Fun place! I've lived here for 3 years now! The management and leasing agents are always friendly and ready to help however they can! Thanks y'all!

very fast maintenance. Once I reported something need to be repaired and then went to the supermarket, the item had been repaired when I got home. It only take two hours to finish it. satisfied with this.

Staff is friendly and helpful. They respond to maintenance requests very quickly. Facilities and complexes could be a little cleaner and nicer.

We really enjoy living here. There are lots of activity areas for my son to play. The 2 pools are kept clean and the indoor fitness center and b-ball court are nicely updated. The building is well insulted and therefor its quiet and my energy bills are low. The area is nice, and convenient access to major roadways 😊

The community is very peaceful i have not had a single problem the management are very nice and polite but the best aspect of it all is that they let you live lol i know in some places that can be hard to find even if you pay rent..great place

A nice place to live mostly, not perfect but comfortable and reliable service. Office staff is friendly and competent and the maintenance staff are reliable

I am liking the place so far. Some small things when I first moved in last month like the A/C wasn't working and the shelf in my closet wasn't attached to the wall but the a/c got fixed the same day I filed the request so I'm happy.

It's been an awesome experience. Easy, smooth, and almost effortless. The staff is always friendly and ready with a smile. I would recommend.

Just moved in and everything is okay so far besides the parking being a headache. The visitors parking is always full. But so far it seems to be a nice place to live.

Apt are amazing. I would love to upsize when my lease is up. community is quite and nice. neighbors are very nice as well.perfect for my small little family.

So far so good, neighbors are nice, maintenance request are always filled. Thinking about renewing my lease if things continue to go well here at this complex

I'm very happy I decided to move to Hunt Club. The complex is kept neat and it is very quiet. I love the gym and weight room because I don't have to pay for a gym membership anymore. The management team is great.

Love living here but it has gotten a lot noisier over the last few years. Great place to live though, overall! Friendly office staff, maintenance quick to respond to work orders.

Great price for two bedroom, and the staff are willing to work with you if any issues arise. Maintenance is also quick to respond. The improved exterior is also greatly appreciated.

We have lived here for 10m now (first time in 25yrs living in an apartment) and particularly like the location and space of the 2b Quarterhoarse plan! Also The office staff are friendly, helpful and the maintenance staff have fixed any issues quickly which from other apartment reviews this is not always the case so we do appreciate that! The only complaint we have is lately there has been more trash lying around the grounds and our breezeway, did not notice this when we first moved in so I am sure tthis is going to be fixed. Also Very dog friendly and my dog enjoys the dog park!

Havent had any issues lately, thank you for that. We are used to having to argue with our past apartments so the fact that we dont have to here is nice.

Great place. Weird people live here but the staff nice is supervhelful and nice. Maintenece is always a call away..they work with you and your rent payment options.

Quiet community and convenient with two playgrounds. Office staff is helpful and friendly. There is quite a bit of trash around the complex, but I do see maintenance walking around daily picking it up.

Such a great complex, we are going to be renewing our lease for another year and I couldn't be happier. The staff is forever helpful and they are very good with keeping you up to date about anything going on in the complex; water issues, maintenance, power outages...

So far I am having a great experience at the Hunt Club! I like that it's quiet and shady. One of the things I like the most is the playscape right outside in walking distance along with the swimming pool.

The staff is very nice and responds quickly if there ever is an issue. Everyone was very nice and helpful, the staff is very friendly love it here.

It's clean the community is so nice and the monthly rent is low . I haven't had a problem , it's quiet at night and it's a nice place to live in.

So far so good. Can't complain. It's pretty quiet for the most part. The few times I've called maintenance they came and fixed the issue pretty quickly

Great complex. We have lived here for over three years and have enjoyed it immensely. Perhaps security should be increased as at times. Rent needs to be negotiated at every lease renewal though.

Over all a good community to live in. Ever since new management took over things have improved. Before it was a bit rough but I fell in love with the location. Great job!