It’s been nothing but enjoyable. The only thing I’ve ever complained about is parking, but not getting a premier spot was my own fault. Next time I know better hah, other than that this place is great. Perfect for students.

Great amenities and space, I love the 24 hour gym and study rooms!It’s great to be right across the street from campus, by far the most convenient apartment in Starkville

I've been living in Helix for 2 years now and It has been one of the best places to live in Starkville. The apartments are great. Quick Service requests. Trash butler and amazing looking facilities throughout. While the deals provided by Helix allow you to have an affordable living, this place gives you a calm and quiet environment to flourish your studies.

The roommate situation wasn’t the perfect, but apartment can be quite comfortable. The amenities are very nice. The pool, gym, coffee machine, and computer lab are great.

Helix is a absolute great place to say. I love how it’s close to campus and it’s very convenient to walk to class and so easy to come back and forth

Parking is not thr best but everything else is a dream! The rooms are great and all the amenities are top not notch! Also being able to walk to class has saved me so much time and money.

I mean other than the walls being so thin you can hear through them and the visitors parking area being so small, everything else was pretty great.

I have enjoyed staying here. My roommates are nice and the staff here is very helpful. Having the gym equipment here at the complex is very convenient but could use some updating.

Everything is absolutely awesome at Helix! Love how close we are to campus. Walk to class and football games. The gym is nice. Only issue is noisy neighbors

perfect location for walking to school and back home, also the distance is not too bad either. they also have nice and fun things to do for their residents like parties and give aways

Fun, friendly, and close to campus. I love living at Helix. They have the nicest staff that are always willing to help. Plus, we have awesome amenties like a pool, a gym, a place to hammock, study rooms, and lots more.

The apartments are nice. The walls are just too thin. I don’t want to here everyone’s conversations in my apartment. But overall it’s an ok place to live.

Helix has been amazing to live in. I love the staff and they are always willing to help. Love the apartments and their layouts. The hardwood floors are a huge plus for me.

Helix is a great place to live. Extremely close to campus and there are always things going on. The staff is great they are always extremely helpful.

Helix is definitely one of the best complexes you'll find in Starkville. It has it's flaws like anywhere else, but I think the good outweighs the bad. It's within walking distance of campus, and is fairly new. Biggest complaint would have to be utility prices and pointless charges. They're pretty terrible about that here.

Overpriced for what it is considering 21 is 100 ft away and $200 less expensive. Also parking, at least in my building, is extremely hard to get at night since we share an extremely small lot with 2 other buildings ie it is always full past 8pm and if you get here past 10pm you have to go to "China", near visitor parking.

Helix is such a great place to live! I really love the close distance to campus and the nice amenities! The staff are always super friendly and helpful!

The amenities are awesome, and the staff is helpful, but parking and noise are definite drawbacks. The gym, pool, and study rooms are my favorite parts.

My experience living at Helix has been pretty good, but not the best. This was my first year living off of campus, and during this time I have encountered some difficulties adjusting. The random roommate selection was a challenge for me to overcome considering we come from different backgrounds and don’t always agree with the way things should go, and dealing with the noisey neighbors above me has also been challenging. I would rate my overall experience so far at three and a half stars.

I’ve had a great living experience!!! The staff is very nice, the maintenance is fast, and the facility/amenities are modern and very useful.

It’s a great living experience. The maintenance and administration is professional and make you feel at home. Suitable for comfort. Great apartment

Love being able to walk to campus. Apartments are nice. Parking can be awful so a premiere spot is recommended. If you want to have friends over, they have to park in Guam and walk. Which doesn’t make sense because the towing company tows residents with decals. Yeah, it happened to me last year.

It’s amazing. Location is unbeatable. The staff is super friendly. The prices are great for all that you get. The study rooms are the best part

Everything is great minus the parking. Anytime I need something fixed, the work order is fulfilled within the next 48 hours which is great. Also love the apartment in general and the furniture that came with it. I just hate how if you don’t have premium parking you have to park way out and the visitor parking is very much limited and can be a hassle when I want someone to come over.

The staff is friendly and I love their 24 hour fitness center. The maintenance people are always up for helping no matter how big or small the issue is. I would recommend Helix to anyone looking for clean, convenient student living!