I really enjoy living in helix. The people working there are very nice and seem to care about keeping the residents happy. If there was one thing to complain about, it’s the ceilings are thin so we can hear the people above us when they play music, but besides that, helix is fantastic.

I haven’t been impressed with Helix Apartments. Maintenance works fast, but other than that, it is too expensive for what we get. Water quality and pressure are not good at all. Our sliding doors have come off of their hinges a few times. The pool was closed for a while. The study rooms are not available for use at the moment due to renovations. These could and should have been done in the summer before more residents needed them for classes and tests.

I love Helix and all the amenities they have to offer!! The maintenance staff is always on it, there ASAP after we submit requests! I just wish the rent wouldn’t keep going up!

So far I have had a great experience with the helix. The only complaint I have is the parking situation. There is way too many premiere parking spots and not enough general parking. Most of the time you get stuck parking all the way across the facility to walk to your building.

It has been an amazing experience living here. It’s such an upgrade from where I came from. Everything is nice and new. Staff and maintenance are EXTREMELY helpful. Everytime I have a problem, it is resolved within 24 hours. Love it here.

its a good place to live, close to campus and convenient walking disatance. There will be few problems with staff but besides that its a nice place.

The location is great. I walk to and from campus everyday and it doesn't take me longer than 10 minutes to get to my classes. It is a bit pricy, though, compared to all the other apartment complexes very close to campus, too. I've had a few maintenance issues, and I've had to fill out multiple maintenance requests just to resolve one problem.

I never faced any problem in my first year but this year, I feel management sucks. No one wants to help you in office. They keep charging me extra amount for months now.

Love the helix! The staff is great and the other residents are friendly! The WiFi always works super fast and the walk to mississippi state is super short.

I really enjoy living at Helix, but a lot of the time it smells like marijuana in my building. I live in building 152, and it seems like someone on maybe the 3rd or 2nd floor is always smoking.

I enjoy everything about livening here. Sometimes the neighbors/the people about me can be a little loud but besides that I’ve enjoyed it thus far.

I enjoy living here close to campus. My only complaint is how they handle the trash and how they charge you for random things that may not even be your fault.

Love the place, love the staff. The walking distance to class is amazing and the ability to access the gym or pool is great for it to be 24/7.

Helix’s staff is nice and friendly. They are on top of the packages and always check them in immediately. If anything went wrong, maintenance came and fixed it the same day.

Overall it’s a decent living experience but there are problems with upkeep of units, lack of space compared to other complexes, and just inconvenient living arranges. Coat closets are advertised in all units yet that’s not true. They also expect the residents to follow community rules that their employees don’t even follow like the trash butler rules. But overall it is a decent living experience minus a few hiccups.

So far no complaints! The staff is super sweet and willing to help! Move in day was easy, and the apartment was in great condition. Would recommend this place to anyone.

Usually I give better reviews but I have had a bad experience recently with Helix. The key to my door wasn’t working and ultimately resulted in me being locked out of my apartment for almost 3 hours. I sat and waited for Helix to open so they could reprogram my key(for the second time in 24 hrs) and the girl showed up 55 minutes early. I’m relieved and tell her my situation and instead of getting on it as she is there early she tells me to wait the rest of the hour because technically helix doesn’t open until 10 am. I was very much annoyed. Bad costumer service on her part.

It's been great living here! The staff is wonderful, the apartments are beautiful in wonderful condition. Safe community. Only real complaint is the paint job in my unit. The paint touch-ups are slightly mismatched to the original color.

It’s been great so far!! The walk to campus is not bad at all. The parking is a little rough sometime, but besides that I’m really enjoying it!

Living in the helix has been great. I enjoy the pool and gym. The noise isnt too bad and neither is the parking. The maintenance also has been good

Overall, it is great place to stay. It's very close and convenient to campus, so I save a lot of time not stressing about making it to class.

They will screw you on moveout. They tried to charge me $435 for paint and cleaning, glad I took pictures, but they are still going to charge me for paint and carpet cleaning which is still $300.

The walls/ceilings/floors are extremely thin. The hallways reek of either weed or dumpsters depending on the day. The staff are so rude all of the time.

I have been battling a maintenance issue since retiring in August which has kind of set me off. Love the amenities like free dinners and events, but I shouldn’t have to worry about the integrity of my unit.

Helix is a Great place to live and has a great location. Friendly staff is always helpful. Would recommend this apartment complex to everyone.