I love having my own little home away from home and look forward to coming and relaxing every day! I love being able to print at any time and special study rooms for privacy and focus.

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Very nice community to live in! Everyone that works in the office is nice but you everyone doesn't communicate well. Everything is great but could be better!

it's all good ..... and i like it very much a good place to stay with a good pool its very cold outside and i'm by the window i don't know why i'm here though

Clean and attentive and security is on point. Very close to campus and parking is very easy. It's really nice that we have gates to keep everyone out but tenants.

The apartment is a really nice place to stay and it's close to campus I just stay far in the back and it takes me awhile to make it to campus

Awesome!!! I love all of the amenities! Everything is always super clean in the gym! Great location walking to class too! You get the most band for your buck

This is the best community you could stay in. You can vibe with your friends and listen to loud music. The office treat you so nice. The rooms 😍

I wish there was a certain area where pet owners took their pets to potty. and also a button on the light pole outside to gives students a chance to cross. love the new trash thing though!!

There are a lot of bug problems and I can still feel rocks and stuff under my carpet. Also at night I can hear everything outside and people yelling right outside even if they are in the parking lot

I enjoy the high spirits of Helix! Keeping their residents happy is a big part of what Helix aims to do and I enjoy live here and sip recommend for more people to join the community.

we have really enjoyed the helix apartments. We live in one of the four room apartments and it has been very nice and convenient. We somewhat wish that the bathrooms had one switch for the fan and one for the light instead of it being the same switch, but that's being picky.

Helix is the best place for student living. With all the great amenities and wonderful staff, why not choose Helix as your next home? I love it here

I really enjoy staying at Helix! The location is perfect for the typical college students that has just too much going on. You can walk to most anywhere on campus with a little time and some planning. It really works out for me exercise wise because I can get that from my walk to school.

I love living here but it's little things that I wish was different. For example, we have an empty parking lot over by apartment 58 so why didn't we just put the garbage things over there. Or at least put two of them there. I think that would be great. I LOVE the nights where we have free food because some times I don't have money to buy food for my apartment. So that really help people out as well. I also love the workout room.

Living at HELiX is GREAT! I wouldn't live anywhere else in Starkville! I love the amenities and I also love the free Starbucks coffee! They have the best resident events and I'm always treated like family when I go to the office!

Great experience, people in the leasing office are all so niiice and very very helpful. I Recommend this place for anyone who is looking for a place

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Being at a student residence that is close to the university is the most amazing that have happened to me . Besides the cool stuff in the administration always offering help and being so noce. The swimming pool is just amazing . In addition the club-house at Helix is so cool, tea , coffee .. everything is available .

I love IT , where I stay I would recommend anyone to move to the helix. Great customer service & can handle all problems I've had right on time .

I love the proximity to campus but there are a few issues. First off, simple bills seems to be a waste of money and I wish they had given us the option to use it instead of making us use it. There are so many issues with simple bills and the company is impossible to get ahold of. There are so many comments about how simple bills is a rip off and a scam. Secondly, I wish they would let us switch apartments without charging us if we're moving in the same building. I do love the gym and the clubhouse.

So far I have been very pleased with the choice I made to stay with Helix. The rooms are well furnished and the appliances are holding up nicely. The clubhouse makes it easy to get work done thanks to the study rooms and it is also nice to have a work out room so close for good convenience.

The resources here at the helix are great. The weight room and pool area is awesome. The one thing that frustrates me is how people will not clean up after their pets.

People leave trash in the hallways and they don't get fined. Overall though Helix is pretty great. There are lists of activities to participate in and the staff is nice.

The apartment complex is okay. It's not the best student living in my opinion but it will do. Some of the staff members are so kind but others (only 1 or 2) have a nasty attitude. Overall, it's okay!

I love Helix .... It's so comfortable and lovely 😊I also love how everyone is friendly and like to get to know you even if you are new and they don't know you 😊

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Helix has created an amazing living space for me. I love how nice and generous the staff are! The CORE apartments are the best. Everything is so clean and new. I LOVE IT!

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