The first semester was rough but it was their first time working. Second semester has been 20539430 times better. They have been nothing but nice and friendly to every resident

Love it here. Great place. Nice apartments. The pool is beautiful. The staff is always so friendly when I have to talk to them. Always doing fun things for residents.

Great place to live. Everyone in the office works diligently to get the job done. The best thing about living here is all the ammenities that comes with it

I really enjoy living here at helix. It's in a great location in relation to campus and there's always something around the apartment complex for you to do.

The Apartment complex is very nice. I don't have any problems with noise or anything like that. The staff is amazing. They are always nice, respectful, and helps with everything I need.

Helix is a nice community with an awesome clubhouse. The coffee machine and the study room is my favorite. The pool area is really cool and there are cabanas so studying outside on a nice day by the pool is relaxing.

Needs to be cleaned more. Needs less house parties. Internet never wOrks. The tv stations are always freezing up. Fire alarms are always going off

I love helix of Starkville. It is close and convenient and the amenities are great. Great pool, great gym, and all around great place to live

I just renewed my lease for Helix and could not be happier. I love the modern layout of our apartment and especially how close it is to campus. Defiantly the best price for all that's included.

Great job! Quick and easy to gift rewards. Also shows you what you can do to get rewards quick and easy. Very good mobile app easy to navigate and get around! Would recommend!

Helix is a really great community to live in while being a college student. It is affordable and the neighbors are amazing. The trash service is quite nice as well.

Wifi is very spotty, but I think the Helix staff is doing a good job of trying to work out the kinks. Definitely a very convenient living space, although it would be great if there was a crosswalk across the dangerous blackjack road.

Helix is such a great place to live. The staff is super friendly and helpful, and the complex plans tons of events for the residents. I really enjoy living at Helix.

My stay in helix has been wonderful especially with the new trash valet. Only con about staying here is the wifi going in and out but other than that, I enjoy living here at helix.

Overall a nice place to live. There were some issues in the beginning, but once the place was up and running most of the problems were fixed. Cleanliness and noise are the only things I would complain about.

I feel as though, Helix could put forh a better effort in cleaning the complexes. I will however say that, the staff is friendly. Also, Helix needs to evaluate the proper companies to outsource when it comes to amenities.

Good place to live, wifi is spotty. Love the trash valet. According to all known laws of aviation, a bee should not be able to fly. Its tiny wings are too small to lift its fat body off the ground

Did not have any of their stuff in order when moved in (trash, wifi, etc.) also everything in apartment breaks very easily, not a quality place.

Great!! Awesome place to call home and to also have a little fun whenever is the right time to have a nights out at your place. Great amenities

Getting , in the beginning it was rough (early move-in, premier parking, internet outages, SimpleBills). However, you guys have started to do right by your residents!

I really like helix. The only times I have issues is when there is trash all over the floor or the wifi is not working. Overall, it has been a good experience so far!

Helix strives to make liviing extremely comfortable for all their residents. They try to stay on top of all issues and work hard to keep up the community.

I love having my own little home away from home and look forward to coming and relaxing every day! I love being able to print at any time and special study rooms for privacy and focus.

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Very nice community to live in! Everyone that works in the office is nice but you everyone doesn't communicate well. Everything is great but could be better!

it's all good ..... and i like it very much a good place to stay with a good pool its very cold outside and i'm by the window i don't know why i'm here though