Very nice and cozy. Love all the grass and trees. Mostly quiet. The only thing that I don't like is that most of the time there isn't any guest parking spaces open.

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Customer service is good. The ladies are very nice. The offices are clean. Maintenance is efficient. Apartments are comfortable. Continue with the good work.

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It was good. Had a few issues with the parking being taken the first week but that issue was solved. Also the apartment has a pet odor that won't go away. Overall its been good

My experience at the la vista apartments has been very good. Friendly neighbors, newly renovated apartment and the staff is very friendly aswell. The only reason for the 4 star and not a 5 star review,it is right next to a train track and it can be very loud on weekday mornings with the trains horn. Other than that, I highly recommend.

Like living here close to shopping areas.I love the ammenities here . Like goin to the pool here and there . It’s a nice place to live I like the community here

Apartments are in good condition but a bit dirty when we first moved in, staff is very helpful. Neighbors are nice although a bit noisy. Good place to live in overall.

I have not had a very pleasant experience here. Drinking in cars, my vehicles have been peed on, the drunk people walk up and get into your face unprovoked. And the people who are getting rides in the morning their rides like to lay on the horns until there passenger gets in the car

I love my apartment but I don’t much care for the neighborhood. I also don’t like the street vendors or other people who knock on my door at all hours of the day.

Multiple families living in one home all around me, the inside is awesome ! Staff is beyond amazing ! Parking isn’t the greatest, the water issue with having to separate bills due to there not being multiple meters

From the moment i aquired about this apartment. The whole staff was kind and courteous. Irene in my opinion is the perfect employee. And the grounds at these apartments are very well kept.

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It's a great place to live in but needs a little but of fixing from the inside like for example renovate the inside with new equipment and try to improve the luxury for the residents becouse at the end in the Santa Maria with la Vista apartments rent there should be something that makes this place special and I think they are missing that thing but over all its a good place

It is cool place to live in cuz i have all the entertainments you wish. And it is Safe place also the neighborhood is safe, but the neighbors are little bit noisy.

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I wouldnt live here if i didnt have to- the maintenance is great but the landscaping comes at a noisy cost. thin walls, outdated units need to be demolished

Rent is a little on the expensive side, but all in all it is a very nice community with a great location. Amenities are great and well kept.

La vistas apartment were fun at first obviously without knowing the conditions. Every evening there’s people knocking at your door trying to sell things like Mexican snacks and what notes there’s always kids outside your door, trust me you’ll hear them. Grown men peeing in the bushes or near the dumpsters.

My cars are always getting broken into and when i tell the office they say basically your assed out no cameras kids steal my kids toys from the patio there's always trash thrown everywhere and never no dang parking i always have to park like 2 blocks down from my apartment and every time we get new neighbors it never fails we start seeing a roach or two it sucks but it is a roof so got to be thankful and rent is always a different price it is never consistent

Great neighborhood besides loud neighbors at inappropriate times, as well as constantly having random sales people knock on my door. The parking/driving area is also tight sometimes because there’s people who park in the middle of wherever they’d like for however long they like. And coming home to my parking spot taken.

I like it here and there is nothing to not like the way they maintain the premises is really great and it is on going had dogs upstairs for first year and that took getting used to .Still need to check out pool area.

Unfortunately, the maintenance on the complex has diminished significantly. Our stair case needs two steps repaired, cob web removed and rain gutters repaired.

Love living in this apartment complex ..... I would like more security and it would be nice if the pool Was for residents only because it’s pretty hard to use when they are packed

Neighbors are sometimes loud and they take our parking spots. The laundry room has no machine to refill laundry card. I have to walk across the street to refill it.

The neighbors are a bit loud but I guess it’s fine. Also I like the floors but our fridge leaks water when it’s hot and the maintenance said he can’t fix it.

Too many gunshots. Drawers falling apart. Uneven flooring. Rent too expensive and when I first moved in I thought water and trash was included.

Honestly there nice appartments but there's so many people and so little parking available there's been car jackings and cars broken into (my own car) no type of security or camera system to help protect your residence and there property. roaches when we first move I'm clogged bath and restroom sink fixed myself they did send someone right away to fix roach problem which was nice but car break ins office is no help and camera'ould help but no and a bunch of weird people who don't live here walking around acting weird

Very nice experience with applying for the apartment. Irene was very helpful. Can’t waut to move in next month. The apartments are nice and so are the pools