it's extremely close to campus. Management is extremely friendly and will do whatever they can to help you with your problems. Surrounded by numerous bars that I can walk safely home from.

Iconic Village is really a unique place. I love how close it is to campus and the very laid back atmosphere there is. I also love the price. At Iconic Village I am able to afford a two bedroom which means I only need one roommate, which is wonderful because it means I don't have to try and keep up with a lot of people when Electricity comes due.

Walk to campus is nice. Have some maintenance problems though and it's always uber cold by the windows. For awhile my shower wasn't even warm enough to be pleasant.

The management has always been pretty chill the entire time I've been here and the community of people around me has always been constantly rather fun to be around.Not to mention the low rent. It definitely doesn't hurt by any means.