Not a fan of living here at all. Roach problem when I moved in. My roommate and I got locked out of our Apartment because the door died. We were told it would be dealt with in the morning. We had to find somewhere else to stay that night.

No repairs get fixed. The towing has been deceptive and misleading. The CA's are very helpful and have not been the problem. My shower doesn't drain, we have no AC, and my dryer does not work. This has been miserable

There was a lot of things wrong with my apartment and still is. If this was fix it would have been good and everything was together when we first moved in i would of been fine

My experience here has been difficult something is always going wrong here . The staff does there best to help me but I should not have issues with my apartment every single month

My dryer has been broken since I’ve moved in and my place smells like mildew or mold. My microwave vent was taped on with clear scotch tape. The holes in the wall were filled with toothpaste and painted over in the wrong color. That is only a small part of my experience.

I have yet to receive anything for having to move in a hotel due to my toilet been broken with speaking to the manager she said some was going to be done but it haven’t yet also she never reached out about the issue

I believe Management could be better. Maintenance needs improvement as well ! Other than that apartment complex is overall okay! The towing company is unnecessary!

Wifi is not consistent. Poor customer service. Work requests and maintenance takes FOREVER. Breezeways in the apartments are always filthy. I have been living here for 3 months & I still have not received an electric bill.

Smell is horrible (weed/smoke) Put in 4 maintenance requests on top of turning in my check in sheet and none are done Nasty No evidence of pest control, even though that’s part of the lease Definitely would NOT recommend to anyone

Apartment is good Staff not helpful with maintenance. Give general replies not willing to solve the issues instantly . WiFi provider worst.

Amenities are great and the manager is very helpful but the prices, cleanliness, construction constantly inconviencing whether it be mold or renovations... ect... overall bad experience

Nice apartments , a few problems , maintenance moves a bit slow . Overall great place for an affordable price . I do wish the outside was kept up a little better especially around the dumpsters

You get what you pay for. It’s a great community, but stuff is always broke. My dryer, sink, garbage disposal, as well as other complications.

It’s a cool place could be better .. I’ve been asking to get the stuff fixed in my apartment since I’ve been here almost 2 weeks now still not fixed ...I’ve called the emergency 3 times since I’ve been here nobody answered

Just wasn’t the greatest. Walks thin and maintained wasn’t great. I really just didn’t like the location and we had people firing off guns and no one would let us know and that’s not okay

I will be renewing for the fall because this is a decent rate and I am settled. My neighbor's aren't great. The amenities are good. They have awesome community engagements.

I’ve loved my experience so far at the Lafayette place but they take a while to fix things. I had a problem with my washer and I put in a maintenance request and it’s been over a week.

The apartments could be more kept up, and maintenance requests are not fulfilled promptly. I believe the rent is very overpriced for the apartments, considering the bed is a full and the furniture isn't the nicest. My dishwasher hasn't been fixed complete and things fall apart on the daily. I have tried to get them fixed but mostly they only get repaired as a temporary fix and come right back apart.

I previously rated Lafayette Place 5 stars when I first moved here in June. However, since then I have had several issues with my apartment, as well as the management staff. There are two employees that seem to genuinely enjoy their job, and are capable of answering any questions or resolving any issues you may have. The others simply don’t care. The only time you will get anything accomplished from these employees is by going to the office personally and demanding that something is done. I’ve also had a maintenance request cancelled by one of the staff without the issue being resolved. I won’t be renewing my lease here.

It’s a nice place convenient location but maintenance takes forever to fix problems and they only do one at a time. The front desk is very nice and the mail service is good.

While the staff have all been friendly and there have been lots of great things, the requests for maintenance are basically completely ignored.

It is good so far. I love the staff and their good energy but I hated the way my apartment was when I moved in. There were an big amount of bugs and it took awhile to get under control. I don’t believe I should have had to pay so much money just to feel comfortable in a place that should have been clean and pest free.

Overall, it’s fine. Maintenance is an issue and I feel like there’s a lot of extra expenses (parking, etc.) that’s not mentioned when touring. Noise can be an issue, but it’s better recently.

The price is pretty good and the front office are easy to approach. While that being said the units and amenities are in need of trees it and it isn’t always easy to get them fixed.

When I moved in the stove didn’t work, the washer only worked on hot, the blinds were broken, the freezer didn’t produce ice, the fridge light didn’t work, the sink was leaking at the bottom and a couple more small things were not to standard. I don’t know how this happened but I feel like my roommate and I got a horrible apartment that is an older version that we are paying the upgraded prices for.