The place is nice and comes with lots of extra amenities like the pool and tanning which I really like. Also comes with the gym and the bistro which is nice.

My experience has been very good. I like how they are always thinking about there residents. The always have very fun events. I really like the movie nights!

I have enjoyed my stay at Helix. The Helix staff does so many things for us like have activities and giving away fun prizes. The staff makes us feel like we are at home!

I️ have enjoyed my stay at helix. The apartment is amazing.My room is nice and comfortable. The neighborhood is nice and sweet. I️ love the offices little party and events

Other than loud vehicles every now and then and chatter near the stairs that I can hear through the wall, helix has been a great place to stay.

It's been pretty great except for the fact that when our fridge broke down it took at least a month before the issuse was addreed and we are still waiting for the fridge for 4 bedroom to replace the one they gave us for a 2 bedroom.

Helix Starkville in Starkville, Mississippi is a pretty nice place comparatively. Its way better than the dorms at Mississippi State University and they allow pets. Its been good for the past few months I've been here.

Staff is great and always super helpful. Only complaint I have is some residents haven’t learned how to pick up after themselves or their animals and can be very noisy and obnoxious and play music way too loud

Helix is a great community, the staff is 10/10, they attend to all your questions, very friendly, remember names, love to interact with the residents and are great during events we have at the Bistro. Definitely renewing.

Helix has been my home for the last 2 years. Through all the ups and downs I have grown to love this place and everything they offer. The staff really cares and are very helpful.

overall experience is nice. Only thing i dislike is maintenance & how slow they respond. Also, i hate how my clicker does not get fixed at all

Helix apartments are modern and very nice. The office is helpful and understanding. They host many community events featuring free food 🖒 And the walk to campus is short but if you are regularly running late they don't mind if you borrow a bicycle every day 😊

Helix is a great place to live, I love the 24 hour gym, and all the free food activities they hold in the Bistro! They’re always running great renewal/new signee specials that seem too good to be true, but are always held up!

I have loved living here the past two years. The friendly staff and clean amenities really has made college living a second home for me. I’ll be sad leaving this spring!

I have not experienced any problems since I have lived here. The staff are so amazing and outgoing! Whenever I have questions, they help you with no hesitation.

Helix is a great apartment. The staff is so helpful and intentional. I love all of the things that come with living here. The wifi is fast, the gym is convenient, and the pool is awesome. Live at Helix for an awesome living experience.

I really enjoying living at Helix. It has been a great experience living here. I enjoy everything Helix has to offer, especially their amenities.

I love the apartment itself and all the cool stuff that comes with it but there are a few minor annoying things but overall its been pretty good living here

The walkways could be cleaner and the dog poop should ve cleaned routinely. Other than that everything is is okay I guess. The trash biker is confusing as well

Helix is great! I'm so glad we got visitor parking this year! I also love how the study rooms are quiet and easy to get to. I also enjoy how they give free food or drinks out often.

Helix is a nice complex to stay in. I would recommend it if you want to stay closer to campus: You can literally walk from helix and get to campus in 10-15 minutes.

So far, the Helix community has been nothing short of amazing! The staff are always ready to help and everyone always has a smile on their face. Not to mention, the complex in gorgeous!

The move-in process was fairly smooth, and any problems I did have were corrected quickly and efficiently! The staff is super nice and helpful also.

Helix is doing good. They have a few things they need to work on as a whole but for the most part they are getting there. I love our 4 bedroom apartment!

The Helix in is a very nice apartment complex the pool is beautiful and all the staff is very nice and helpful. The only complaints I would have is that our elevator doesn't always work and we still haven't received our TV that they said we would get prior to moving in. Other than that everything is great and I love it so far.