I haven’t been here long but I love it so far. Everyone is friendly and the location is nice and feels very safe, The staff here is very helpful with any and all questions.

I love Lafayette place it’s nice and peaceful! I have never had a problem since I’ve been here and my rent and very reasonable I invited more people to come check y’all out!

Yes, I have really enjoyed living here at Lafayette Place it quite and has a great location complex is always clean. The work here are very polite and friendly at all times, work is done on time after being reported.

I love it here, the staff is so friendly and helpful! I am so glad I decided to live here. I will for sure renew my lease and tell people about Lafayette Place.

Room looks good and located near school. I love how the people here have events for the college students to make sure they are in a good position to start college

The activities are average. They barely give any incentive to want to renew. Wifi barely works if you arent close to the middle of the building

Living at Lafayette Place has been a positive experience so far. Move in was very easy and simple. Great location. You’re right in the middle of Oxford.

I've been here a little over 6 months and can't complain too much. It's fairly quiet, but I can sometimes hear my neighbors or people walking down the breezeway. Maintenance is still kind of slow, but that's because they're understaffed so I'm not too pressed about minor issues that pop up. For what I pay on an upgraded two bedroom with a cat it's definitely a great value.

A very convenient location, great staff and an unbeatable rate. It was a very easy decision for my roommate and I to renew our lease for next year too.

I have enjoyed living at Lafayette Place. All the events that are available are fun and the facilities are all kept up well. Only bad thing is I have yet to recieve a mail box key and I have lived here since August.

I love living here in Lafayette Place. I’ve lived here for about three years now and I must say that the staff has continuously helped me with anything I’ve needed throughout the years. It’s a great community to be a part of.

I like staying out here it’s nice and quiet! I also love the parties y’all host to meet and greets people around the complex and I can’t wait to do other fun activities.

So far, I have enjoyed my stay at Lafayette Place. Appliances are up-to-date and what little maintenance issues we have had have been quickly fixed by the maintenance staff. I am looking forward to my continued stay.

The best thing about living here is the people, both residents and staff. Also the proximity to Jackson Ave and the campus while still being a quiet place to live is an excellent combination.

I am enjoying and like to refer others. It is fully furnished and the facilities are good. It has good connectivity with The University of Mississippi.

Lafayette place is a very quiet and peaceful community, very friendly staff and a great location with nice amenities and it is extremely affordable!

Great experience. Quiet area near woods but close to stores etc on Jackson Avenue. Great for pets and family. Awesome pool and amenities /facilities✅

The people are nice young and cool people. They don’t argue just go to school come home and live there life. There’s not much to explain because there so normal but you get the picture there good people.

Honestly I didn’t know what to expect before I moved here last year. But now, I really do like it here. I feel at home and love the residents.

When I moved in the stove didn’t work, the washer only worked on hot, the blinds were broken, the freezer didn’t produce ice, the fridge light didn’t work, the sink was leaking at the bottom and a couple more small things were not to standard. I don’t know how this happened but I feel like my roommate and I got a horrible apartment that is an older version that we are paying the upgraded prices for.

I enjoy living at Lafayette Place. The staff at Lafayette Place are wonderful, and they always try to assist the residents in any way possible.

One thing I look forward to is the social events they have. The only drawbacks from living here are the neighbors. They are sort of messy. But I love staying in my on place by myself.

The trash cans hardly ever get emptied, so as a result there is trash and garbage everywhere. People don't respect the pool and leave glow sticks and bottle caps at the bottom. What do you expect when you live with a bunch of college kids, I guess. Maintenance is VERY slow, they only have two guys taking care of 6 buildings and the clubhouse. They're always swamped. They moved me into a new unit because my last one was infested with mold, but they still have yet to do the repairs for this unit. There was still pet hair everywhere when I moved in. I'm still finding it in places. I know it isn't my cat's as she is black and this is long white hair I keep finding. Other than that you get what you pay for. This place could potentially be really great if they would actually take their residents complaints seriously.

i will be fully satisfied when all of my maintenance concerns are taken care of. the outside is a little dirty and there are a lot of bugs in the stairwell. my apartment reeked of cigarettes when i moved in. but overall, i’ve had worse experiences with apartments and i do enjoy living here. the front office is extremely friendly.

Lafayette place is the best decision I’ve ever made !! It’s a great place to stay and they are very welcoming !!! If I had to choose between any other place it would definitely be Lafayette Place