New management provides quick services than before... maintenance work is faster than in the past. Remodeling leasing office and gym which has more new equipments

Great area. Friendly leasing agents. Clean landscaping. I wish the neighbors would pick up after their dog poop. Great gym!! Parking can be challenging because their isn't enough spaces available.

I've lived at Hyde Park Enclave for approximately 3.5 years now. I haven't had any major issues and anytime I needed something fixed, they were always quick to do the repairs.

Its a good place for live... I am happy to live here I have 9 months and this had been a good experiences. I hope renevew my rent the next year :)

You guys are doing great. Everything is handled in a professional Manner and done in an reasonable time. I really take hats off to the maintenance team. Those guys put in hard professional work

Location is great. Maintenance comes in a timely manner. Parking is starting to get a little better as well. Very quiet for the most part. Nice area.

Its been a great experience here. I just really wish I could moved down to a 1 bedroom ive been here for 6 months now and my job cut hours so its kind of hard to pay.

Hydepark management did a great job. They need to extend pool timings and also need some more security inside the society. Gym facility is good.

I've lived here 7 months and it's been quite pleasant. I have had a few complaints with staff but nothing to turn me away from renewing my lease.

My experience has been great for the year I've been living here! Great amenities inside of the apartment, a well-kept clubhouse, a nice and quaint gym with new equipment, a quiet and clean community, super quick maintenance, good communication on the apartment's behalf, in addition to a nice, friendly environment suitable for singles or families. The issues that have taken place in the past were well communicated and fixed in a timely manner (e.g. the electronic key fobs not working after a strong storm or the gate not working). The pool area can get a bit noisy from time to time, but it appears to be decent, clean and fun involving younger groups of friends or families celebrating different occasions. Of course no place is perfect. It needs to be kept in mind that we are next to quite a bit of foliage and brush, so bugs are bound to find their way in from time to time. Pest control has maintained the majority of them for me, but I cannot think of a major complaint I've had since living here. Not to mention, the location is perfect. There are grocery stores less than a mile away, in addition to gas stations, pharmacies and multiple parks right down the road within biking distance. Great for those who commute Downtown, provided that Addicks Park and Ride and I-10 is no more than 115 minutes away ( during rush hour). I would certainly recommend living here!

Overall great experience, highly recommended. Good neighborhood and well maintained units. The staff is awesome. The units are very spacious and well thought out. Nice amenities including pool and gym.

I have not had any issue's sense I have moved back. I have always enjoyed living here. Prior to moving back I lived here for 5 yrs and that's why i moved back.

No complaints. Well maintained. Quite place. Enough parking spaces. Close to all restaurants and stores. Great location with parks near by. Staff is friendly.

you all are doing great. wonderful. please cut that tree down by my stairs, it hits me in the face. I like the area I am in. the office staff is good

Great complex! Staff is quick and efficient! Lived in our Apt. For 3 years now :) moving this year only due to being transferred to Florida for work

I've been a resident at Hyde Park for nearly two years now, and I can honestly say it's the best apartment I've lived in (by about a mile and a half) . Clean, friendly staff, beautiful leasing office, quiet, gym, pools, etc. Just beef up the security a tad and I would have zero complaints.

I have lived at Hyde Park for almost 11 years and I really like this complex! Great maintenance and grounds-keeping and several fun events planned for residents.

It's a nice place to live, I truly recommend. I'm been living here one year and is a nice, clean, quiet place. The apartments have good location near to I10, restaurants area and the park.

Hyde park at enclave is an adequate apartment complex. I have had issues with maintenance that too quite some time to resolve, but have been resolved.

I've been living here for almost two years now and i haven't had any complaints! I truly love my apartment, no bugs, no break ins. Every time i go inside the leasing office they are always very friendly

My experrience with hyde park is good,staffs r very co-operating,maintenance is good,neighbourhood is very comfortable, very friendly environment.

Hyde Park is a great community since the new management has taken over. Although I have noticed a lot of "riff-raff" moving in, they play their loud music, throw trash on the grounds and put their mattresses and furniture out IN FRONT of the dumpsters instead of closer by it or in it. Not to mention, I am unsure of WHY there is a dog park when the residents near me take there dogs right downstairs and refuse to clean up their pet waste. We should have a park or play area for our kids instead!!

Management is doing a great job for the HydePark Apartment community. Maintenance team is very prompt. Helpdesk facility is very useful. Staffs always welcome everyone with pleasant smile.

I am living in Hyde park from last one year.Very nice community , nice neighborhood and facilities . Very friendly staff and prompt response for maintenance .

Lived here for 3 years. Happy with my stay at Hyde Park, very comfortable since moving to Houston. I enjoy the neighborhood and Hyde Park is one of the prime complexes.