we currently have and I reccomend a different company. Other than that the place is perfect.

The staff at Helix has always been friendly and helpful. Any time I have need anything or had a question, someone has always been available and ready to help. I love living here and can't wait to live here next year as well!

Awesome place to live. The rooms are nice. The amenities are the best. All the staff are nice and friendly. Close to campus and a quick drive to town.