I have loved being a resident of Inwood Station Apartments! I have only been here for a few weeks, but so far everything has gone smoothly! Would highly recommend!

Love living here! Been here for only 1 month but I already love it. Great amenities. Never seen anything that bothered me. No messy neighbors. Feel safe. Really great!

Staff has been amazing and the community is nice. Very welcoming to pets! Wish I found this apartment earlier. Maintenance is on point and incredibly responsive.

I walked in took a tour within the first 20 mins and feel in LOVE. Signed the papers and moved in all within 4 hours. The employees here are so kind and helpful. Made my move so easy and seem less. I’ve been here for a little over a month and I love it. Thank you for providing a safe environment for us and just keeping everything updated and clean. I’m happy to be a resident here.

such a clean community , maintenance is always around to help , they’re great ! don’t see myself moving from this complex any time soon , great amenities.

The Staff is very personable. Makes me feel like I have a family away from my family ... Doesn’t slack on doing community events to keep people connected.

I have loved living at Inwood Station so far! I've been here close to 3 months and have been very satisfied. I had a few maintenance issues early on (freezer temperature and ant infestation) and the staff responded quickly. I occasionally hear steps from the floor above me and music from my neighbor, but not that often (less than other apartment and no more than expected in an apartment). I use the fitness center about 5 days of the week and love it! It has everything you need, and is usually fairly empty aside from the regulars who are super friendly! Before moving in, I was nervous about living in a studio, but I love my apartment more than any I've ever lived in before!

Pretty nice besides all the dog lovers around. I really like the fitness facility. It has a punching bag! Lol. Buying a reserved spot is definitely a must here. Parking in the garage is limited even for residents. And without the reserved spot if you leave in the afternoon, be prepared to not even park on the floor you live. But besides that it’s really nice but kind of expensive

I like it pretty much, but I found that some residents left the poop of their pets in the hall and also in the areas of walk around, I know that this is not completely your problem, but I found out twice in a week.

Everything is great. Just one problem: The restroom near the cyber cafe is always out of hand soap, and the trashcan is almost always full of towels.

Great community. Awesome maintenance team. Good amenities. Good leasing team. Apartments clean, good closet. I like the security too. It's been really good till now.

The staff is very friendly and very responsive to emails and questions! I really appreciate how easy they made it for us to move in and find the perfect apartment :)

Nice clean community. Perfectly located near public transportation and uptown. I enjoy the study and entertainment areas, they are well kept and best of all open 24/7.

I love living here. I like the variety of activities the have for the residents. The staff is super friendly and go beyond to make you happy if you have a problem. The building is safe I have never had any security problems. Great community to live

I just moved in today. So far everyone seems friendly and the staff is super helpful. I love the apartment building and hope it will be as magical as it seems.

I've lived here for a year, great apartments/finish outs/and amenities. If it was in a more walkable area I would stay! Chances of the coffee machine being out of order is 50/50. Great pool.

It’s like a resort! I’m beyond happy! The amenities are endless, it’s dog friendly, and the location is next to so many fun bars & restaurants! It’s perfect!

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Amazing Community , I love to live here. The amenities are unique, so far a great experience and very close to the Dart station, which is great.

Have a big "Wow/Thank You" to the maintenance guy named Luis! The A/C in the apartment went out and on, thank goodness, the cooler day of September so far. After the service request was placed, I touched base with the front office to describe in more detail about the issue. Thinking it would wait till tomorrow or even Monday, I went back and opened windows to at least cool the place down a bit for the evening. Before I could even sit down after work and watch the news, here is Luis knocking at the door Not only did he proceed to fix the A/C he was upset that he didn't get to it sooner because of a pressing water issue in the other building. His dedication, along with his genuine enthusiastic attitude, very agreeable and friendly personality, and his knowledge about this complex's inner workings is well appreciated. Thank you Luis!

Great experience. I especially like the community activities. I live by green belt and bugs sometimes get into the apartment. But other than that I have enjoyed living at Inwood Station.

Really enjoying living here so far! It’s been a great experience and I love the convenience of everything! This is the best place I have lived thus far!

Great complex. Love the location and amenities. I would recommend this complex to anyone. But let go ahead and try to meet the 140 text characters required to make this review....lol

Great location and beautiful complex with beautiful finish out in each unit. Grounds and Community areas kept beautiful. Easy access to all the gray areas of Dallas uptown Deep Ellum downtown and Northpark Mall

Everyone has been so helpful! I got a dolly when I needed help moving in, everyone said hello and offered to help me, and the residents are extremely friendly.