Great people living here and super close to campus! I love the gym and the pool here. The staff and maintenance crew is super fast to any request they get. Overall great experience at Helix!!

Overall,Helix is a pretty good place to live. It is Close to campus, the amenities such as the study room, coffee station and free printing are great, The units are modern and spacious as well. I’m satisfied

Great experience, amenities are awesome, location is excellent, apartment quiet, modern and comfortable ! I don’t put 5* because I regret the pool is always close unfortunately

The apartment is beautiful, and the people are nice and welcoming. Helix is a great place where you can meet a lot of great people. I would definitely recommend this apartment complex.

Still can’t beat the proximity to campus. i have been living here for three years now, and this new round of staff is the most helpful. I wish we had a different utility company because there is always something wrong with the bill.

Helix is a close walk to campus, which is really nice. The amenities are really nice. The rent is a bit expensive and the service here isn't the best.

So far, living here as been great. Walking to my furthest classes is only a 15 minute drive because the Helix is so close to campus. The pool is huge and a lot of fun. My only downside would be how bad parking was at first, but it had recently gotten much better.

The community here is so great!! Everyone here is very friendly. I would have to say that my favorite part about living here would be being able to walk to campus... especially on game weekends ;)

Not entirely happy with apartment compatibility pairing. Seemed a lot more like the complex was filling a space rather than truly considering aptitude.

My only problems so far is that we need more parking spaces. We have too many unclaimed premier spots. Also we need visitor parking that’s somewhere close to the middle.

The amenities are the best part of living at Helix. The staff are always so nice and helpful and so are the residents! The Helix has such a unique style and will totally enhance your college experience!

I love my apartment community! This points system is great!!! What an easy way to earn rewards that I can actually use when I’m shopping!! Everyone is going to be so jealous

It’s pretty good, it was not clean when I moved in is my only complaint. Maintenance comes at a good response time. The gym and pool are great!

So far I’m loving it. Although, my neighbors upstairs are very noisy. I have a very fast and acceptable walk to campus. I love the gym and clubhouse.

I chose helix because of ther awsome amenities and because of how close they are to campus. I wojld gave to say being so close and not having to worry about driving to football games and class has been awsome. The only downside would be the apartment parking.

Helix is a great place to live, there are a lot of perks that come with living at Helix and being so close to the campus makes it even better.

I really like living here. There is just a lot of issues with there not being enough parking for residents who don’t want to pay 20 dollars a month for a premium pass. Also there are no where near enough visitor parking spaces for people who come to visit on the weekends and such.

On my first weekend here me and my roommates were hanging out and we decided to try and find some other people in the building and we met some dudes upstairs. Chill atmosphere.

I like the layout of the rooms themself but i fell like the apartments are fitted together in a way that wastes space. Also i feel like the parking lots are to narrow. And the should be guest parking at both ends of the complex

My experience here at Helix has been great! The services that you guys offer to better than any other. I also have had many great pool days and workout days here!

Everything is great so far. There are a few issues with aim broken or damaged things around the complex (Grill, gates). Other than that I like this much better than my previous complex.

The office staff is not the most helpful when it comes to solving problems and tends to get attitude when being asked to fix issues that they caused but overall the apartment is nice and the commute to campus is great.

Our stay has been awesome so far! Except for the occasional party upstairs with the blaring music, while trying to sleep. Besides that I have had a great time here at Helix.

The rooms are very nice and the pool and leasing office area also look great. One of the best parts is the fact that the complex is right next to campus.

The only problem I’ve had at Helix was that my elevator was down on moving day, and for a while afterwards so it made groceries and stuff difficult, but Other than that I haven’t had any problems or complaints