The experience at the resident is good, its cool and calm, and the environment is so peaceful. The roommates also are well behaved, disciplined and organized. Am glad residing here

Mainence is slow to fix stuff, but other than that it's fine to live here. The pool is good, the grills work well the front desk workers are nice.

Living here is always great ! I have been here for a few years now and that is mainly because the people here are friendly and the community is convenient.

The apartments are visually appealing and full of great amenities for an affordable price. I like the convenience of the direct UT bus stop in front of the complex.

Neighbors are grea, amenities are fine some problems with the unit such as roast infestation. Overall not bad of an apartment complex especially for the rate rent is at

Living here is very affordable. The units are decent, and you get your own roomy room which is great. Maintenance is usually done in a timely manner, but I've had very little problems with anything.

All is wonderful but I think our apartment need more security service. Although we have the front door for prevent strangers but it did not funtion. It opens all the time.

I have had an overall decent experience living in the Quad West thus far. When I visit the office, the staff have generally been kind. I must admit that the odd business hours do hinder some things like picking up packages. Or if someone needs something done regarding their unit or lease, and work 9-5, the business hours seem less intuitive, and more annoying. That said, it's a good location and reasonable accommodations for the price of living in Austin.

Living here is okay. The gates are always open so it makes safety kind of iffy. The front desk people are helpful for the most part. A down side is the visitors parking, it’s not very visible so you get towed fast

I don't spend much of my time in my apartment because of school, but whenever I am in my apartment, it is usually very calm. Also, the parking lot is poorly lit as there are trees covering the lighting. Other than that, my experience for the last two years has been positive.

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The apartments are clean and the provided furniture made moving in for school easy. The office hours aren't great since the new owners took over (only open from 12 to 5)

Probably the best apartments for students for the price and what's included, but the area is not great. New management has been making things look better and has been more professional.

its good and it is not that expensive, it is kind of cheap. The upgraded apartments are super nice and the rooms are very roomy. The basketball court is pretty nice as well.

It’s not bad living here, everything works fine it’s just our bathroom floor needs to be repainted that’s the only thing I’ve been waiting on everything else is great

From taking a tour to moving in, I was highly disappointed in the communication from the front office. There were times after I signed a lease where I was unsure if I would have a unit to move into. However, since moving in the experience has been great so I forgive the miscommunication.

Very nice and helpful everyone in this community are very patient and have so much to offer with assistant even maintenance is very good at helping out too

It's been good the pool is awesome. The kitchen is great though some times the smoke alarms go off for the littlest thing, but it's fine at least I know it works. The rooms are nice. The living room is comfortable. I love the windows. The bus is easy to find. The HEB is easy to get to from here which is a good thing.

Great place to live in for students! The rent and utility bills are affordable. The only con I could think of is that they need better customer service, but it’s alright nonetheless.

Lowest rent for your own bedroom nearby to UT Austin. Surrounding areas may be a bit sketchy after dark, but haven't had any real problems so far.

Better than expected after reading a lot of negativity. My building is super quiet and that's a definite plus. The one issue I had was taken care of same day.

First time living on my own since I moved out of my parents house and I chose to stay at these apartments. It was great decision. Glad I went with these.

So far it has been great living here, but what I would like is if we can get stuff fixed in our apartments faster when we submit our request

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Finding out about this place came right at the perfect time. I absolutely love its location. Without a car, it's a huge convenience being next to a HEB and 8 bus routes.

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The apartment is good but office hour of the leasing office is very limited. I cannot get my packages in weekdays. When I got home from work, they are long gone.

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I have lived here since August, I like it so far. The move in was a bit rough, but that's because it is student housing and everyone moved in at once. The pool is clean, the exercise area is small, but well stocked, and my Central air works, It's nice.

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