Fix the washer and dryer problem. Sometimes they all don't work. I love the garden and how everyone pitch in to help it grow. More activties on the weekends.

Fairly quiet area, maintenance doesn't respond very quickly, lots of people don't pick up their dog poop, pretty view of trees from balcony.

I enjoy iconic village. I like the events they have and how lax their parking rules tend to be. Rent is pretty cheap, especially for two bedrooms, and maintence is quivk.

Love it and the people who work here!!! Most of my neighbors are respectful and quite. Most of them have animals and we have little play dates outside!

It's great but I've had a maintenance request in for like 2 months and it still hasn't been fixed. Other than that it's absolutely perfect!!

I enjoy living here :) it's right up the hill from school and the rent is probably the lowest in the area. I don't have loud neighbors and my apartment complex fixes any problems I have usually same day!

The carpet and interior needs to be a little updated as well as the dog park. It would be nice to have a few more amenities, but I like some of the office activities they do.

Amazing! Y'all helped us out when we needed it! And you guys are so understanding! When something is acting up, you fix it as fast as possible!

I really enjoy living at Vintage pads for the most part! My roommate match was awesome & the walk to campus is soooo close! Only thing that is a negative is we live super close to the Main Street so we hear allll the loud cars at night!

Everything has gone well so far! The apartments are convenient and easy to maintain. Only complaints are slow maintenance and dog park needs work (not cleaning up after dog needs to be enforced more, perhaps agility equipment for the dogs to play on).

I enjoy the apartment complex and its location. I work on North Guadalupe street and have a very simple commute through the Texas State campus.

Alright, my ceiling fan sounds likes it's gonna fall off but that's about it. You guys are pretty alright. It isn't the nicest place and I think the rent should be cheaper for how not so awesome the apartments look but it's cool.

Matienence requests take too long to be completed, even when they are simple fixes that would take no more than 5 minutes. I do enjoy living here though and I like the pool and dog park.

Love the aproximity to campus. Love that the office is willing to help and answer some of my questions and concerns. The price is not bad for an apartment close to campus. Great area too!

I love the location of Iconic Village. It's close to school, and I can easily walk to and from my classes. I like that there are community gardens, and that Iconic stresses green living. My neighbors are fine, though sometimes loud, especially when driving in late at night. People consistently drive in and blast music as loud as possible extremely late at night.

They are pretty cool. Genna is nice and friendly for sure and the other staffs are okay. They do help you out with any questions and concerns.

I am an international student at Texas state and I found Vintage pads as home. This complex is very private and no interference. It is very spacious and affordable.

I've had no problems living at Vintage Pads, and the staff have all been great and very helpful. I've lived here for two years so far, and I've already renewed my lease for a third year.

Great staff, very helpful. Maintenance responds quickly to request. Quiet most of the time, never had problems with other residents. Love that each person signs their own lease.

I love living at Iconic Village! Maintanance requests are always addressed quickly and effectively. The office staff are friendly and helpful!

I think you guys are doing very well in communication and fixing what needs to be fixed when we share concerns. wish there were more flowers

The staff and maintenance are usually helpful and the rent is very affordable. The apartment complex isn't fancy but will meet your basic needs and is in a great location.

I enjoy living here. The community areas around Iconic are generally kept well tidy. The only issue, I would say, is that there are a lot of wasps nest being left unattended.

everyone is really friendly here, but i've had a lot of maintenance problems that have taken a long time to get fixed. also my apartment did not come with a dish washer or anything even though the pictures that i was shown before when i moved in included them. i wish someone would of told me my apartment wouldn't of had this stuff because of the way it was built.

A good apartment community for the texas state university students. The apartment is good and the rent is affordable. It has a good swimming pool which is maintained properly.Overall a good apartment for the students.