The pakig stinks and we need better sound proof because the walls are so thin to the point where I can hear my neighbors having sex. The stair ways are a bit messy as well

Change in management has been a disappointment to say the least. First they never informed us that our lease was up. Never told us about a package until a month later. Tried to charge us 181 dollars for who knows what. Make you do the DNA swab for your dog or charge you 150. Threatened for not being able to get to our garage door and now it's worse than before. These are just a starter. So I'd say a very poor management

My experience started off being difficult because of the neighbors lying on my family saying we were being loud every night. Another bad thing is that there are kids that come out everyday, screaming and fighting. So if you are trying to get some sleep, good luck with that because it’s impossible.

I really do mot live living here for a few reasons. First my neighbor always have trash on hisbporch even after complaining serval times. Then its never any parking spaces near my apartment. I live in building 3 and had to park my the office many nights.

Getting better.. I still think that things could be better inside the apartments. Like doing more for residents that have be here for years.

I think you guys are doing ok. Although i had to figure out where the trash can was on my own as well as the mail boxes. But over all your guys service is fine.

I haven't lived here very long, but so far I like it pretty well. The apartment was exactly as they promised it. Parking isn't very well, and when people take up 2 parking spaces that sucks. As far as safety goes.. I feel safer than I did but have had someone not leave me alone and it's just a little sketchy.

Staff has been friendly but even after we have paid 270 dollars they have not acted very urgently to approve our application although we have stated clearly we are in a hurry. Not to mention they already had our 270 dollars in their pocket.

The apartments are basic but do the job. Great maintenance guys! Always attentive and quick to tend to problems. Those two have great customer service.

I have cockroaches and my apartment smells like cigarette smoke from my downstairs neighbors (probably smoke inside; at least smells like it). Ive told management, and they did nothing. Not trying to be rude, but come on now. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Other than that its a nice place to live and have had minimal problems with anything else.

I really enjoy living at highland pointe! The only problem I have is there have been multiple times that the office has been closed before the actual closing time, and I've had to wait an extra day for a package.

Pretty good job so far. I'm enjoying my new apartment and loving the peace and quiet around the apartment complex. Would recommend this place to others

I like it here! But, the parking situation kind of sucks... I'm thinking about upgrading to covered parking so I can always have a parking spot! And the balcony privacy is still sort of bothering me but other than all that, I enjoy the quite of the complex and my neighbors seem very friendly

I'm enjoying being part of their community so far. I like having this community contest also. My only complaint is I would like to jade my garage a little closer.

I love this place! It's quiet and safe. There are always fun events going on. Finding a pet friendly place to rent is hard, especially for a decent price. I'd definitely recommend Highland Pointe!

Good community just wish notes were put out earlier. Went on vacation and came back to find y'all had started building work and our stuff was on porch

So far so good. Real quiet neighbors. Everyone seems to be friendly. The apartment looks amazing, way better then my last place i rented. Overall good experience so far.

This is a very quiet community. The property is always clean and the maintenance is great. They have good prices for the area that they are in. They are also close to great schools for the kids!

It is nice so far staff is friendly and everything is clean so far. I really like the 24/7gym and the playground. The pool is a little small but its clean.

Love highland pointe maumelle. Would refer them to anyone. Quiet, spacious, nice apartments. Love the staff and the area I live in. If ppl come to maumelle this is it

I love how quiet & well maintained my property is! my neighbors are great and the leasing office staff are very quick at responding to me. I couldn't ask for anything better

We are doing great here at the apartment complex. My boys really enjoy living here at the apartment. They always love to go swimming and ridding there bikes out side

I had one incident where I ghink some kids were playing and stole things from my car, but I guess the yard people found my stuff in the grass. Usually it's a nice and quiet place!

A few loud residents late at night (after 11). Some dog poop left on grass for days. Upstairs neighbors loud at weird disruptive times, usually around 3 a.m. Parking is not great with a baby, especially on grocery night. Playground is nice and on the whole, the complex is good.

Highland Pointe is conveniently located and well-maintained with very quick response from management and maintenance for any issue that needs to be addressed. It is generally quiet except for when large groups of kids gather at the nearby gazebo and scream at each other. I realize that is not the fault of the apartment, but is nevertheless part of the resident experience. It would also be nice if the front office stayed open a little later to allow residents to pick up packages after work. Currently, if I had a package delivered and held at the front office, I would need to either pick it up the next day when the office opens (and show up late for work) or take a long lunch break and drive down from Conway and back to get it.