Quiet neighborhood. I missed it here. I love the pool. My son loves the playground and my whole family loves the 50cent sodas! A have a few friends that wanna live here.

Hillhurst is a quiet community filled with nice people. It has an outdoor pool, great landscaping, a playground, and other great amenities. Its apartments are spacious & new. It is a pleasure to live there.

Great community, and great managemen! Happy to live here! It is always so great to be able to swing into the office, just to say hello! My neighbors are all so great! Looking forward to using the pool!

Nice place to live. Moved here in 2009 to 2012. We left because we had to leave state for business for a year. So as soon as we got back to town we came back to stay at hillhurst.

Nice and quiet here. Thanks for that. Don't like the idea of having to pay to pay rent, but I understand the business. Customer care is great and service is too.

Nice place to live. We had minor setbacks, but all is well now. It is close to the parkways, and some shopping. I like it here, they have a great maintenance team here. Also the managers are nice too.

It has been good so far. Getting adjusted and making it work has been tough but it is getting there. Do not have a lot of time to stay home because I work a lot. Hope things will get better soon. But so far it has been good. I do not know my neighbors!

It has been a good experience so far with the exception of the minor spider infeststion that is apparent in the warm months especially, we have not had any major issues. Its a very quiet and safe neighborhood.

Great customer service, timely maintenance, clean grounds, we'll lit parking ...no noise disturbances. ..location is perfect for me, so close to everything. ..

You guys are great. The staff here are friendly, courteous, and professional. I like everything about this property except maybe the laundry room.

How do you expect me to express my honest experience in 140 characters...that's a tweet. Anyway, I'm glad hillhurst is under new management.

The place is kept clean but the upkeep is minimum Its close to downtown and its close to the interstate if you need to travel back and fourth

I love living here, the front office is great at responding to residents needs in a timely matter. My neighborhood is quite and it feels safe here.

It has been ok to stay at Hillhurst. Under new management means hopefully new changes. I know when the times come for me to move and move on to bigger home planning, I'm going to miss living there. One good thing to know is that I can always come back.

The residents that cannot follow the rules or keep their children under contol...if you could resolve this, it would be an awesome place to live!!

I moved in in April 2016. So far everything is great with one exception. The staff are extremely responsive to all request and do so very promptly. The neighborhood is quiet and very convenient to work and other neighborhood stores and other services. I have no complaints about the location. In general the expense of living here is very reasonable. The only thing that I am dissatisfied with is the new system for billing for water services. It is frustrating to have no control at all concerning the amount of the water service expense each month. The formula is so complicated and there is no access as far as I know to the raw data that is plugged into that formula that there appears to be virtually no accountability for the water service charges

Like the apartment but dont like the idea how it run because im confused how it included the water but not oncluded run over the income The place r nice to live in

The management and maintenance staff at Hillhurst are really easy to communicate with and whenever I have an issue they are quick to respond. The grounds are also kept up well.

I don't understand why the parking lots got repaved. I am excited for the new laundry room! Overall, the complex is really well run and very prompt in resolving matters.

I love my neighbors and the entire staff is so friendly. I love the way the water bill is handled now so you know the set amount to pay in rent.

Very friendly staff, quick to respond to repair requests, even for small things. Online rent pay is convenient, but too high for the fee. water leak somewhere by the pool keeps the sidewalk wet, mossy, and slippery.

Everything is great so far! The property is clean and all the remodeling looks great! It's a great complex. Not too much noise and people seem to be friendly.

Um haven't had any problems or complaints up to this point. Everyone seems nice and friendly. I was told a dog park was being constructef but haven't seen anything yet.

This is a wonderful community to live . Very clean and quite. With a prime location right next in the city and the interstate. The maintaince and office team are very polite and kind

The staff is wonderful and the grounds are always clean. The noise level is very low. If I call the office for any reason I always am taking care of.